Over 10 years ago, ADJ innovated in the low-fog market by introducing Mister Kool. This pioneering product used ice cubes to cool regular fog so that it hugged the ground mimicking the popular ‘dry ice’ effect, but without the need for costly and difficult-to-handle CO2. Mister Kool proved popular for a wide variety of applications and was one of the ADJ range’s long-standing bestsellers. Now we’re pleased to introduce the next generation of our affordable low-fog generator, the Mister Kool II, which offers the same impressive effect but with increased output. Just add regular ice and water based fog juice and you're ready to ROCK!

Just like its predecessor, the new Mister Kool II incorporates a regular fog machine, which uses standard, inexpensive water-based fog juice. The output from this fog generator is then passed through a chiller box on the front of the unit which has space to store 4 pounds of cubed ice. This dramatically reduces the temperature of the fog and causes it to flow out of the nozzle on the front of the unit in floor-hugging clouds that are ideal for creating special effects in many different situations.

If you run an equipment rental house or production company, the effect is ideal for amateur dramatics productions as it is much more affordable, not to mention safer, than traditional CO2-based effects. Alternatively, if you’re a mobile DJ or entertainer, the effect is perfect for enhancing the atmosphere during a wedding first dance. In fact, many DJs are able to charge a significant premium for a ‘dancing in the clouds’ service.

Mister Kool II features a powerful 700W heater (increased from 400W on the original model) and offers an impressive output of 3,000 cubic feet per minute (up from 2,500 on the original). Its advanced heating technology means that it is ready for action after just three minutes of warm-up time and it incorporates a 0.8 Liter fluid tank (increased from 0.5 on the original Mister Kool). With a fluid consumption rate of 90ml/min it is capable of over 8 minutes of continuous operation from a single tank of fluid – more than enough to fill even the largest stage or dancefloor with atmospheric low-lying fog.

The machine is fitted with a water drainage value on its rear panel, which can be used to easily empty the machine of melted ice. It is provided with a plastic tube and a storage bag that can be easily attached to the valve and used to collect and then dispose of the waste water. This allows for simple clean up after the machine has been used and helps to prevent splashes and spills.

An ADJ VFTR13 12-foot wired remote is provided with the unit as standard. This features three control buttons which allow manual, continuous, and time-controlled fogging. Status LEDs above each button indicate which mode is currently in use and two rotary controls are provided to set the Duration and Interval for when the timer mode is in operation.

Weighing in at 19 lbs. (9kg), and with measurements of 18” x 11.75” x 10.25” (460 x 300 x 262mm), the Mister Kool II is a substantial machine. However it is also easy to store and transport thanks to its integrated carry handle and robust metal construction.

Retaining the innovative design of its predecessor, the new Mister Kool II is the ideal source of low-lying fog for staging and effects professionals. And, with its beefed-up heater, increased output, and expanded fluid tank, it is set to continue the legacy of the original machine for many years to come. If you’re looking for an effective, yet affordable, low-fog generator, look no further than the ADJ Mister Kool II!

Mister Kool II is avaiable now from ADJ USA.

To learn more about the ADJ Mister Kool II, visit: http://www.adj.com/mister-kool-ii