A great lightshow can completely transform a venue, adding energy and creating an atmosphere that encourages dancing and provides a backdrop to an unforgettable night out. The owners of the newly transformed Ibiza Nightclub in California knew this to be true, which is why they set out to create the best lighting system in town, turning to ADJ to make it happen.

Located in Huntington Park, just 5 miles South East of downtown Los Angeles, the Ibiza Nightclub launched last year and is a large, opulent venue that focuses on Latin music. The 17,000 square foot club is licensed for a capacity of 1,200 people and features a stage that hosts regular live music performances as well as two dance floors, multiple bars and lots of VIP seating areas.

When the venue was first opened the owners hoped to save money by bringing in unbranded lighting fixtures direct from China, a story that we’ve heard a few times recently. As is always the case, this short term saving didn’t work out in the long run. Within just three months, the lights started to develop problems, which began to impact on the atmosphere of the club. This led the owners to make the hard decision to scrap the whole lightshow and invest in a new system from a reputable brand; and we’re honored that the brand they chose was ADJ.

The owners contacted David Soltero of Latin Power Lighting and Sound in South Gate, CA, who sold them no less than 30 ADJ Vizi Beam 5RX fixtures. These were installed around two concentric circle trusses suspended over the venue’s main dance floor. David also provided four of ADJ’s distinctive Fog Fury Jetts to provide atmosphere-enhancing blasts of color-infused fog to complement the piercing beams and fast-paced movement of the Vizi moving heads.

Powered by a potent Philips® Platinum 5R 189W discharge lamp, which utilizes advanced technology to generate a light output comparable to a regular 575W lamp, the Vizi Beam 5RX is a feature-packing lighting tool ideal for creating pure lighting excitement in a large club environment. Its powerful beam can be customized by separate wheels, one loaded with 14 colors and the other packed with 17 GOBO patterns, allowing for a wide-variety of effects. For even more creative potential, the beam can also be split using an 8-facet prism - for mid-air tunnel effects – or diffused by a Frost Filter – allowing it to also be used for color washing.

The ADJ Fog Fury Jett is a high velocity fog machine capable of generating powerful blasts of dry, even fog that can cover a distance of 25 feet in a matter of seconds. This impressive effect is further enhanced by 12 x 3-Watt RGBA LEDs mounted around the nozzle to saturate the column of fog in any imaginable color. Capable of being positioned either vertically or horizontally, in the Ibiza Nightclub the four Fog Fury Jetts have been mounted above the dance floor pointing directly down to allow dramatic CO2-style effects to be created.

While powerful, feature-packed and reliable lighting and effects fixtures are essential for an awe-inspiring lightshow, creative programming is another important factor. For the Ibiza Nightclub’s new lighting system Latin Power Sound and Light sent in one of their expert lighting programmers to create impactful lighting displays by synchronizing the colors, GOBOs, effects and movement of the numerous ADJ Vizi Beam 5RX fixtures as well as the accompanying Fog Fury Jetts. Using the powerful Elation CompuWare software a series of programs were created that are now used on a nightly basis to enhance the atmosphere and compliment the music, whether it is up-beat and energetic or slow and sensual.

The ADJ lightshow has now been installed in the Ibiza Nightclub for over four months and we’re pleased to be able to report that not a single issue has ever been experienced with any one of the 34 fixtures. The owners are incredibly happy, both with the quality and reliability of the ADJ equipment and also the impressive lightshow programming from Latin Power’s team. In fact, they’re so pleased, that they are already talking to David about investing in further ADJ fixtures to extend the lightshow out from the dancefloor into other parts of the venue.

The owners of the Ibiza Nightclub wanted a lightshow that would look different to those found in other competing venues. Thanks to ADJ’s powerful, feature-packed and reliable Vizi Beam 5RX and Fog Fury Jett fixtures, along with the creative programming provided by the team at Latin Power Lighting and Sound, this has definitely been achieved.

“Management at Ibiza is thrilled with the quality and performance of the Vizi Beam 5RX moving heads,” says David Soltero. “The new ADJ lightshow has created a lot buzz with Ibiza’s club goers. Business has picked up because people want to see the new lightshow!”

The effect of the Vizi Beam’s immense shaft of light and crisp optics multiplied across 30 fixtures, and enhanced by colored fog blasts synchronized across the four Fog Fury Jetts, really is a sight to behold. What’s more, thanks to the reliability of ADJ equipment and our first-class product support in the unlikely case that something does go wrong, the Ibiza Nightclub owners can rest assured that – this time around – their lighting investment was a solid one.

Ibiza Nightclub (Huntington Park, CA)

ADJ Dealer / Lighting Programmer:
David Soltero (Latin Power Lighting and Sound, South Gate, CA)

ADJ Gear List:
30x ADJ Vizi Beam 5RX
4x ADJ Fog Fury Jett
1x Elation CompuWare DMX Software

Check out the ADJ Lightshow at Ibiza Nightclub: