August 2016

Earlier this month we hosted an ADJ Product Launch Party in Atlantic City to coincide with DJ Expo. The event was very well attended and it was great to meet with lots of customers and users, as well as to allow them to get together for networking and sharing ideas. It was also very exciting to be able to officially unveil the latest additions to our game-changing Focus Series of moving heads: the Focus Spot One and Focus Spot Two. These compact fixtures are not only bright and impactful, but they offer features that set them apart from everything else that is currently available in the same class.

Offering LED light-sources, fast movement, internal preprogrammed lightshows, rotating GOBOs and even bonus built-in UV LEDs, the Focus Spot One and Focus Spot Two are prefect for bars, clubs and mobile entertainers. However, they also offer ground-breaking features for GOBO projection that make them ideal for production companies, churches and, especially, mobile DJs looking to expand into offering lighting production for events.

Both fixtures boast a unique EZ GOBO Replacement feature that allows GOBOs to be changed on the fly within just a few seconds. This means that it’s easy to switch in custom GOBOs on site, making it incredibly simple to offer custom patterns such as a monogram at a wedding or a company logo at a corporate event. Swapping in GOBOs – either metal or glass – is as easy as removing one screw, swinging open the cover, pulling out a GOBO, slotting in the new one, closing the lid and replacing the screw.

Then, once loaded with custom GOBOs, the moving heads in the Focus Spot Series can ensure that the patterns are projected sharply at any distance thanks to their signature feature of motorized focus. When GOBOs are projected over different distances, the focus of the moving head’s lens needs to be altered to keep them sharp. Usually, lower-priced fixtures have a manually-focused lens, which essentially means that a compromise is required. Normally the focus is set for a middle distance projection, but that means that patterns will look blurred when projected over a short area (for example on the floor in front of the fixture) or a long distance (right to the back of the room). However, with motorized focus, the lens can be altered remotely via DMX. This means that scenes programmed with a DMX controller or software system can include focus settings for each movement position to ensure that GOBO patterns remain crisp regardless of the projection distance. This is a common feature in expensive professional moving heads, but previously unheard of in the low price bracket of the Focus Spot One and Two.

Finally, in the trifecta of advanced GOBO projection features offered by the Focus Series units, is indexed rotation. This means that not only do the GOBOS rotate, but the exact position within the rotation can be set via DMX. This means that you can program a Scene using your DMX software or controller and specify the exact position (within a 360-degree rotation) that your GOBO pattern will appear when the Scene is recalled. This means that regardless of the projection angle, or how the GOBO has been used for other effects, you can be sure that the company’s logo is the right way up or that the Bride and Groom’s initials are perfectly positioned in the center of the dancefloor.

By incorporating these three extremely useful and advanced features into the compact and affordable Focus Spot One and Two, we’re bringing a change to event lighting design. Now lighting designers and entertainers can easily and professionally incorporate custom GOBO projection into a moving light show on a much smaller budget than was previously required. No other moving heads currently available with comparable price points and light-sources offer these advanced features.

I’m really excited about these new fixtures, and can’t wait for our customers and users worldwide to see them in action. Fortunately, we’ve got lots of events coming up where we’ll be showing off the Focus Spot range. Here in the US we’ll be hosting a Customer Appreciation BBQ and New Products Jamboree at our LA headquarters on September 15th and we will be exhibiting at LDI in Las Vegas in October. Over in the UK we’ll be showing off the Focus Series, as well as many of our other new products, at BPM | PRO in Birmingham (September, 11th thru 13th) and PLASA in London (September, 18th thru 20th). Of course if you can’t make any of those events, be sure to look out for the Focus Series on demo at your local gear store soon.

We’d love to hang out with you at our customer appreciation party, please click here to R.S.V.P. for the this free event:

To learn more about the Focus Spot One, visit: http://www.adj/com/focus-spot-one

To learn more about the Focus Spot Two, visit: http://www.adj/com/focus-spot-two


Alfred Gonzales is the National Sales Manager at ADJ USA