Mobile Beat in Las Vegas is North America’s biggest conference and trade show for mobile DJs. Having supported the event regularly for many years, ADJ will be stepping up our involvement this year by providing next level lighting and video production for the main stage. We’ll also have one of the largest booths on the expo show floor, demonstrating the latest affordable, reliable and innovative equipment from the ADJ range.

Up-lighting is an essential part of many mobile entertainment businesses, however running out power and signal cords can be an extremely time-consuming process. ADJ’s Element Series of portable LED-powered up-lighters are designed to make life easier for mobile entertainers. Each of the fixtures in the range features an internal rechargeable lithium battery and an extended range WiFLY EXR wireless DMX transceiver, allowing for completely wireless operation. Ideal for wall washing, the Element Series fixtures are all fitted with an integral carry handle and in-built feet which mean they can simply be dropped in place and be ready to go. They also feature a built-in kickstand which allows the beam to be easily angled inwards if required. There are five models in the series, two with quad color LEDs and three with hex LEDs. Two of the models have the added benefit of an IP65 rating, making them suitable for outdoor applications, while the recently released Element Hex IP Pearl features an elegant all-white housing. Two road case options are also available: the Element PC6 – a waterproof ultra-high-strength polypropylene case that accommodates six Elements Series fixture -  and the Element FC – a fully-flighted case for eight Element units which includes in-built power distribution to allow for in-case charging.

Powered by a potent 25W white-light LED, the new ADJ Pocket Pro is the ultimate compact and affordable moving head fixture for mobile entertainers. It has a 15-degree beam angle and produces a vibrant output which is equally suited to creating mid-air effects as it is to projecting patterns onto walls, ceilings, dancefloors, and stages. Independent color and GOBO wheels provide complete creative control over the unit’s output, while this is taken to the next level by the fixture’s replaceable GOBO feature. Available in black or the new Pocket Pro Pearl with white exterior housing.

For larger venues, ADJ’s Focus Spot Three Z offers an incredibly powerful 100W LED light-source and a whole host of advanced features. Motorized zoom means that it’s beam angle can be remotely altered between 12 and 18-degrees, while motorized focus can be used to ensure GOBO projections remain sharp over varying projection distances. The fixture is fitted with one rotating GOBO wheel, one fixed GOBO wheel and one color wheel, letting users generate unique patterns and effects in a series of vibrant hues. There are also two 6-facet prisms (one circular and one linear), enabling the creation of spellbinding multi-beam effects capable of filling wide spaces with color and movement. Also availabe in the Focus Spot Three Z Pearl in an all white exterior housing, Focus Spot One with a 35W LED source, and the Focus Spot Two which is powered by a 75W LED engine.

Combining a Mini Dekker with a matrix of 9 x 3W RGB LEDs and a unique LED ring arrangement, the Startec Boom Box FX3 produces beam, wash and eye candy effects from one compact and robust unit. Offering standalone operation or DMX control, this flexible fixture can be used as a self-contained lightshow in a small room or combined with other effects as part of a larger lighting system.

The Mega Hex Par is the latest evolution in the hugely popular Mega Par Series of affordable LED-powered wash lights. Featuring ADJ’s patented ‘sit-flat’ design, the fixture combines powerful 6-Watt HEX color LEDs with useful features – including a bundled IR remote – to create the ultimate portable par fixture. Mega Hex Par units are available individually, while the Mega Flat Hex Pak bundles together four of the fixtures with a collection of accessories to create a complete all-inclusive up-lighting / stage-washing package.

ADJ’s AV6X LED video panels not only offer impressive brightness, excellent reliability and unrivalled ease of use, they are also incredibility affordable. This means that LED video is now within the realms of affordability for mobile entertainers, whether it is used for displaying music videos or slide shows at family parties, or as an opportunity for stepping up into production work for conferences and events.

American Audio’s new STK-106W will also be on display at Mobile Beat. This active portable array system combines a 10-inch woofer with a 6 x 2-inch driver array to create a compact yet powerful setup. Featuring Class D amplification providing 500 Watts + 250 Watts of power (1500 Watts peak), the system offers a wide frequency response of 45Hz – 20KHz. It features an integral mixer, which offers 2 x mono and 2 x stereo inputs as well as wireless connectivity. Despite its robust plywood construction, the STK-106W is both compact and portable. The whole system weighs just 45 lbs. and there is space for both the satellite array and mounting pole to sit in the back of the sub enclosure for easy transportation.

Speaker stands are staples of most mobile entertainers’ setups and ADJ has reinvented the humble speaker stand to be an eye-catching statement that helps to create a safe and inviting atmosphere. With a familiar shape and offering adjustable height between 3.6ft and 6.14ft, the Color Stand LED (CSL-100) can support any speaker up to a weight of 60 pounds. However, what sets it apart from any other stand on the market is its legs, which are constructed from robust opaque polycarbonate and contain a series of multi-color LEDs. These can be used to make the legs glow in a choice of 20 static colors or come to life through the use of 22 dynamic modes, which can be adjusted with variable speed and brightness.

Following the success of the Color Stand LED, at the beginning of the year ADJ announced the new LTS Color. This unique lighting stand can support an evenly-distributed load of up to 100lbs. and is supplied with an IR remote which can be used to select a wide variety of static colors and dynamic chase patterns. Ideal for mobile entertainers and performers who want an eye-catching alternative to a regular lighting stand, the unit could also prove useful as an aesthetically-pleasing way of highlighting the potential trip hazard of tripod legs.

The POW-R BAR65 is a forward-thinking utility power block that combines six surge-protected AC power sockets and a 4-port USB 3.0 hub in one heavy-duty unit. It features a large illuminated master power switch and is fitted with a professional powerCON input socket. The unit is supplied with a durable 6-foot cord with a locking powerCON connector on one side and a standard 3-prong Edison socket on the other, although it can also be used with longer powerCON cables, which makes it a flexible power distribution tool. For mobile entertainers, the POW-R BAR65 is ideal for powering a range of equipment as well as connecting together a laptop, external hard drive, and MIDI controller.

MBLV22 runs Monday 12th thru Thursday 15th March 2018 at the Tropicana hotel in Las Vegas. In addition to our booth on the expo floor, ADJ will also be providing all of the lighting and video equipment for the event’s main stage. The ADJ team will put together an awe-inspiring rig that will draw attention to the featured conference speakers and also provide a backdrop to the show’s musical performances, including the signature Tuesday night MBLV22 Party featuring a live performance by the one and only Vanilla Ice!


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