Located beside the ocean in the tourist resort of Limassol on the Mediterranean island of Cyprus, the recently renovated Four Seasons hotel is a chic place to stay and eat. From its inception, the ethos behind the hotel’s rejuvenation has been ‘going above and beyond’, offering service, facilities, and décor that surpasses that of any other local establishment. This philosophy has also been applied to the venue’s large ballroom which, unlike similar spaces at other hotels, has been fitted with an impressive in-house lighting rig comprising dozens of ADJ moving heads and other lighting fixtures.

Designed to host large weddings, conferences, and dinners – as well as an annual New Year’s Eve party that has developed legendary status – the Four Seasons’ main ballroom is a big ‘blank canvas’ space. It has a unique curved shape and features three huge contemporary chandeliers set into its high white-painted ceiling. It can be set out with theatre-style seating, round tables for dining, or left open-plan to allow for mingling, while a dancefloor and stage can also be added if they are required. The room has a maximum capacity of 350 for dinner or 600 for a standing reception, making it suitable for a wide variety of events and parties.

As part of their strategy to ensure that this facility is the most sort-after event space in the area, the owners and management of the hotel decided to install a permanent lighting rig into the room that is as flexible as the space itself. For this part of the hotel’s renovation, the team from local sound and lighting specialist SP MEGASOUND LTD were brought in who specified a variety of ADJ lighting fixtures.

The brief for the system was that it should be completely flexible, capable of providing – as required – subtle ambient lighting, dynamic dance-inducing effects, and everything in between. Another essential requirement was that the rig needed to blend in with the room’s minimalist décor, so that it becomes almost unnoticeable when not in use. To achieve this, the SP MEGASOUND LTD team specified the sleek white-bodied Pearl model of ADJ’s popular Inno Spot Pro moving head fixtures. A total of sixteen of these powerful LED-powered spot units were installed into purpose-built recesses positioned strategically across the room’s ceiling.

Other ADJ units were also chosen, for their unique combination of features, quality, and affordability, which SP MEGASOUND LTD arranged to be custom-painted in white. This means that the whole lighting rig – which comprises almost fifty fixtures – is inconspicuous when not in use. The room can be used for lectures and meetings with regular house lighting, with the lighting rig blending seamlessly in with the ceiling. However, when the space is used for dinners or parties it can be completely transformed with GOBO projections, moving beams, and vibrant color washes.

In addition to the sixteen Inno Spot Pro Pearls, the system also features eight ADJ Vizi Spot LED Pro and four ADJ Inno Color Beam LED moving heads. This allows the room to be filled with GOBO projections as well as moving beams of color. These effects are then further enhanced by twelve ADJ Sweeper Beam RGB fixtures which are spread throughout the ceiling interspersed with the moving heads. These fill the room with swathes of rich colored light, which can be set to slow smooth sweeping motions to create subtle effects or fast jumping movements when a dancefloor is in full swing.

The installation is completed by six ADJ H20 LED water-effect projectors. These LED-powered fixtures are capable of projecting multi-colored rippling patterns onto large areas of the room’s floor. This perfectly complements the sharp GOBO projections of the moving head spot fixtures and the broad swathes of color generated by the Sweeper Beam RGBs.

The flexible system can be used to provide ambient mood-setting looks for dinners as well as to transform the ballroom into a state-of-the-art nightclub for dances and parties. The lighting rig can also be used to illuminate live music performances and for any other possible event for which a client may book the space, including conferences and fashion shows.

As is clear from pictures of the Four Seasons’ stunning ballroom, the SP MEGASOUND LTD team have marvelously fulfilled their clients’ brief. When not in use, the lighting system is hardly noticeable, blending in with the room’s white ceiling. But when it is in action, the rig is capable of filling the room with richly colored light, sharp GOBO projections, and sweeping beam effects to enhance any party or event. This is a truly innovative installation in an exceptional venue and at ADJ we’re proud that it is our lighting fixtures that bring the pure lighting excitement!


Four Seasons Hotel
Limassol, Cyprus


Lighting System Design & Installation


Danny Krichel


ADJ Gear List:

16 x ADJ Inno Spot Pro Pearl

8 x ADJ Vizi Spot LED Pro

12 x ADJ Sweeper Beam RGB

6 x ADJ H20 LED

4 x ADJ Inno Color Beam LED