With two independently-controlled moving heads, separate color/GOBO wheels and a capacity for show-stopping dual-beam effects, ADJ’s new Inno Pocket Spot Twins will leave audiences seeing double… in a good way!

Bolstering ADJ’s popular Inno Pocket series of compact LED-powered lighting solutions, the Inno Pocket Spot Twins consists of two independently-controlled mini Moving Heads mounted on a single bracket, giving users a dual-beam effect that can be taken on the road as part of a mobile setup, mounted in small spaces, and used to add a double dose of pure lighting excitement to small and medium-sized venues.

With a pair of high-power 12-watt LED sources and separate color and GOBO wheels for each head, the Inno Pocket Spot Twins lets users create mesmeric displays of double beam effects and GOBO projections. With seven colors (plus white) and seven GOBOs (plus spot), these independent wheels give users the flexibility to create eye-catching combinations of distinctive patterns and vibrant colors, which can be enhanced further using the included GOBO scroll mode and GOBO shake effect. In GOBO scroll mode, the Inno Pocket Spot Twins will work wonders as it scrolls through its various patterns to create flashing, quick-changing effects that add an unrivaled intensity to the user’s lightshow; keeping the audience pumped and the dance-floor alive with energy. Meanwhile, with a tight 15-degree beam angle, the beams produced by the moving heads are sharp; standing out as solid shafts of concentrated white or bold colored lighting that look awesome when combined with high-output ADJ fog effects such as the Fog Fury Jett.

This power, flexibility and room for creative freedom not only make the Inno Pocket Spot Twins ideal for the ever-changing needs of the mobile DJ, but also make the fixture a super-effective addition to the lighting setup in bars and small clubs. Here, using multiple Inno Pocket Spot Twins can achieve exceptional results on the dance-floor or add that special something to lackluster seating areas.

The Inno Pocket Spot Twins’ real versatility, however, comes from the freedom of movement offered by its pan and tilt. With each head equipped with 540-degree pan and 230-degree tilt (16-bit), unique, energetic movements are enabled, allowing users to get seriously creative with their lightshow by sending colored beams gliding across the room at all imaginable angles.This independent movement and wide pan/tilt angles also make for a highly-effective Pan/Tilt Inversion Mode, which enables users to create a spectacular synchronized lightshow that sees each head mirroring the other for a distinct overall effect. This is ideal for mobile DJs and bands that want to avoid the complexities of DMX programing or run an automatic setting so they can focus on performing. Users can run the Inversion Mode in Sound Active or Show Mode.

For increased levels of pure lighting excitement, users can also activate the Inno Pocket Spot Twins’ random slow-to-fast strobing and energetic pulse effects, which are increasingly popular with younger audiences craving an intense party atmosphere. For this reason, users can employ these effects to impress audiences at birthday parties, school proms and college graduations, as well as in entertainment centers catering to younger clientele.

No matter the application, users are awarded heightened levels of versatility and creative freedom by the separately controlled moving heads of the Inno Pocket Spot Twins. Using DMX-Controlled mode – which offers a choice of two channel options (19 and 23) – users can control the pan and tilt for each head, resulting in greater precision and more flexible positioning. The fixture can also be operated in Sound Active Mode or Show Mode, which facilitate the activation of four built-in shows and the highly effective Inversion Mode. Ideal for users wishing to operate the Inno Pocket Spot Twins from the stage, DJ booth or the back of a venue, ADJ’s optional IR wireless remote control is also available, offering convenient control over Full On, Stand-By, Strobe, Color Change, Dimming, and Sound Active On/Off from a distance of up to 30ft (9m).

In terms of positioning, users can mount the Inno Pocket Spot Twins directly onto a tripod, hang it from truss using the two provided Omega brackets, or set it on the ground. This flexibility in setup allows the generation of awesome dual-beam effects, which can be projected from any angle – whether that be from above the dance-floor; horizontally, from behind the booth or the back of the stage, for eye-catching mid-air effects; or set on the ground as an upward facing effect.

“With the Inno Pocket Spot Twins we wanted to take all the positive aspects of the Inno Pocket Spot but incorporate it into a dual-moving head fixture; a convenient, portable two-in-one solution,” said Alfred Gonzales, National Sales Manager for ADJ USA. “Users can create a more enticing atmosphere, generate more attention-grabbing effects and, as a result, produce more memorable events, thanks to the fixture’s compact power, flexible movement and independent color/GOBO wheels.”

Ideal for DJs, entertainers, touring bands, roller rinks, bowling centers and mobile productions, the compact size and low weight of the Inno Pocket Spot Twins mean users can take multiple fixtures on the road with them, allowing for more extensive, impressive lightshows and new levels of pure lighting excitement for audiences. Weighing just 17lbs (7kg), the fixture is lightweight, especially to say it houses two moving heads. With measurements of 19.25 x 6 x 13in (480x150x330mm) it’s compact too, so users can store it away at home and transport it as part of a larger rig. For clubs, bars, small venues and events companies, this compactness also means that the fixture can be mounted in smaller spaces and easily stored.

No matter who the user is, the Inno Pocket Spot Twins offers superb portable power; its 12-watt LED moving heads capable of creating a mesmerizing dual-beam colored lightshow, that can be easily enhanced by flexible pan/tilt movement, separate GOBO/color wheels and the option of a highly effective Inversion Mode. Capable of filling any small or medium-sized venue with moving LED beam effects and creating pure lighting excitement for audiences, this versatile addition to the forward-looking Inno Pocket series offers double the effects without breaking the bank.

With the Inno Pocket Spot Twins, it seems two heads really are better than one!

The Inno Pocket Spot Twins are availalble now from ADJ USA and ADJ Europe.

To learn more about the Inno Pocket Spot Twins, visit: http://www.adj.com/inno-pocket-spot-twins


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