Designs By Lighting was given the task to glows up the university's gymnasium at annual black light party.

At the end of August, just as school was back in session, Loyola Marymount University, located in Los Angeles, California, held its annual Glow Party. The festivities were sponsored by Red Bull energy drink, with the universities’ own Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity presenting the party. Local favorite, DJ SeanimaL was the headlining DJ.

Edgar Gonzalez, owner and lighting designer of Designs By Lighting, located in the greater Los Angeles area, was hired to light up the night with black lights and provide the excitement and atmosphere required for a large scale dance event. 600 plus college students were in attendance providing a packed house and an electrifying need to get the school year started on the right foot.

“Sigma Phi Epsilon wanted a rave style event so I brought the Platinum Beam 5Rs, Inno Color Beam Z7s and Dotz Floods to create moving beams and powerful wash effects so the students would feel like they were in a Vegas nightclub." - Edgar Gonzalez, Designs By Lighting

“The university already had the audio portion of the entertainment lined up when I was called upon to bring my lighting services to the event,” said, Edgar Gonzalez, owner of Design By Lighting. “However, the sound was only one half of the entertainment for an event like this. The other key component to the evening’s entertainment was lighting up the gym with UV. A venue this size needs some really UV power!” 

Gonzalez, having a large arsenal of ADJ lighting fixtures, went to work designing the type of lighting system that is required to fill a large school gymnasiums with ultraviolet light. The first thing Gonzalez did was to set up his ADJ UV COB Cannons on the far end of both sides of the stage and pointed them at the dance floor in an “X” shape so the UV coverage would hit the entire gym. 

He then took his 1-meter ADJ Eco UV Bar Plus, raised it high in the air on a lighting tripod behind the DJ booth. He also placed two ADJ Inno Color Beam Z7s on the same tripod. This way he could cover the middle of of the room with UV, and have beams of light moving around the room high above the crowd. The Z7’s zoom feature were also used as wash lighting during some parts of the night to keep the lightshow fresh and exciting. After that, Gonzalez place his two Eco UV Bar 50 fixtures on Global Truss America truss arms that were connected to two 8-foot Truss Totems. The totems were placed on each side of the DJ booth to help fill any missing areas of the gym with UV light. The 120-degree beam angle on the Ecos along with the massive throw of the UV COB Cannon was more than enough coverage for Gonzalez to fill the entire gymnasium with breathtaking washes of UV light.

Gonzalez placed Elation Platinum Beam 5Rs on top of the totems, and ADJ Dotz Floods were hung from the side of the truss. “I didn’t want to just show up with UV lights and then walk away,” say, Gonzalez. “Sigma Phi Epsilon wanted a rave style event so I brought the Platinum Beam 5Rs, Inno Color Beam Z7s and Dotz Floods to create moving beams and powerful wash effects so the students would feel like they were in a Vegas nightclub.”

Gonzalez set up his laptop and controlled the lightshow from the back of the gym using ADJ’s myDMX 2.0 control software along with an Akai Launch Pad to trigger scenes. He controlled all the lights onstage wirelessly using ADJ’s WiFLY Transceivers. He did this so he didn’t have to run any DMX cables from the back of the gym up to the stage.

To finish to all off, Gonzalez used forty ADJ Mega Par Profiles around the room, some that were his and some that were rented for the evening, to uplight the DJ booth, highlight the rear pillars behind the stage, and then uplight all around the room. This way the entire gymnasium was filled with light, from UV washes to pillars of light going up the walls. He used bright greens, yellows and pinks to help accent the room like florescent colors.

“Overall, I was really happy with the design and production of the event,” admits, Gonzalez. “The students packed the gym and partied the whole night. The power of the UV washes from ADJs UV COB Cannon and Eco UV Bars was very impressive. They are my go to fixtures for all my future UV events.”

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Gear List:

2x ADJ UV COB Cannon

1x ADJ Eco UV Bar Plus

2x ADJ Eco UV Bar 50

2x ADJ Dotz Flood

2x ADJ Inno Color Beam Z7

2x ADJ WiFLY Transceiver

1x ADJ WiFLY Battery

2x ADJ Wifly Par QA5 inside totems

2x Elation Platinum Spot 5R

1x ADJ myDMX 2.0

1x Akai Launch Pad

40x ADJ Mega Par Profiles 

8 ft Global Truss America box truss for totems

2x Global Truss America truss boom arms

Photo credit: Designs By Lighting