Hunters Nightclub is a well-established dance bar in desert resort town of Palm Springs, CA, which has a large group of regular patrons and also welcomes many out-of-town visitors, especially at weekends and when large events such as Coachella are taking place locally. With a management team passionate about keeping their venue fresh, lighting is an essential part of the club’s success and we’re proud that the rig features a wide variety of ADJ and Elation Professional fixtures.

Part of the Palm Springs nightlife scene since 1998, Hunters opens all day every day! From 10am to 7pm it boasts the town’s ‘longest happy hour’, while it’s dancefloor fills up in the evenings, Thursday through Saturday, and remains open until 2am. Awarded the title of ‘Best in the Valley’ by Palm Springs Magazine, the venue’s success can be attributed to the passion and hard work of its owners, managers, and staff.

A central part of the club’s appeal is its impressive lighting and video system, which was designed, installed, and programmed by one of the resident DJs, Jim Gokey, along with his colleague, Herbie Mejia. Jim has been a DJ at the club for the past nine years and an ADJ customer for even longer, going back to his days as a club and mobile DJ in Wisconsin. “Back then I was always buying ADJ products,” Jim told us, “as they always stood up, lasting longer than a lot of the other stuff on the market. I also always received good customer service from the company that I got the product from – PSSL (Pro Sound and Stage Lighting) – I’ve been with them for years and they always take care of me very well.”

Jim brought his relationship with both ADJ and PSSL to Hunters and over the years has upgraded most of the lighting rig to equipment from ADJ and our sister company Elation Professional. The owners like to keep the venue looking fresh, so each year Jim and Herbie change up the lightshow, introducing new fixtures and moving around existing equipment.

The club consists of two main spaces, a large bar area and a separate dance room. Both parts of the venue feature ADJ lighting, with LED-powered wash fixtures providing mood lighting in the bar and moving heads, lasers, and effect lights creating energy and excitement in the dance room.

Completely remodeled in 2014, the lightshow above the dancefloor is built around one of ADJ’s massive 40-inch mirror balls which provides a definite focal point for the room. Centered above this are two circular trusses, a larger one fixed to the ceiling and a smaller version hanging below. Elation EVLED 256 low resolution video panels have then been mounted between the two levels of truss, running all around the circles, which positions the screens at an angle pointing out into the room.

Evenly spaced around the lower truss circle are eight ADJ Inno Pocket Spot LZR moving heads. These innovative fixtures offer a unique hybrid of LED-powered spot and Galaxian-style laser effects perfect for dancefloor lighting in an intimate venue like this. Jim chose the fixtures both because he liked the combination laser/beam effects and because of the units’ extremely compact housing which allowed them to fit in under the truss despite the room’s relatively low ceiling.

The moving head laser effects are then complimented by an additional four ADJ Galaxian 3D units which mean that the room can be filled with a vast number of spinning red and green laser dots. Meanwhile wash lighting is provided in the space by four ADJ Sweeper Beam Quad LED fixtures, each featuring a moving batten loaded with eight 8-Watt RGBW LEDs.

The central lighting rig, which Jim describes as “looking like a spaceship!”, is completed by four strips of Elation Flex Pixel Tape. These run continuously all around the bottom of the lower truss circle, meaning that the inside of the truss can be illuminated in any imaginable color using the RGB LEDs. This allows the creation of incredible effects, which alongside the moving heads and lasers make for an impressive and varied lightshow.

In addition to the extensive lighting system, the dance space also has 
an impressive video setup. At the back of the room is a large video wall made up of 20 high-resolution Elation Professional EZ4 LED video panels. This is used to display a mixture of music videos and graphic animations during club nights, as well as for showing NFL games on Sundays. ArKaos Media Master is used to run the visuals, while Elation Professional EVLED-Image VSC processors are used to feed the LED panels.

Lighting control is taken care of by Elation Professional’s Compu Show SDE software hooked up to an Elation MIDICON PRO to give the Light Jocks tactile hands-on control of the lighting rig. Running six universes of DMX, the Compu Show software is connected to an Elation Professional eNode 4 which distributes the DMX signals out to the various fixtures around the club.

Previously, Hunters was fitted with another control system, however that didn’t offer enough DMX channels for the club’s growing lightshow. So, Jim reached out to Edgar Gonzales (Showroom Manager) here at ADJ who invited him to visit our LA headquarters for a full demonstration of Elation’s Compu Show software. Jim and his colleagues were so impressed that they soon made the switch, something he describes as “the best decision we ever made”.

Control is important for Jim, Herbie and the team at Hunters, as they try to make their lightshows different every week so that regular customers are always seeing something new. “We’re always looking to put together effects that create impact,” Jim told us, “we like to create real wow-factor!”

Hunters’ main bar area has also recently been outfitted with a collection of ADJ’s LED-powered wash fixtures to provide mood lighting effects. The main lobby has five ADJ Ultra HEX Bar 12 battens arranged in a line to create a wall-wash effect as a focal point when customers come in through the main doors.

Jim and the Hunters team plan to use this space to create seasonal displays. Throughout December Christmas trees, a snowman figure and even a dancing Santa have stood in this space, with an ADJ VF Flurry adding to the festive feel with artificial snow effects. Moving forward, there are already plans afoot for a Valentine’s themed display in February and to light the wall in red, white, and blue for President’s Day weekend.

Central to this concept is the ability to easily control the lighting fixtures and Jim opted for an ADJ Hexcon controller for this purpose. “I’m amazed at how much variability I have with the controller,” he explained. “It’s super easy to use; I want the lights red, they’re red; I want UV, there it is. It really is a great little unit.”

Jim clearly takes pride in his work, and it sounds like this is very much appreciated by the management of Hunters. “The owners are 100% happy with the lighting, even more that 100%!” Jim told us. And here at ADJ we are proud, not only to have provided the equipment that helps Hunters wow their crowds on a weekly basis, but to have kept Jim as a valued customer over the years by continually delivering high quality products and consistent customer service.


Hunters Nightclub
302 East Arenas Road, Palm Springs, CA 92262

Mark Hunter, Patrick Volkert and Jennifer Seymour

Lighting & Video System Design, Installation & Programming:                                                Jim Gokey & Herbie Mejia

ADJ Dealer:
Pro Sound & Stage Lighting
10743 Walker St, Cypress, CA 90630


ADJ Gear List:

Dance Room
1 x ADJ M4040 40-inch Mirror Ball

1 x ADJ HD MB40KG Mirror Ball Motor

8 x ADJ Inno Pocket Spot LZR4

4x ADJ Sweeper Beam Quad LED

4 x ADJ Galaxian 3D

4 x Elation Flex Pixel Tape

6 x Elation Professional EVLED 256 LED Panels

22 x Elation Professional EZ4 LED Panels2 x Elation Professional EVLED-Image VSC

4 x Antari M7 RGBA Fog Machines

2 x Global Truss Triangular Truss Circles (18ft. + 16ft.)

Various Global Truss Square Truss Sections

Various Accu Cables

Elation Professional COMPU Show SDE Software

Elation Professional MIDICON PRO

Elation eNode 4

ArKaos MediaMaster Software

Main Bar Area
6 x ADJ 64B LED Pro

2 x ADJ Fusion TRI FX Bar

5 x ADJ Ultra HEX Bar 121 x ADJ HEXCON

1 x ADJ RGB 3C

1 x ADJ VF Flurry

Check out ADJ lighting in action at Hunters Nightclub: