ADJ will once again be exhibiting at this year’s Nightclub & Bar trade show that will take place at the Las Vegas Convention Center, March 26 thru 28. The company will use the event to showcase the latest additions to its expansive range of lighting, video and effects equipment suitable for installation in bars, lounges and clubs of all sizes.

This past year, ADJ has been featured as the key lighting manufacture in numerous nightclub installation around the United States. Some of the clubs include: Abbey West Hollywood (West Hollywood, CA), Aerial Nightclub (Los Angeles, CA), Oxford Social Club (San Diego, CA), Onyx Room (San Diego, CA), Saddle Rack (Fremont, CA), Avalon Hollywood (Los Angeles, CA), Heart (Miami, FL) and Tonic Lounge (Reno, NV) just to name a few. ADJ is ready to showcase their latest technologies for nightclubs, lounges, restaurants and bars at Nightclub & Bar 2018.

The Vizi CMY300 is ADJ’s next generation LED hybrid moving head and has already caught the attention of the industry, having been awarded the PLSN Magazine Gold Star Product Award for ‘Best Club Light’ at LDI 2017. Powered by a specially-designed 300W LED engine that offers massive output ideal for large nightclubs, this flexible unit functions interchangeably as a beam, spot or wash fixture. With a huge zoom range of 8 to 48-degrees, and an expansive feature set, it allows lighting designers to achieve multiple effects from one fixture, therefore reducing the number of units required to fill a venue with beams, color washes and pattern projections. This professional fixture offers designers a huge palette of colors, thanks to CMY mixing, as well as two GOBO wheels, two rotating prisms, motorized focus and motorized zoom. It also features a modular design that makes GOBO changes and servicing extremely easy.

Having enjoyed huge success with the AV Series of LED video panels over the last few years, ADJ is now bringing a whole new level of creative potential to clubs and lounges with its brand new video panel range, the Design Series. This innovative system comprises four modular panels of different shapes that can be combined together to create video screens in almost any conceivable configuration. The DS4 (square), DS4T (triangle), DS4QC (quarter circle) and DS4HC (rectangle) can be easily linked together to create unique and eye-catching screen configurations of any size or shape. Each panel offers a 4.8mm (0.19”) pixel pitch and brightness of 1200 NITS as well as a wide viewing angle of 160-degrees (horizontal) and 120-degrees (vertical), making them ideal for immersing late night venues with vibrant video content.

Expanding the Vizi Series of professional-caliber moving heads, the new Vizi Wash Pro is ADJ’s most powerful wash fixture to date. Powered by 19 x 30W RGBW Osram LEDs and boasting motorized zoom that offers a beam angle of between 5 and 50 degrees, this potent fixture is equally suited to tight mid-air beam effects as it is to far-reaching wash lighting. It’s LEDs are also arranged in three concentric circles, which can be independently controlled to allow for dynamic eye-candy effects. Offering exceptional value and reliability – alongside professional features such as powerCON mains input, both 3-pin and 5-pin DMX sockets, and a large backlit display panel – the Vizi Wash Pro is an extremely attractive proposition for nightclub lighting designers and installers.

Also on display will be the new Encore Burst 200, a dual blinder unit featuring high intensity 110W COB LEDs that offer cutting-edge ‘dim to warm’ technology to create an authentic tungsten lamp effect with all of the energy saving and long lamp life advantages of LED light-sources, which make it ideal for installation in large nightclubs as well as live music venues. Housed in a robust metal enclosure, the Encore Burst 200 features unique extrusion rails and locking pins that allow multiple units to be easily joined together either vertically or horizontally to create larger blinder configurations.

For a lightshow to truly fill a club with movement and color, a hazy atmosphere is essential to accentuate light beams in mid-air. ADJ’s new Entour Haze Pro is a professional-grade haze machine that is ideal for use in large nightclubs and entertainment venues. It requires no warm-up time and, with an air pressure of 101psi, is able to generate an impressive output of 3,000 cubic ft. per minute. This allows large venues to be easily and quickly filled with lightshow-enhancing haze whenever it is required. The machine uses Haze/G™ oil-based liquid and has an external fluid tank capacity of 2.5 Liters. It also has an extremely efficient fluid consumption rate of 15 hours continuous output per Liter, which means that 37.5 hours of haze can be generated from a single tank of fluid!

Not only is haze essential to get the most from a modern lightshow, that haze must be evenly-distributed throughout a venue. For large nightclubs, and in unusually-shaped spaces, fans may be required in order to achieve this and ADJ’s Entour Cyclone is ideally-suited to the purpose. A professional DMX-controlled fan, it offers speed adjustment between 500 and 2,600rpm (500 and 3,000rpm @ 230V) allowing for precise air movement to quickly and efficiently create even haze coverage.

It isn’t just large-scale nightclubs that ADJ’s range has covered, but also smaller clubs as well as lounges and bars that require more compact fixtures. Powered by a potent 25W white-light LED, the new ADJ Pocket Pro is the ultimate small-format moving head fixture that is ideal for use in venues with low ceilings. It has a 15-degree beam angle and produces a vibrant output which is equally suited to creating mid-air effects as it is to projecting patterns onto walls, ceilings, dancefloors, and stages. Independent color and GOBO wheels provide complete creative control over the unit’s output, while this is taken to the next level by the fixture’s replaceable GOBO feature which allows the use of custom GOBO patterns. An alternative version, the Pocket Pro Pearl, is also available which has an all-white exterior housing that is ideal for making a statement in a lounge which has a white/light color scheme.

LED Par fixtures are an essential component of most modern late night venue installations and the new MOD Series is ADJ’s latest range of professional LED Pars which offer a variety of useful and unique features. Their modular design means that the LEDs can slide back into the casing to create a snoot that eliminates side glare, while an optional pearl white housing kit is also available. The range comprises four models, each featuring the same innovative casing design, but with a different LED configuration: MOD QW100 (7 x 15W RGBW LEDs), MOD QA60 (4 x 15W RGBA LEDs), MOD HEX100 (7 x 15W RGBWA+UV LEDs) and MOD TW100 (7 x 15W variable color temperature white LEDs). Offering a beam angle of 17-degrees, each Par is also supplied with a set of three Frost Filters which can easily be locked into position in front of the LEDs to widen the beam to an angle of 20-degrees, 40-degrees or 60-degrees.

For smaller venues, or projects with a tight budget, the new ADJ Mega Hex Par features five 6-Watt 6-in-1 RGBAW+UV LEDs enclosed in a low profile par fixture. It’s UV element means that it can be used to create glowing black light effects, as well as to generate UV-infused colors such as hot pink, lime green and electric blue. With a 25-degree beam angle, it is perfect for decorative lighting around a lounge or bar and can also be used for washing a stage or dancefloor.

“The ADJ product range features a complete line-up of lighting, video and effects equipment – everything that modern nightclub owners and equipment installers could need – and we’re looking forward to using the Nightclub & Bar expo to showcase it to the industry,” comments ADJ USA’s National Sales Manager, Alfred Gonzales. “I know that the Design Series video panels and Vizi CMY300, in particular, are going to really get visitors excited, as they are inspired by how these innovative fixtures could be used creatively in their venues.”

ADJ’s large booth at the 2018 Nightclub and Bar show will be #627. As well as showcasing the latest equipment, it will be manned with members of ADJ’s friendly and knowledgeable team who will be on hand to provide demos, answer questions and offer advice.


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