ADJ’s hybrid fog and haze machine offers room-filling, evenly spread ‘faze’ effects for a portable, affordable alternative to over-powering fog and expensive haze.

Earlier this year, ADJ released its Fog Fury range of fog machines – water-based foggers coming in a range of sizes and with varying features. Although part of the same series, the new Fog Fury Faze creates an altogether different effect closer to that of an oil-based haze machine – except using the water-based fog fluid associated with foggers.

Presenting this desirable hybrid of fog and haze, the Fog Fury Faze is a 700-watt high-output portable faze machine. The ultimate low-cost alternative to oil-based haze machines, it utilizes water-based fog juice and ADJ’s advanced fog machine technology to create even coverings of subtle hazy fog – rather than the big bursts of cloudy smoke created by traditional fog machines. This more evenly dispersed mist fills venues providing an ideal canvas for highlighting lighting effects, increasing the user’s potential for creating pure lighting excitement.

These smooth, wide-spread effects are enabled by ADJ’s forward-thinking technology. The special heating element design uses an oil-type transmission pipeline system, minimizing the unit’s possibility of clogging, while the machine also features a high performance pump system for optimum output – ensuring the unit remains reliable and capable of high output ‘fazing’. Thanks to ADJ’s Electronic Thermo Sensing (ETS) technology, heating optimization allows water-based fluid to be heated in just five minutes fed from the machine’s external 2-liter fog fluid tank. This combination of advanced fog technologies results in optimum output; allowing users to create incredible, evenly distributed faze effects in no time, at an impressive rate of 1,000 cubic-feet per minute.

Of course, the Fog Fury Faze doesn’t just enable awesome fazing, but is loaded with extra features to help make the use of the machine as safe and simple as possible. For ease-of-use, the machine’s in-tank LED heating indicator system shows red when the fluid is heating, green when it’s ready to use, and flashes when the fluid is running low. There is also a low fluid indicator on the rear of unit. Should the machine be left on until the external fluid tank runs dry, ADJ’s automatic circuit cut-off protects the pump from damage – so users can rest assured their machine will remain safe and in working order no matter what.

With the included ADJ FF23TC wired timer-remote (which has a reach of 25-feet), users can choose when and for how long the Fog Fury Faze disperses its wide-reaching mist effects, allowing them to tailor their faze and lighting to the event, to deliver a distinctive atmosphere for their audience. The machine also has a convenient carry handle – great for mobile DJs and bands carrying the machine in and out of venues on a regular basis.

It isn’t just DJs and bands that benefit from the practicalities and subtle lightshow-enhancing effects offered by the Fog Fury Faze. Clubs can utilize the included timer-remote to release room-filling faze periodically, ensuring that the club remains atmospheric and the mid-air lights above the dance-floor look awesome – all night long! Houses of worship can also take advantage, with the Fog Fury Faze broadening the ethereal atmosphere created by their lighting fixtures by creating a dense but dispersed layer of faze. For stage productions and events it provides a similar solution; the effects working with stage or venue lighting to create a unique vibe tailored to a certain event or production.

“At ADJ we’re always looking to produce solutions that offer the very best effects but at an affordable price,” says Alfred Gonzales, national sales manager for ADJ USA. “Thanks to our forward-thinking fog machine technology, the Fog Fury Faze offers the kind of widely-dispersed mist effects associated with top-end oil-based haze machines, but at the price of a traditional water-based fogger.”

No matter what the occupation of the user or application of the product, the Fog Fury Faze will make any lightshow look superb; the effects cutting through the faze to create pure lighting excitement for audiences and adding that special something to the party or event. Offering high-output, evenly spread fazing and unrivaled practicality, the Fog Fury Faze is the affordable alternative to expensive oil-based haze effects and the ultimate faze solution on the market.

The Fog Fury Faze is available now from ADJ USA and ADJ Europe. It will be on display at ADJ’s LDI Booth #2816 at the Las Vegas Convention Center from November 21-13, 2014.


Go “Under the Hood” of the Fog Fury Faze in this informative product video demonstration:


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