There have been three significant advances in technology in recent years when it comes to par-style wash lighting. First LEDs came of age, offering bright and vibrant colored light from a fraction of the power, and creating much less heat, compared to traditional lamps. Then came affordable high-capacity rechargeable batteries, allowing par fixtures to be used anywhere and everywhere, unrestricted by power cords. Finally, we saw the introduction of UV LEDs, which provided retro glowing effects as well as the ability to achieve a whole new palette of colors, including rich purples and electric pinks. The latest addition to ADJ’s range of LED-powered par fixtures, the Mega GO Par64 Plus, combines all three of these technologies to create an affordable and flexible fixture ideal for use in a whole range of situations.

Mega Go Par64 Plus At A Glance:

• Rechargeable Lithium battery with RGB+UV LEDs

• 64 built-in Color Macros

• Compatible with ADJ LED RC2 & UC IR wireless remotes

• Compatible with Airstream IR app

• Battery life: Up to 16 hours (with a full charge)

Equally suited to up-lighting a party venue if you’re a mobile entertainer as it is to lighting the stage for a play or the sanctuary at a church if you’re a lighting designer, whatever you use LED pars for, you’ll find that the Mega Go Par64 Plus has lots to offer. Packing in 172 10mm, 0.07W LEDs (split across 56 Red, 60 Green and 56 Blue) the fixture offers potent primary color washes as well as full RGB mixing to create a huge palette of mixed colors and shades. This is then enhanced by the inclusion, at the center of the 10mm LEDs, of a single high-power 3W UV LED which allows for black-light effects as well as lots more color mixing potential.

Also packed into the Mega Go Par64 Plus’s compact and lightweight unit is a rechargeable lithium battery that allows 16 hours of continual light output when on a single color (16 hrs. sound active / 16 hrs. fade mode / 6 hrs. full on). This means that you can enjoy the flexibility of being about to utilize potent RGB+UV color washes absolutely anywhere you want them, even if power sockets aren’t available. Then, after the event, just four hours of charge time is all that’s required to bring the battery back up to full capacity.

In addition to its internal battery, the unit is also fitted with IEC power input and output sockets. These can be used to daisy chain together multiple fixtures for charging, or for events that require extended periods of continuous use above the 16 hours offered by the battery. These sockets are arranged to make running cables as simple and neat as possible. The power input, alongside the XLR DMX input socket, is located on one side of the casing, while the power and DMX output sockets are positioned on the other side.

With a 30-degree beam angle, the Mega Go Par64 Plus is ideal for washing everything from walls to stages and illuminating anything from venue features to on-stage performers. It features a flexible dual yoke system that allows it to be hung from a truss or lighting stand and also sit directly on the floor for venue up-lighting or to act as a stage footlight. Whichever configuration you choose for a given event, the angle of the yoke can be easily altered and then securely locked into place using thumb-tightening plastic knobs located on either side. In addition, the unit is also fitted with rubber feet on its rear side, meaning that it can sit straight on the floor without using its yoke for quick and easy upward-facing wall-washing.

Not only is the Mega Go Par64 Plus flexible when it comes to rigging, but it also offers a wide range of control options making it equally suited for simple static-color up-lighting as it is for integration into a full DMX controlled lightshow. It features 64 preset color macros that can be easily selected via the onboard 4-digit LED display screen with its four selection push buttons. While these time-saving macros will be useful in many circumstances, sometimes you may want to generate a lighting wash in a very specific color. This is also simple thanks to the RGB+UV Dimmer mode, which is also accessible directly via the LED display.

The unit is also preprogrammed with a wide variety of animated color changing patterns. There are 16 Color Change programs that offer energetic switches between different colors ideal for illuminating dancing either on stage or on a dancefloor. In addition, there are also another 16 Color Fade programs that offer a subtler effect that is ideal for providing the backdrop to the cocktail hour at a party or down-tempo performances on stage. All of these programs can be set to run at any speed and there is also a Sound Active Mode, with a choice of pre-programmed patterns, that allows color changes triggered directly by the beat of the music.

For use as part of a wider DMX-controlled system, the ADJ Mega Go Par64 Plus offers a choice of five DMX modes, ranging from a simple 4-channel option up to a full 10-channel mode offering full remote control of all of the unit’s features including individual RGB+UV color mixing. However, if you want to be able to select colors remotely without the need to run out DMX control cables, wireless control options are also supported. The unit is compatible with ADJ’s LED RC2 and UC IR wireless remotes (sold separately). It can also be used with ADJ’s new Airstream IR app which allows remote color and pattern selection, as well as dimming and strobing control, directly from an iPhone or iPad.

The unit itself has a low-profile design, measuring 10.25” x 10.25” x 4.25” (261 x 260 x 110mm). This means that it is unobtrusive when in use and is also easy to store and transport. Despite its inclusion of an internal battery, the unit is also lightweight at just 5 lbs (2.2 kgs).

With its affordable price tag (US: $149.99) and UV-infused colors, the ADJ Mega Go Par64 Plus is the ideal battery-powered fixture for taking wash lighting to wherever it is needed. Why be constrained by cables, when this compact yet powerful fixture can allow you to shine light absolutely anywhere!

The Mega Go Par64 Plus is available now from ADJ USA & ADJ Europe.

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