Celebrating its 30th anniversary and exhibiting a new range of innovative products with a show-stealing lighting display, ADJ hints at the year ahead and gives visitors plenty to talk about at NAMM 2015…

As always, NAMM saw the biggest names in the lighting, audio and performance technology industry gather in Anaheim, California, from January 22-25, 2015, for four days of well-attended events, exhibitions and learning sessions. Of course, this included ADJ, who enjoyed a busy, fruitful show.

The ADJ booth looked great; adorned with LED effects and pixel-mappable screens, which beamed down onto an interactive area, where visitors could try out and ask questions about the latest products, and a seating area that gave visitors a chance to rest their legs and chat to staff. NAMM actually started a day early for ADJ, with the company hosting an ‘open house’ event at its California HQ, where dealers who arrived early for the show could get a sneak peak at the ADJ products set to launch the following day.

At NAMM, all of the energy and excitement out on the show-floor seemed to resonate from the ADJ booth, as new products – such as the Startec Series’ Stinger, the Warlock and the Inno Pocket Fusion – were unveiled and visitors were treated to a lightshow celebrating ADJ’s 30 years in the industry. This specially-designed lighting display ran at regular intervals through NAMM, starting with each new product being demonstrated individually before ADJ combined all of the fixtures in the expansive rig for a full-on lightshow set to music. Marking this special anniversary, the display was set to a soundtrack of tracks spanning the last three decades, kicking off with ‘We Built This City’ by Starship – a hit back in 1985, the year that ADJ started.

While the company had 14 new products on display – all of which made it into the mesmeric lightshow that kept awe-struck audiences happy day after day – there were three that really hit new levels of pure lighting excitement for visitors.

With ADJ returning to its roots, the Startec Series, ADJ’s new price conscience line, saw a number of new additions, one of which was the Stinger (an updated version of ADJ’s Fusion FX Bar 5). A highly effective moonflower, strobe and laser combo effect, the Stinger filled the ADJ booth with razor-sharp red and green laser beams, color Moonflower effects powered by six 5W hex-LEDs, and intense strobing generated by eight 3W white LEDs. Thanks to its 1.8-degree long-life stepper motor, onlookers were also treated to the Stinger’s rapid but accurate movement as well as its slower, smoother movements that are perfectly suited to mood music.

Meanwhile, the new, futuristic-looking Warlock also caught the eyes of exhibition goers. This centerpiece-style Moonflower effect utilizes a barrel-mirrored scanner and an ultra-bright 132W Philips® Platinum MSD 2R discharge lamp to offer high-powered spiraling effects. Visitors on the ADJ stand soon saw the Warlock in action, as vibrant colored GOBO patterns, made concise thanks to a sharp 28-degree beam angle, were sent spinning around the booth by the unit’s continuous barrel rotation, resulting in some stunning wide-angel effects.

Also on display was the latest addition to ADJ’s portable Inno Pocket Series: the Inno Pocket Fusion. A two-in-one fixture that acts as a 12W LED barrel-mirror scanner fused with a 4.9mW green laser, the Inno Pocket Fusion weighs just 8 pounds (3.4 kg.) but packs a heck of a punch! With a tight 5-degree beam angle, X/Y mirror movement and stepper motors with micro-stepping, the Pocket Fusion’s movement is quick and flexible, while the powerful, room-filling effects that it generates are energetic, concise and eye-catching – as audiences at NAMM 2015 found out! With a sensational pan/tilt Inversion Mode available plus 12 built-in lightshows, the fixture offers incredible effects even without the use of its DMX mode, making it ideal for mobile entertainers and for use in nightclubs, bars and entertainment centers as a simple but highly effective combined LED and laser lighting solution.

With so much to celebrate and such a wide range of new products to unveil to its customers, NAMM 2015 proved one of the most memorable for ADJ. Exciting new additions like the Warlock, Stinger and Inno Pocket Fusion were incredibly well-received across the board. While the mesmerizing lightshow on the ADJ stand gave visitors a chance to see them in action, set to music commemorating ADJ’s 30 years at the forefront of innovative, affordable and versatile lighting solutions.

Here’s to another great year. The future looks bright!

Check out a behind-the-scenes look at the ADJ Lightshow at NAMM 2015


To learn more about the Stinger, including its product demo video, visit:http://www.adj.com/stinger

To learn more about the Warlock, including its product demo video, visit:http://www.adj.com/warlock

To learn more about the Inno Pocket Fusion, including its product demo video, visit: http://www.adj.com/inno-pocket-fusion