With a lightweight, portable frame and a choice of white or black stretch scrim, the new Event Façade from ADJ is the smart-thinking way to clean up your onstage setup and breathe new life into events.

We all know how hard it is to keep your stage setup looking tidy and professional – especially on the road, where your flight cases and other stage equipment can get scuffed and marked. But our new Event Façade – which comes in sleek white or striking black colors – is your ultimate solution to a clean setup that looks truly professional.

The ADJ Event Façade consists of a lightweight metal frame and four scrim material panels, designed to clean up your DJ setup by offering a uniform, professional look. This material is very similar to that used for truss socks, and glows the same way when lit from behind using ADJ pars, bars, spots or GOBO projectors. Bars work especially well, lighting the panels across their whole width to generate an even, effective glow. Linear fixtures such as the WiFLY Bar QA5 or the dual-unit VBar Pack are ideal; with an approximate length of 20” these units will sit perfectly inside your Façade, along the width of each panel, while their varying colors and wide beam angles allow you to illuminate the scrim to great effect. To make things easier, by using ADJ’s “Go Battery Powered” Series or “WiFLY” Series, you won’t have to find a power outlet to backlit your scrim. Just turn on your Par or Linear fixture and set it next to the scrim.

If you’re a DJ, this is the ideal way to clean up your on-stage setup. Hitting two birds with one stone; audiences will enjoy a colorful, eye-catching focal point while you can hide any untidy wires and scuffed equipment with the four glowing panels of the Event Façade. The option of purchasing the Façade in white or black allows you to tailor your stage setup to the events you play; white will be perfect for weddings, where you may need your booth to fit into the overall white day-time feel of the occasion, while black may fit in more for corporate events or parties in clubs and bars where the event is most likely to happen at night and in a low-lit environment. 

Not a DJ? Well, club owners and other venue managers can use the Event Façade to their advantage too. It’s the ideal productwith which to conceal any in-house equipment or untidy 

sections of the stage or venue. So while you keep your venue looking sharp and tidy, the Façade also becomes part of the lightshow, giving audiences another visual element on which to focus their attentions. 

Retailers and event producers can also benefit from the elegant looks of the Event Façade. If you’re running an in-store promo,the Façade makes for a great backdrop, especially when lit from behind with unique ADJ lighting effects. For instance, by inserting a custom GOBO into one of our Inno Spot LED or Inno Spot Pro fixtures you could project a store name or brand logo onto the scrim for a smart marketing solution. In a similar way, the Façade is ideal for bringing your store window displays to life or adding that professional feel to promote events.  

The Event Façade comes with a carry bag included, so you can protect the frame – which has detachable hinges – from damage and keep the scrim looking clean and sleek. This protective storage solution is perfect if you’re a DJ event producers on the road, aiding the quick tear down and safe storage of your gear. This convenient carry bag also means that if you’re a venue owner or event producer you can store the Façade away for later use without having to worry about damage or the scrim being dirtied. The stretchy scrim is, however, washable and can be easily removed for cleaning.

If you’re looking for a simple and effective way to professionally conceal your equipment, while creating an elegant, eye-catching stage feature in the process, then the Event Façade is the solution for you. Lightweight, portable and quick to construct, the Façade sits perfectly into a portable stage setup, but used in conjunction with atmosphere-enhancing ADJ lighting it can just as easily help venues and event companies bring something smart but special to their events. 

The Event Facade comes in two models:

 Event Facade: White metal with white scrim - http://www.adj.com/event-facade

Event Facade BL: Black metal with black scrim - http://www.adj.com/event-facade-bl

Check out a “First Look” video of the Event Facade:

Check out the Event Facade product demo video: