ADJ’s AV Series video panels were used to enhance the production of three professional bowling events this fall. Supplied by niche bowling industry technical supplier JWI Entertainment Technologies, the panels were used in different configurations at each event to display sponsor logos, photos and other graphics relating to the players, as well as to provide the scoreboards for the competitions.

Established in 2012 by Justin Wyman, who personally has almost 20 years of experience in technical event production, JWI Entertainment Technologies (originally known as JWI Audio) offers a turn-key service covering audio, lighting, video and rigging. Having been brought in to build a booth for a bowling ball manufacturer, a conversation between Justin and the management of the Professional Bowlers Association (PBA) at an industry tradeshow led to JWI supplying video panels for the 2017 World Series of Bowling.

The success of JWI’s involvement in this event resulted in Justin and his team supplying further bowling competitions, which has developed into a niche market for the company. “It’s grown to the point where we are now doing around 20 bowling tournaments each year, including the full PBA tour. I’ve got to know everyone who works in the industry, and – having already been an avid bowler – I know how the competitions work and what is needed for these events. I’m now working with the organizers to enhance the competitions even further by integrating video screens in new and different ways.”

During September Justin set out from JWI Entertainment Technologies’ base in Rochester, NY for a tour of three different bowling events that ran for three weeks and involved a three-week round trip covering three states and a total of 4400 miles. This kicked off with the Professional Women’s Bowling Association (PWBA) Players Championship in Raleigh, NC, followed by the PWBA Tour Championship in Richmond, VA, and wrapped up with the FloBowling PBA ATX Invite in Austin, TX. For all of these events, Justin’s set design utilized a variety of different ADJ AV Series video panels arranged in different configurations to suit the venue and requirements of each particular event.

JWI Audio Players Championship

Taking place at the Buffaloe Lanes North bowling center, the PWBA Players Championship was the last major open tournament of the season, and its championship round was broadcast live on CBS Sports Network. Justin and his assistant for the event erected a Global Truss goalpost across the three lanes used for the competition, from which they hung a single large LED video screen constructed from ADJ AV6X panels. This was positioned such that it sat just about the pins and was used to display photos of the bowlers as well as the scoreboard for matches. Featuring a configuration of 3-in-1 RGB SMD2121 LEDs that creates a 6mm pixel pitch and offers brightness of up to 1200NITS, the AV6X is an affordable and extremely flexible video panel ideal for a wide variety of applications.

“The AV6Xs were the first LED video panels I bought, and they are still going strong,” enthuses Justin. “Although they have the lowest pixel pitch of all the panels in my inventory, this really wasn’t a problem since they were positioned down at the bottom of the lanes. They are very easy panels to work with, both in terms of setup and service, and they performed flawlessly on this event.”

In addition, Justin installed 30 of ADJ’s AV3X LED video panels in a long thin strip down the side of the lanes. This is a signature look for all of the bowling events he produces and is used to display sponsor logos provided by the organizers. These are changed on a specific schedule and picked up by the live TV cameras as they film each shot.

JWI Audio Players Championship

“Because some of these panels run up to be very close to both the audience and the TV cameras, the tighter pixel pitch of 3.91mm is necessary for this task. Logos appear extremely sharp and crisp on these panels, both viewed from the other side of the lanes in the venue and when they are picked up by the broadcast cameras. This is very important for my clients, as it is essential that their sponsors’ logos look good on TV.”

Ahead of this year’s bowling season, Justin decided to expand his LED video panel inventory by investing in the AV Series’ highest resolution video panel offering, the AV2X. These extremely lightweight and easy to use panels offer a pixel pitch of 2.97mm, which allows for very close viewing and exceptionally sharp image reproduction. For the PWBA Players Championship, the JWI Audio team erected a large screen behind the bowlers, used to display the competition logo, flanked by a pair of smaller screens, used to display primary sponsor logos. In addition, a smaller 1-panel high screen was also positioned to the side of the bowlers, before the start of the AV3 logo run, which was used to display the signature of the current bowler.

“I am always looking at ways of enhancing the sets for these competitions and the ‘signature panel’ was an element that was added last minute at a recent event and we have since used for most of the competitions we have worked on,” explains Justin. “At that particular competition, there was a bit of dead space next to where the bowlers were to sit, and I happened to have some spare panels with me, so I suggested using them to display the bowler’s signatures, which the organizers thought was a great idea.”

JWI Audio Tour Championship

The second event of JWI Audio’s tour was the PWBA Tour Championship, which is an invitational event involving a field of 16 competitors comprising all winners of the season’s prior events and filled up with the season’s top-scoring non-winners. This was an unusual event for Justin, as it wasn’t held in a bowling center. The venue was the Old Dominion Building at Richmond Raceway, which had to be temporarily transformed into a bowling venue with everything, including the lanes themselves, installed just for the competition.

For this event the JWI Entertainment Technologies team installed two Global Truss goalposts, positioned at either side of the four bowling lanes, each supporting a large AV6X LED video wall. One of these was used for displaying photos of the current bowlers, while the other served as the scoreboard. In addition to the strip of AV3X panels running the length of the lane for displaying logos, for this event Justin also deployed his AV2X panels in a single height run behind the bowling position.

“Because of the camera angles, the screens that appear on the TV broadcast most regularly are those behind the bowlers, so that’s where we put our highest resolution panels. The AV2X units are absolutely phenomenal; they are definitely the lightest and easiest panels to fit together that I have ever used. Their tight pixel pitch also makes for extremely sharp logos, and there is never any pixelation when they are captured on camera for TV. I really love them and am looking forward to expanding my inventory of these panels soon.”

JWI Audio FloBowling PBA ATX Invite

The setup for the third and final event in the run, the FloBowling PBA ATX Invite, took place just two days after the PWBA Tour Championship ended. This meant driving through the night for the JWI Entertainment Technologies team, to ensure they were able to cover the 1,400-mile distance in time. Streamed live by PBA’s online streaming partner FloBowling, this was the inaugural year for this event, which features the top eight scoring players from the FloBowling PBA Summer Tour.

This event once again involved a large AV6X screen, hung from a Global Truss goalpost, positioned above the pins at the end of the two lanes used for the competition. This displayed the scoreboard for the event, while Justin’s trademark ‘logo wall’ was also in place along the side of the lanes. For this competition, the JWI Entertainment Technologies team constructed a pair of AV3X screens to display key sponsor logos at either side of a larger central AV2X big screen, which displayed the event’s logo. This whole structure was located behind the bowlers, clearly visible by the audience sitting on bleachers at the side of the lanes as well the cameras used for the live stream.

JWI Audio FloBowling PBA ATX Invite

For all of the events, a Novastar MCTRL-300 processor was used to feed the scoreboard from a laptop running a custom spreadsheet set up to automatically calculate a player’s score from the pinfall. Meanwhile, a Novastar VX4s processor was used to feed the logo screens from a computer running ArKaos MediaMaster 5 software. Justin’s assistant on each event takes care of updating the score, while he himself concentrates on the logos as, with lots of changes to deal with, this can be a complicated task. It is also essential that no changes are made while a bowler is actually taking their shot, to avoid the risk of a causing a distraction.

Having covered thousands of miles, set up and broken down three separate rigs, and worked through numerous event days, the JWI Entertainment Technologies team were able to head home satisfied with a job well done. All of the ADJ video panels used on the events performed flawlessly, and Justin is already working with his customers planning for next season’s bowling competitions. He also intends to expand his inventory of AV2X panels to allow the production value of next year’s events to be raised even higher!


PWBA Players Championship
Buffaloe Lanes North, Raleigh, NC

PWBA Tour Championship
Old Dominion Building at Richmond Raceway, Richmond, VA

FloBowling PBA ATX Invite
Dart Bowl, Austin, TX

Event Production / Photography

Justin Wyman, JWI Entertainment Technologies

ADJ Dealer
12B Lakeside Blvd., Hopatcong, NJ 07843

Gear List

20 x ADJ AV2X
32 x ADJ AV3
32 x ADJ AV6X
Novastar VX4s scaling processor
Novastar MCTRL300 processor
ArKaos Media Master 5
Global Truss trussing