If you use powered speakers, or are in the market to buy some, there are likely four things you’re looking for: sound quality, portability, flexibility, and affordability. American Audio’s new LTX15BT covers all of these bases and much more…

Featuring a lightweight cabinet, constructed from durable injection-molded plastic, the American Audio LTX15BT is an extremely portable 2-way active loudspeaker with a 15-inch woofer. Ideal for mobile events, it boasts a built-in retractable handle and wheels that make it very easy to move around.

The speaker’s built-in digital bi-amplification has been carefully matched to both the high frequency and low frequency drivers, ensuring optimum output across the full audio spectrum. It offers rich, deep bass tones, ideal for bass-heavy dance music, as well as warm, detailed mid-range response to ensure faithful reproduction of speech and vocal performances.

Not only does the LTX15BT feature an in-built amplifier, it also incorporates an internal digital music player. Based around a 28-character back-lit LCD display, alongside five corresponding push buttons that facilitate track selection and playback control, the player features dedicated SD memory card and USB flash drive sockets. It can also connect wirelessly with smart phones and other portable devices, allowing plenty of flexibility for direct digital music playback.

The unit also incorporates an in-built mixer section, which means that multiple external audio sources can be connected directly to the speaker without the need for a separate mixer. There is a master level control alongside a 2-band EQ section with dedicated rotary controls for Treble and Bass. Two separate audio inputs are provided, each with a dedicated level control. The Mic input takes the form of an XLR socket, while a stereo pair of RCA phono sockets provide the Line input connection. Finally, an additional stereo pair of RCA phono sockets have also been included to provide Line output for daisy-chaining to additional speakers or for the connection of an audio recorder.

The combination of the LTX15BT’s integrated audio player and mixer section mean that it is ideal for use by mobile entertainers when a second PA is required in a different location from the main dancefloor area. For example, a PA system is often required in separate rooms or outdoor terraces for ceremony music at a wedding, background music for a cocktail hour, or speeches at a dinner. This easy to transport speaker is deal for setting up quickly, with minimal cables, to quickly provide music or microphones wherever and whenever they are needed.

The speaker is also ideally suited to solo singers looking for a compact, but powerful, PA that is easy to transport and removes the need for a separate mixer. With a vocal microphone connected to the XLR input socket, and backing tracks played from USB flash drive or SD card, the LTX15BT can serve as an all-in-one PA system that is perfect for gigging singers.

Weighing just 33 lbs. (15 kg), the LTX15BT is incredibly lightweight for a 15-inch active loudspeaker. It is also relatively compact, measuring 25.5” x 17.5” x 15.75” (645 x 440 x 400mm), while its built-in handle and wheels make it extremely portable. The handle, which extends from the top of the unit, and wheels, which are located on the back, mean that the unit can be pulled along like a travel bag. In addition, the plastic molded casing also features three separate handles – one of the top and two on the sides – which help with the lifting and positioning of the speaker.

It is fitted with substantial rubber feet, which mean that the unit can be placed directly onto a stage, sub, or other sturdy surface, while a locking pole mount socket is also included. This can be used to position the speaker on a standard 1.5-inch pipe speaker stand, such as those found in the ACCU Stand SPSX2B twin pack.

With a retail price of just $119.99, the LTX15BT is also incredibly affordable. This means that it is an ideal starter PA system if you’re a new DJ or performer and is also ideal for use as a backup system or a second system for use in a separate area within a venue.

Combining powerful audio output with an in-built media player and multi-input mixer section makes the LTX15BT a very attractive proposition for a wide range of audio amplification purposes. Add to this the unit’s low weight and easy portability – thanks to its integrated retractable handle and wheels – and it’s a clear choice if you’re looking for a flexible portable PA system on a limited budget.

To learn more about the American Audio LTX15BT, visit: http://www.adj.com/ltx15bt