When the sun goes down at Florida’s Daytona Beach, the atmosphere heats up at Grandview Live, the city’s new Gentleman’s club. The large venue features an impressive lightshow made up exclusively of ADJ fixtures that were specified and installed by Jeff Kenney of Heavier Than Gravity Designs based on their performance, reliability and affordability.

When Jeff Kenney was first brought into the Grandview Live project it was because the management team wanted a modest lighting system and to get the audio system in their venue working. After consulting with the team for more than a month, Jeff ended up installing over 120 ADJ fixtures to create a dazzling lightshow that is central to the look of the new club.

“ADJ allows us to create big club looks – big city looks – with products that cost significantly less, but still offer great performance and reliability." - Jeff Kenney

Grandview Live is a 22,000 square foot venue that was created by knocking together two spaces; one had previously been used as a dance club, while the other had been a comedy venue. Jeff had a working relationship with the team who were setting up the new club, having supplied the venue at which they had previously worked. And, it also turned out, Heavier Than Gravity Designs had installed the sound system in the dance club that had previously been housed in the building.

“Originally they wanted to buy like ten lights,” Jeff told us. “But I went over to the building and saw that a lot of the audio gear we originally installed was still in there, so I told them ‘the good news is that you guys can save a bunch of money on audio, because this is good equipment and I can make it work, but the bad news is that you have very unrealistic expectations for what kind of lighting you need in a room like this’!”

Fortunately the Grandview Live team listened to Jeff’s advice and commissioned him to install a lighting system that is capable of filling the large venue with color and movement. As part of the consultation process, the Heavier Than Gravity Designs team took along a selection of lighting fixture to demo at the venue and once the management saw what could be achieved they were happy to go with Jeff’s suggestion of an all-ADJ and all-LED system.

The venue has two stages, which are illuminated by ADJ Ultra Bar 10 linear LED fixtures. These are each powered by 10 4-watt 4-in-1 RGB+UV LEDs to allow UV-infused color washing. Then, to add energy to the show, ADJ Inno Pocket Z4 moving head beam fixtures with electronic zoom are used to overlay the stages with moving color washes.

GOBO pattern projection is provided by a collection of 12 ADJ Inno Spot Pros. Each of these compact, yet feature-packed, fixtures is powered by a potent 80W LED light source and offers 6 rotating replaceable GOBOs (plus open spot) and a choice of 8 vibrant colors (plus open white). At Grandview Live the Inno Spot Pros are used to create sweeping beam effects throughout the venue adding to the ambiance of the space.

Further energy and excitement is injected into the room by 12 ADJ Inno Pocket Fusions, which combine moving mirror barrels with both LED and laser light sources to create unique mid-air beam effects. These beams are augmented by 8 ADJ Stinger units which each offer a combination of laser and LED-powered moonflower and strobe effects.

A pair of ADJ Starburst HEX LED-powered spheres are also positioned above each stage, which serve as focal points for the lightshow. “The Starbursts act as centerpieces,” Jeff explained. “They give us a retro-look but with modern LED control, which is cool. They are definitely fun lights to use.”

Ambient lighting throughout the large space is provided by further ADJ Ultra Bar 10s together with a grand total of 60 ADJ Mega TriPar Profile Plus LED Pars. Meanwhile, 180 feet of Elar LED Tape from ADJ’s sister company, Elation Professional, is used to illuminate the bars as well as 3D textured wall panels throughout the venue.

All of the lighting is rigged to a collection of DuraTruss DT 31/2-300 single truss tubes, which are fixed to the ceiling throughout the venue. Each lighting fixture is then attached to the tubing using DuraTruss DT Pro Clamps. “We had a decent ceiling height, but we certainly didn’t want to bring the lighting fixtures down any further than they needed to be,” Jeff told us. “So this was a nice way of providing a serviceable mounting point for the fixtures, keeping them close to the ceiling.”

The programming of this installation was one of Jeff’s biggest challenges, as having a dedicated lighting operator wasn’t an option and the DJs are busy mixing video and coordinating the entertainment. Jeff programmed a system that is fully automated, running multiple cue stacks which create a continuously changing lightshow. Jeff has also setup the system so that the DJs and management do have a level of control if it is required. Preprogrammed buttons create impact moments if the DJ wants to highlight a breakdown or other key part of a song, while zoned dimming control of the ambient lighting is also accessible. For quieter times, it is also possible to shut down the lighting that illuminates the second stage without affecting the programming throughout the rest of the venue.

Having been in the industry for many years, Jeff has recently become an ardent advocate of ADJ, feeling that the company’s impressive, yet affordable fixtures are ideal for installation projects such as Grandview Live. “ADJ allows us to create big club looks – big city looks – with products that cost significantly less, but still offer great performance and reliability. LED technology is now at a point where every small bar or club can afford a great lightshow. ADJ’s service is also impeccable, the company stands behind its products and provides excellent technical and after sales support, which is very important to us and our clients.”

It’s this combination of excellent performance, dependable reliability and true affordability that ADJ strives for. It’s what allows ADJ customers to wow audiences, at venues and events of all shapes and sizes, even when budgets are low. And it’s what allowed Jeff and his team at Heavier Than Gravity Designs to completely fill Grandview Live with a truly impressive high caliber lightshow for a price that the owners could afford.

Venue: Grandview Live Gentleman’s Club, Daytona Beach, FL

Designer / Installer / Programmer / ADJ Dealer: Jeff Kenney, Heavier Than Gravity Designs

ADJ Gear List:

• 12 x ADJ Inno Spot Pro

• 10 x ADJ Inno Pocket Z4

• 12 x ADJ Inno Pocket Fusion

• 8 x ADJ Stinger

• 4 x ADJ Starburst

• 20 x ADJ Ultra Bar 10

• 60 x ADJ Mega TriPar Profile Plus

• 18 x Rolls of Elation Elar Tape

• 10 x 3M DuraTruss DT31/2-300

Check out the lightshow at Grandview Live: