Whether you are a mobile entertainer or an event lighting designer, ADJ wants to help you make your mobile light show stand out! We’ve always been committed to creating innovative new fixtures, but recently we decided to apply this creativity to a more practical element of many mobile light shows, the tripod. By integrating LED technology into the legs of a tripod we’ve designed a stand concept that not only provides a solid base for positioning equipment up in the air, but actually becomes part of your lightshow. First came the Color Stand LED speaker stand and now we’re pleased to introduce the new LTS Color lighting stand.

The LTS Color is a versatile lighting T-bar stand equipped with attention-grabbing LED-illuminated legs. It is ideal for mounting a wide variety of lighting and effects equipment including pars, beam effects, smoke and bubble machines, and even small moving heads. Perfect for mobile entertainers and performers who want an eye-catching alternative to a regular lighting stand, the unit could also prove useful for production companies looking for an aesthetically-pleasing way of highlighting the potential trip hazard of tripod legs.

Constructed from sturdy steel, the stand itself provides a solid foundation for the equipment mounted on its T-bar. It has a sleek matt black finish and its legs are fitted with rubber feet to prevent slippage. Meanwhile the tripod legs are formed from robust opaque polycarbonate enclosing a series of bright multi-color LEDs. These are used to make the legs glow in a variety of vibrant static colors or flash and fade using a selection of pre-programmed dynamic effect modes. This allows the stand’s legs to be matched to an event’s color scheme, attract attention via smooth color fades or inject energy into a room through engaging fast-paced color chases.

An IR remote control is supplied with the LTS Color which can be used to control the LED effects from a distance of up to 15m in an open area. This allows direct one-button selection of seven popular colors as well as access to an additional 13 static colors via scrolling. It also provides access to 22 built-in dynamic effect modes as well as speed adjustment, brightness adjustment, strobe effects and a blackout function. The unit also features a ‘Demo’ mode. This can be easily accessed from a dedicated button on the remote control, providing a simple way to find out what effects it is capable of, straight out of the box. The LED illumination effect requires a 12V power supply, and a 12V adapter is supplied together with the IR remote.

The LTS Color is a robust lighting T-bar stand which offers a variable height of between 57 inches (1450mm) and 137 inches (3500mm) in two adjustable sections, which each lock securely into place using a combined pin and thumb-tightening screw system. It is supplied with four sets of nuts and bolts that can be used to secure lighting fixtures to the T-bar. The tripod has two support bars and can hold up to eight lighting fixtures (four on top and four on the bottom of the T-bar), allowing for a total evenly distributed load of up to 100 pounds (45 kgs). The stand itself weighs just 13 lbs. (6 kgs) and folds down into a compact form for transportation and storage.

Having already caught the attention of potential users and the media alike, the LTS Color was awarded the Music Inc. Magazine ‘Editor’s Choice’ award for new products debuted at NAMM 2018. Available now from ADJ dealers worldwide, this innovative lighting product is a ideal for making your mobile light show stand out whether you are a mobile entertainer, performer or lighting designer.

The LTS Color is available now from ADJ USA. To learn more about this product, visit: http://www.adj.com/lts-color

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