Here at ADJ there are three things that we’re always trying to do. First of all, we’re constantly working to bring you new and innovative effects to spice up your lightshow. Secondly, we are always looking for ways to make your life easier. And, finally, we’re always working to offer you the best possible value from all of our products. A great example of all of these goals wrapped up into one lighting effect is our brand new Mini Dekker LZR.

Combining a classic derby moonflower with a distinctive cluster laser, the Mini Dekker LZR is capable of creating a unique collection of impressive room-filling effects. This 2-in-1 effect combo also makes your life easier, especially if you’re a mobile entertainer, as you only need to store, transport and setup one fixture to achieve two very different effects. The other advantage of this multi-effect package is that it saves you money, as the Mini Dekker LZR costs much less than separate derby moonflower and laser fixtures offering comparable output and features.

Powered by two extremely bright 10-watt RGBW quad color LEDs, focused through 48 separate angled lenses, the Mini Dekker LZR’s derby moonflower effect is capable of filling a very large area with a blaze of moving colored light. Depending on your desired look, its myriad red, green, blue and white beams are capable of shooting around at high speed to add energy to the dancefloor or gliding slowly to create a more relaxed intimate atmosphere for slow dancing or cocktail hours.

Positioned between two sets of the derby moonflower lenses on the front of the unit, the Mini Dekker LZR’s laser effect is powered by a potent combo of a 30mW (532nm) green laser diode and a 100mW (650nm) red laser diode. Due to the way the human eye perceives green laser light to be brighter than red, these carefully selected diodes allow the unit to create a balanced effect where both the red and green beams appear of equal brightness.

The laser diodes are used to project a variety of different spinning patterns, such as dots, circles, spirals and crosses, which are then multiplied by a diffraction grating to create a wide-reaching expanse of laser projections. The resulting effect is ideal for creating mid-air beam effects in a hazy atmosphere, or for adding interest to dancefloors as well as venue walls, floors and ceilings.

As you would expect from an ADJ lighting fixture, the Mini Dekker LZR offers a variety of control options, allowing you to select the one that is best for your particular circumstances and preferences. For easy plug-and-play operation, the fixture is pre-programmed with three different built-in shows, each of which make use of both the derby moonflower and laser effects to their full potential. All three of the in-built lightshows can be set to run in Show Mode, at a fixed speed of your choosing, or Sound Active, triggered by the musical beat detected by an internal microphone. In either of these modes multiple Mini Dekker LZR fixtures can be linked together for Master/Slave operation allowing a synchronized multi-head lightshow to be setup quickly and easily.

To allow basic remote control of a single Mini Dekker LZR unit, or a set of fixtures linked Master/Slave, ADJ’s UC IR wireless remote control can be used (sold separately). This allows the unit to be blacked out as well as selection between the different pre-programmed shows. The remote can also be used to switch between Show Mode and Sound Active mode remotely, as well as for triggering the moonflower strobe effect on cue. Similar control can also be achieved using ADJ’s Airstream IR system which uses an app to turn your iPhone or iPad into a lighting controller.

For full control of all of the unit’s features and effects, it can also be connected into a DMX system. A choice of two DMX channel modes is available, 2- and 7-channel, and DMX addressing as well as mode selection is provided by a 4-digit LED display on the rear of the fixture. Using DMX it is possible to select just the derby moonflower or just the laser, as well as to run both effects simultaneously. DMX control also allows LED color selection and movement speed control for the derby moonflower effect, as well as color, pattern and movement speed selection for the laser effect.

Supplied as standard with an adjustable hanging bracket, which you can easily lock into place at any angle you desire using plastic thumbscrews on either side, the Mini Dekker LZR is a flexible fixture for both mobile use and fixed installation. The hanging bracket has a pre-drilled hole allowing it to attach directly to a T-bar or to a clamp for truss mounting. The fixture is also fitted with a heavy-duty safety eye to allow the attachment of a safety wire as an added precaution when the fixture is mounted above the heads of the public.

Thanks to its use of efficient laser diodes and LED light-sources, the Mini Dekker LZR consumes a maximum of just 33W of power. Its LEDs are also long life, offering 50,000 hours of run time, meaning that you’ll never have to worry about changing a lamp. And the icing on the cake is that it has no duty cycle, meaning that it can produce its party starting effects constantly for as long as you need them.

The Mini Dekker LZR is lightweight and portable, making it ideal if you’re a mobile entertainer on the go. The unit itself measures 8” x 7.75” x 5.75” / 205mm x 198mm x 147mm (LxWxH), while its height increases to 8.5” / 218mm when its hanging bracket is fully extended upwards. It weighs just 4 lbs. / 1.7kg., making it easy to rig, carry and transport. The unit’s small size and low weight also make it ideal for installation in bars and small clubs with limited ceiling height. It is also perfect for bowling alleys and other leisure establishments which require lighting fixtures that appear discreet when not in use but pack a punch when switched on.

With its impressive combination of powerful derby moonflower beam effects and mesmerizing laser projections, the Mini Dekker LZR is a powerful party starter. Offering a whole host of different effects, just this one fixture will allow you to keep your lightshow varied and exciting all night long.

The Mini Dekker LZR will be available in December 2016.

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