ADJ is pleased to announce that the company will once again have a booth at this year’s InfoComm trade show in Las Vegas. Demonstrating a host of varied and versatile products, the ADJ booth will be of interest to those looking for cutting-edge, yet affordable, equipment for installation into nightclubs, churches, theaters and stage productions.

Taking place June 8-10 2016 at the Las Vegas Convention Center, InfoComm is the largest event in the United States focused on the pro-AV industry. With an ever-expanding product range, this is now a key market for ADJ and the company’s booth will showcase its latest moving head and ellipsoidal fixtures as well as an innovative solution for controlling lighting from a phone or tablet.

“Over recent years InfoComm has become a great platform for ADJ to demonstrate our range of lighting and video products to the professional AV industry,” said ADJ USA’s National Sales Manager, Alfred Gonzales. “Our commitment to product development and innovation as well as quality and affordability have meant that many AV professionals have been able to satisfy their creative vision while also adhering to a strict budget thanks to the ADJ product line. I look forward to spending time with these existing customers, as well as meeting many new ones, at this year’s InfoComm as we showcase the latest ADJ equipment for venue installation and stage productions.”

The new flagship of the ADJ lighting range is the Vizi Hybrid 16RX, which will take pride of place on the InfoComm booth. Offering true three-in-one beam, wash and spot functions, the Vizi Hybrid 16RX is a flexible moving head fixture ideal for a wide variety of uses, from dance clubs to houses of worship. Powered by a revolutionary Philips® Platinum 16R MSD lamp, which has an output comparable to that of a regular 575W discharge lamp, the Vizi Hybrid 16RX is smaller and lighter than any other moving head in its class allowing for lightning fast movement as well as incredibly bright output. With a beam angle variable between 3- and 32-degrees as well as an inbuilt Frost Filter, it is capable of piercing beam effects, broad color washes and detailed GOBO projection, switching from one to the other in an instant.

Another new moving head that will be on display is the Vizi Beam RXONE, a compact and powerful beam fixture with an enticingly low price tag. Fast movement, a narrow beam angle of 3-degrees and a powerful Osram® Sirius HRI 1R discharge lamp mean that the Vizi Beam RXONE is capable of producing impactful midair beams that can travel up to 100 meters. Weighing just 20lbs and measuring 9” x 11” x 15.25”, the Vizi Beam RXONE is both small and light, making it perfect for taking out on the road or for installation in venues with low ceilings. Despite its compact form, the unit still boasts an impressive feature set including separate color and GOBO wheels, a 16-facet prism and 16-bit movement – making it ideal for anyone looking for a big beam on a budget.

A flexible, forward-thinking and financially-appealing GOBO projector that easily doubles as an effective spotlight unit, ADJ’s new Ikon Profile will also be showcased at InfoComm. This compact fixture combines a powerful 32W LED light-source, an interchangeable GOBO slot, framing shutters and manually adjustable beam angle/focus features in one slender package. Equally suited to projecting sharp custom GOBO patterns as it is to illuminating performers on a stage, the Ikon Profile offers the low-heat and energy-saving benefits of LED without skimping on brightness.

For larger venues and stages, ADJ’s new Encore Profile 1000 is a modern LED-powered ellipsoidal fixture ideal for illuminating the stages of theatres, churches, concert venues and conferences. Two versions of this powerful and flexible lighting fixture are available, the Encore Profile 1000 WW and Encore Profile 1000 Color. The WW model houses a potent 120W warm-white COB LED light-source, while the Color version is powered by a 120W 4-in-1 RGBW LED. Both units feature manual zoom and focus, framing shutters and GOBO slots, as well as digital dimming and strobing. This makes them versatile and therefore ideal for installation in venues such as theatres and churches where lighting requirements may change from production to production or service to service.

Finally, the ADJ booth at InfoComm 2016 will be an opportunity to find out about the innovative new Airstream DMX Bridge. This compact device allows DMX lighting fixtures to be controlled wirelessly using ADJ’s Airstream DMX App running on an iOS phone or tablet. Connecting to lighting equipment using either wireless DMX or conventional XLR cables, the Airstream DMX Bridge allows control of a lightshow wirelessly direct from a phone or tablet. The powerful Airstream DMX App enables all kinds of fixtures, from simple wash lights to complex moving heads, to be programmed and operated. Easy to use interfaces for patching, color mixing and shape generation make this a powerful tool for lighting users of all levels of experience and for a wide range of different applications.

All of these new products, as well as a host of others from the ADJ range including the incredibly popular AV6 LED video panels, will be on display at InfoComm 2016 Booth #C5246. Members of the ADJ team will also be on hand to demonstrate the equipment, answer visitors’ questions and help them to work out which options are the best for bringing pure lighting excitement to their venues and productions.

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