The fashion industry is all about making statements and standing out from the crowd, so it’s hardly surprising that pioneering clothing brand MONSE chose a far from conventional location for its New York Fashion Week showcase. To tie in with an all-American back-to-school theme, peppered with collegiate sports references, the brand took over a basketball court in a new Manhattan residential tower to host their show.

With MONSE’s logo – in the style of a school emblem – taking pride of place in the middle of the floor, the venue was ideal for showcasing this hot new label. The rows of benches positioned around the outside of the room were packed with journalists, bloggers and fashion industry insiders, while the models used the court as a catwalk to show off MONSE’s Spring 2018 collection.

In addition to a quirky venue, elegant models and a fantastic line-up of new designs, the other essential element of any fashion show is lighting. The models, and especially the clothes they are wearing, need to be clearly illuminated for all to see – both for the live audience and the photographers and video crews in attendance. For this the MONSE team contracted the services of experienced New York lighting designer Christien Methot and his company Design One Lighting Design to provide lighting that complemented both the venue and the theme of the show.

Christien and his team designed and installed a lighting rig comprised almost exclusively of ADJ’s Inno Color Beam Z19 professional LED-powered wash fixtures. Featuring 19 x 10W quad color RGBW Osram LEDs, this compact fixture offers an impressive output of bright white or richly-saturated colored light. It’s motorized zoom function also offers a beam angle of between 10 and 60-degrees, making it a very versatile fixture that is ideal for a wide variety of applications. For the MONSE fashion show, Design One Lighting Design installed a total of 36 Inno Color Beam Z19s along the center of the basketball court to provide illumination for the models as well as the company’s logo.

“The flexibility of these fixtures is fantastic,” enthused Christien. “We’re able to use them as theatrical colored fixtures as well as great white lights. We’re also able to focus them remotely, which was particularly important for this event as we needed to be careful not to mark the brand new court. We would have needed to put down protection on the floor to bring in access equipment, so the ability to position the lights via DMX once the rig was flown really made life easier. We were also able to add some theatrics and drama to the show by using moving lights.”

Christien programmed most of the Z19s so that they moved around the catwalk to inject energy and create the feel of a pep rally. Meanwhile, four of the fixtures were static at the end of the runway – two as front light and two as back light – to provide a sweet spot for the models to pause for photographs. This meant that they moved through a cacophony of light as they walked the length of the room, but then landed on a pre-determined spot in which they were perfectly lit to allow the photographers in attendance to get great crisp shots.

Another consideration that led to Christien’s choice of the Z19 for this show was its low weight. “It was important to keep the weight down, as we were sharing one truss with audio and needed to span the whole court using just two rigging points. The Z19s allowed us to keep the rig clean and light, without compromising on brightness or creativity.”

In addition to the white light coming from above, Christen also used Elation Professional’s COLOUR CHORUS 72 LED battens to provide a background wash at the end of the room. “When models were standing in the sweet spot at the end of the runway, we wanted to make sure that the background behind them wasn’t totally dark so that there would be a good depth of field for the cameras. So we used the COLOUR CHORUS fixtures to tune into the color of the wall protector at the back of the room – that soft gymnasium padding – which really made the background pop.”

The result was a show that had the energy of a pep rally while ensuring that the models were always suitably illuminated, both as they made their way up and down the runway and when they paused at the end. It also served as a great showcase for the ADJ Inno Color Beam Z19, demonstrating just how flexible a fixture it is.

“As a company, we’re a big fan of the Z19,” commented Christien. “Before investing, we did a shoot-out with other similar products on the market and it was the clear choice. It is incredibly cost effective and also very reliable, we’ve had it out on the road for a couple of years now and it really is wonderfully flexible – a real solid performer.”


MONSE Fashion Show

New York Fashion Week 2017

Lighting Company

Design One Lighting Design

Lighting Designer
Christien Methot

Christien Methot

Gear List
36 x ADJ Inno Color Beam Z19

6 x Elation Professional COLOR CHORUS 72

Check out the lighting at the Monse Fashion Show: