UV light has been used to enhance the atmosphere at parties and clubs since the 60s. Up until recently it was considered to be a retro effect, but the popularity of ‘Glow Parties’ with younger crowds means that UV lighting is now equally relevant for nostalgic themed nights as it is for modern dance clubs. ADJ’s new Mega QPlus Go is a battery-powered par fixture that features 4-in-1 RGB+UV LEDs, which means that UV-infused color washing can be positioned absolutely everywhere.

Mega Go Plus Go At A Glance:

• Ultra bright slim flat black Par with 5 x 4-Watt, 4-IN-1 Quad LEDs (RGB+UV)

• Rechargeable Lithium battery life: 16 hours on a single color (with a full charge);  7 hours (full on)

• Smooth RGB + UV Color Mixing (fast or slow color change operation)

• Beam Angle: 40 degrees

• 64 built-in Color Macros

• Compatible with UC IR wireless remote (sold separately) & Airstream IR app

The new Mega QPlus Go is a flexible fixture, which can be used as a UV light-source to create the classic glowing effect when it hits white or florescent clothing. It can also be used to provide RGB color washing to illuminate stages, dancefloors or venue features. Finally, the combination of ADJ’s unique 4-in-1 UV + RGB elements of the LED diodes mean that mixed colors can be created, such as rich purple and electric pink, electric blue and lime green that aren’t possible with regular RGB LED pars.

The fact that the Mega QPlus Go also features a rechargeable lithium battery means that you can position these UV and color washing effects literally anywhere on a stage or within a venue, regardless of the availability of power sockets. The internal battery is capable of powering the fixture for 16 hours on a single color (16 hrs. sound active / 16 hrs. fade mode / 7 hours full on).

IEC power input and output connections are also provided, which means that the power supply to multiple fixtures can be daisy chained for charging or if you need to run the lights for longer than their maximum battery life. The power supply for up to 20 fixtures can be linked, significantly reducing the number and length of cables required, whether for charging or actually for use at an event or production.

Featuring a unique ‘sit-flat’ design, the Mega QPlus Go can sit directly on the ground, or inside truss, thanks to the rubber feet on its back panel and the convenient side-positioning of its power and DMX input and output sockets. The unit is also fitted with an adjustable scissor yoke which can be used for conventional mounting to a truss or lighting stand as well as to create a variable-angle floor stand.
The Mega QPlus Go is powered by five ultra-bright 4-watt RGB+UV LEDs offering an impressive 50,000-hour lamp life and flicker-free operation. Because the four colored elements – red, green, blue and UV – are integrated into the same LED light-source, the unit generates even color washes that aren’t compromised by the color shadow effect seen on units with independent LEDs for each color. The unit’s LED light-source, which emits minimal heat, also makes it ideal for illuminating performances, as an alternative to traditional pars which can seriously increase the on-stage temperature resulting in discomfort for performers.

A beam angle of 40-degrees makes the Mega QPlus Go equally suited to venue up-lighting, dancefloor color washing and providing illumination of stage performers. Adding to its flexibility the unit also offers 0-100% electronic dimming and variable speed strobing effects.

Despite its powerful internal battery, the Mega QPlus Go weighs just 4 lbs. (1.9kg) making it perfect if you’re a mobile entertainer, a performer on tour or offering lighting services to one-off events. It is also very compact, measuring 5.5 x 9 x 10” (253 x 227 x 140mm), meaning that multiple fixtures can easily be cased together for convenient storage and transportation.

A choice of five operational modes make the Mega QPlus Go suited for all kinds of applications, whether you want to be able to ‘set it and forget it’ or make use of exacting control over its full feature set. Access to all of the unit’s modes and settings is provided by an intuitive menu-based system accessed via a 4-digit LED display together with four selection push-buttons.

For simple single-color up-lighting or stage-washing, the Static Color Mode allows easy access to 64 preset color macros. Alternatively, if you want to achieve a very specific color shade, the RGB+UV Dimmer Mode allows the level of each LED color to be set manually, directly from the on-board LED display.

For multi-colored effects, the unit also comes pre-programmed with a wide selection of color chasing patterns. Auto Run Mode allows access to 16 energetic Color Change patterns as well as a further 16 subtler Color Fade patterns. All of these patterns can be set to run at any speed, and the unit also offers a Sound Active Mode which allows the triggering of the color changes by the beat of the music. For synchronization across multiple fixtures, all of these modes can be used in Master/Slave mode with any number of Mega QPar Gos linked together using XLR cables.

If you require control over your wash lighting during an event, the Mega QPar Go offers a number of options. For simple wireless remote control, the unit is compatible with ADJ’s UC IR (sold separately) as well as the new ADJ Airstream IR iOS app. This allows remote color selection, dimming and strobing, as well as access to pre-programmed chase patterns at the tap of a finger. The fixture can also be controlled using any standard DMX-512 hardware or software controller and offers a choice of eight different channel modes (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 or 8) depending on the level of control you require and the number of channels you have available.

The ADJ Mega QPar Go is a compact, low-profile par fixture that is ideal for up-lighting and use on stage. It’s impressive UV-infused light-source and convenient rechargeable battery make it the perfect way to bring color and excitement to any party.

The Mega QPlus Go is avialable now from ADJ USA & ADJ Europe.

To learn more about the ADJ Mega QPlus Go, visit: http://www.adj.com/mega-qplus-go

Mega QPlus Go Product Demo Video: