Music has an innate ability to unite people of different ages and from different cultural backgrounds, which is why a concert – known as Het Kruikenconcert – is central to the festivities of the annual Kruikenstad carnival, which is celebrated throughout the city of Tilburg in the Netherlands. The unique concert, which combines both classical and pop music, was performed to sellout crowds in 2017 illuminated by a lighting rig comprised predominantly of ADJ fixtures.

Featuring an orchestra of professional musicians put together especially for the occasion, alongside a number of featured vocalists and soloists, Het Kruikenconcert takes place in Tilburg’s historic 900-seater Schouwburg concert hall. Performed twice during the Kruikenstad each year, the show is extremely popular and tickets sold out within seven minutes of going on sale in 2017.

Each year the concert has a different theme, which this year was ‘En Route’. Throughout the evening the audience were taken on a musical journey that incorporated everything from beautiful classical melodies to tough contemporary beats. The orchestra was led by the internationally-celebrated conductor Marcel Geraeds and the evening featured special guest performers Guus Meeuwis, a well-known Dutch singer, and Leo Alkemade, a local comedian and actor.

The responsibility for the technical production of the event fell to Klunder Audiovisual, based in the neighboring city of Oisterwijk, and the lighting designer was Will Taubert. Requiring a versatile rig that would allow the creation of a wide range of looks to compliment the varied soundscape of the concert, Will designed a rig that made heavy use of ADJ moving head fixtures.

Hung from a truss running along the back of the stage, 12 ADJ Inno Color Beam Z7 fixtures were used to create a moving backdrop of light that could wash the stage but also create mid-air beam effects. Each powered by 7 x 10-Watt RGBW quad color Osram LEDs, the units provided Will with a very wide color palette to work from, while their motorized zoom function, which takes the beam angle from 10- to 60-degrees, allowed him to create both broad washes and tight beams.

To further enhance the atmosphere within the expansive concert hall, 14 of ADJ’s innovative Vizi Beam RXONEs were also deployed at various heights above the stage. These extremely compact moving head beam fixtures are incredibly nimble, while also packing a powerful punch thanks to their potent Osram Sirius HTI 1R discharge lamps. With an incredibly sharp beam angle of 3-degrees the fixtures are capable of shooting their beams over a distance of up to 100 meters, which meant the distance from the front to the back of the Schouwburg was no problem at all. Their independent color / GOBO wheels and rotating prisms further added to the creative arsenal available to Will, which he used to great effect providing a varied and invigorating backdrop to 2017’s Het Kruikenconcert.

Commenting on the fixtures used for the show Will said, “The Inno Color Beam Z7 has beautiful color mixing and very fast pan/tilt movement so they can bump on the beat! I also like the very smooth zoom function. On the Vizi Beam RXONE it was the super-small beam in combination with the fast pan/tilt movement that I particularly liked and also the fast reaction of the color wheel and 16-facet prism. We also like to use ADJ products because they are both affordable and reliable.”

Due to its varied musical content, Het Kruikenconcert was a challenging assignment for the team at Klundert Audiovisual. However, thanks to creative design and programming from Will and powerful lighting tools from ADJ, the lightshow was able to live up to the high artistic caliber of the concert. Providing subtle washes and GOBO projections for the concert’s more intimate moments and intense fast-paced midair effects for the show’s up-tempo sections, the lighting was most definitely part of the journey as the audience were taken ‘En Route’.

Event: Het Kruikenconcert, Schouwburg, Tilburg, The Netherlands

Production Company: Klundert Audiovisual, Oisterwijk, The Netherlands 

Lighting Designer: Will Taubert

Photography: Marcel Van Den Broek

ADJ Gear List:
14 x ADJ Vizi Beam RXONE
12 x ADJ Inno Color Beam Z7