Located in the upmarket neighborhood of San Pedro Garza García on the outskirts of Monterrey in Mexico, Knox Nightclub is the new hot spot for discerning local partygoers. Opened in the summer of 2017, the large venue has an industrial feel and an impressive lightshow – incorporating a variety of ADJ and Elation Professional fixtures – that helps it to clearly stand out above the competition.

With an impressive main bar that anchors the whole venue, the 900-capacity Knox Nightclub has a modern and luxurious feel, while retaining an undeniably urban atmosphere. It features comfortable lounge seating throughout, including booths positioned around the main dancefloor, as well as a separate upstairs VIP area. The décor is tasteful, but minimalistic, which essentially leaves a blank canvas for the club’s lightshow.

Knox Nightclub photosWhen the owner of the venue set about converting the large space into a high-end dance club, he was clear that cutting-edge technology, especially lighting, would be important in creating the right kind of atmosphere. To design and install the AV, local industry professional Edson Rivera was recommended by another club owner. His company, Adimsa, has completed over 200 installation projects and was able to bring over 25 years of technical experience to the table.

Housed in a building that had previously been used as a Chinese restaurant, the space was completely gutted and stripped back to its structural concrete beams to create a distinctive urban look for Knox. While part of the venue has a mezzanine installed, reducing the ceiling height over the dancefloor, the main area in front of the bar has a height of approximately 26’ meaning that Edson had to specify powerful fixtures capable of filling a large space above the crowd.

Knox Nightclub photosHe selected ADJ’s flagship Vizi Hybrid 16RX moving head unit, installing a total of 24 of the fixtures throughout the club. Utilizing the latest Philips® Platinum 16R lamp technology, the Vizi Hybrid 16RX offers truly impressive light output as well as the flexibility of interchangeable beam, spot and wash operation. Add to this 14 vibrant colors + white, twin GOBO wheels, both 6-facet and 8-facet rotating prisms, as well as motorized zoom, focus and shutter, it’s clear why this fixture is proving so popular for both permanent installation and event production.

“The Vizi Hybrid 16RX is a very nice fixture, I love it!” enthuses Edson. “It has more than enough power to fill this big club and its three-in-one beam, spot and wash operation meant that I could create a lot of very different looks all from the one set of fixtures. The washes have a nice even spread, the GOBO projections are crisp and the tight beam effects look fantastic when the club is filled with haze.”

To give the venue a unique feel, Edson decided to complement the moving heads with six of ADJ’s distinctive Asteroid 1200 fixtures. These unique centerpiece units each feature a spinning ball mounted to a moving head yoke and fitted with twelve 15W RGBW LEDs. Each LED generates a tight 4-degree beam of light which shoots out from the central ball in a different direction. With 360-degree continuous pan and tilt rotation it creates a mesmerizing retro effect, while individual pixel mapping of the LEDs also allows for the creation of decidedly futuristic effects.

Knox Nightclub photosEdson also installed one of ADJ’s huge M4040 1-meter (40-inch) glass mirror balls in the full-height area in front of the bar. This provides a focal point within the large high-ceilinged area while also providing a surface from which the Vizi Hybrid 16RX beams can be reflected. In addition, a second smaller M2020 (20-inch) mirror ball was also installed above the main dancefloor in front of the DJ booth, which helps to visually unite the two spaces within the venue.

Six of Elation’s unique ACL 360 Matrix fixtures were also chosen by Edson to provide ‘eye candy’ effects in the dancefloor area. Each featuring 25 individually-controllable 15W RGBW LEDs positioned behind ACLs (Advanced Collimator Lenses) these dazzling fixtures offer an exciting combination of pixel-mapping and beam effects.

Four of Elation’s DP-6400B 6-channel dimmer packs were also installed to control the various conventional lighting fixtures included as part of the venue’s décor. This allowed Edson to have complete control of every light source throughout the venue when carrying out the DMX programming.

Knox Nightclub photosThe lightshow is completed by four of Elation Professional’s CUEPIX Blinder WW2 twin COB LED blinder fixtures, which are arranged in pairs with Elation Professional Proton 3K LED Strobes around the DJ booth. These allow for big impact moments in the DJ’s set to be highlighted and nicely round out the lightshow created by the Vizi Hybrid 16RX and Asteroid 1200 fixtures.

“This project was the first of its kind in the district,” sums up Edson, “as other nightclubs do not use the kind of fixtures that we installed, it was important that we created a venue with that unique element. The owner wanted to create a high-end venue that would attract discerning clientele and that was what we achieved. He is very happy with the whole lighting system and, after over a year, there have been no problems with any of the ADJ fixtures.”

Knox Nightclub

Calzada del Valle
66220 San Pedro Garza García

ADJ Dealer / Installer
Adimsa Monterey


Concept Designer / Lighting Designer & Programmer
Edson Rivera

Edson Rivera

Gear List
24 x ADJ Vizi Hybrid 16RX

6 x ADJ Asteroid 1200
1 x ADJ M4040 40-inch Mirror Ball
1 x ADJ M2020 20-inch Mirror Ball
6 x Elation ACL 360 Matrix
4 x Elation CUEPIX Blinder WW2
4 x Elation Protron 3K Strobes
4 x Elation DP-6400B Dimmer Packs