Arguably the most significant professional lighting trade show on the planet, LDI took place this month in Las Vegas. The ADJ team was there in force and used the event to launch an incredible 13 brand new products from a large stand, with a distinctive arched design and an audience stopping lightshow, located right at the front of show!

The ADJ booth was packed with visitors throughout the whole show, right from the start to the very end. At the heart of the experience was an impressive lightshow that ran at regular intervals throughout each day, it offered the opportunity for ADJ customers and users, new and old, to see the ADJ range of fixtures in action on a large scale as well as to check out the new products up close.

Away from the show floor ADJ also hosted comparison sessions so visitors could see the powerful new fixtures side by side against competitors. This private space was a winner for dealers and lighting designers alike who could really see the ADJ advantage first hand.

One of the biggest hits of this year’s LDI was the new Vizi BSW 300. ADJ’s most powerful LED moving head to date, it is a hybrid fixture that generates beam, spot and wash effects all from a single fixture. Offering incredible output, thanks to its immense 300W LED engine, the unit boasts a host of advanced features including two 6-facet prisms (one circular and one linear), two GOBO wheels (one with replaceable rotating GOBOs and the other with fixed static patterns) and two indexed color wheels. For more information on the Vizi BSW 300, visit:

LDI 2016 also saw the debut of two more LED-powered moving heads, the Vizi Q Wash7 and Vizi Hex Wash7. Both are professional wash fixtures featuring motorized zoom that allows the beam angle to be altered remotely between 5- and 55-degrees. The Vizi Q Wash7 is powered by seven 40W Quad (RGBW) LEDs for rich color mixing as well as striking white washes, while the Vizi Hex Wash7 houses seven 15W Hex (RGBWA+UV) LEDs for unapparelled color mixing as well as UV-infused washes. For more information on the Vizi Q Wash7, visit: For more information on the Vizi Hex Wash7, visit:

Of interest to installers and production companies working on outdoor events, the new ADJ 7PZ IP – also unveiled at LDI 2016 – is a heavy-duty, metal LED par fixture with a motorized zoom function (5 ~ 50-degrees). Powered by seven 60W Quad (RGBW) LEDs, the 7PZ IP has an IP65 outdoor rating, robust construction and useful 7 – 45-degree variable beam angle. For more information on the 7PZ IP, visit:

Following the phenomenal success of ADJ’s first LED video panel, the AV6 – which made the technology affordable for many venues and smaller production companies for the very first time – ADJ used LDI 2016 to launch a brand new video product, the AV3. Offering a denser pixel pitch of 3.91mm (compared to 6mm on the AV6), this new LED video panel inherits many of the popular traits of the AV6 but allows a shorter effective viewing distance. Offering impressive brightness of 1000 NITs and a wide viewing angle of 120-degrees, both horizontally and vertically, the AV3 is sure to prove popular for both fixed and temporary installations. For more information on the AV3, visit:

ADJ’s software-based DMX control system, myDMX, has many loyal users across the world thanks to its combination of affordability, powerful features and ease of use. At LDI 2016 the latest version, myDMX 3.0, was unveiled sporting a completely re-designed software package and an upgraded hardware interface. The new software version, compatible with PC or Mac, maintains the same usability as its predecessors while also introducing useful new features such as Live Snapshots, Blind Editing and improved sound-to-light control through BPM audio analysis and pulse analysis. The new software also allows for up to four Scenes to be played simultaneously, and for Scenes to be arranged into groups. The hardware interface has also been improved, now offering internal backup memory that allows DMX sequences to continue running even if communication with the host computer is lost. For more information on the myDMX 3.0, visit:

ADJ’s new Penta Pix, also launched at LDI 2016, is an exciting beam effect perfect for clubs, tours and one-off events. The unique fixture features five fanned beam heads, each fitted with a 15W 4-in-1 RGBW LED mounted behind an ACL (Advanced Collimator optic Lens). This creates extremely crisp, sharp and potent beams that are perfectly spaced to create an impactful fan effect. Each head can have its tilt angle manually positioned, while full DMX control allows individual pixel mapping and color mixing for each head. For more information on the Penta Pix, visit:

The new equipment launched at LDI 2016 continues the evolution of ADJ’s product line, offering unbeatable value for event production, nightclubs, churches and leisure venues. And, based on the fantastic feedback the ADJ team received from customers at the show, it looks like it’s going to prove extremely popular, bringing more pure lighting excitement to venues and productions the world over throughout the coming months and into 2017!

Additional new products from LDI 2016 may be seen here:

Check out ADJ's lightshow at LDI 2016 (Lighting Designer: Edgar Gonzalez):