There’s no doubt about it, the difference a hazy atmosphere can make to a lightshow is immense. Haze will give definition to beams and create a depth to lighting effects that is far more engaging than simple surface color washes and GOBO projections. That’s why an effective and reliable haze generator is an essential piece of equipment for all venues and mobile lightshows that make use of mid-air beam effects.

Entour Venue At A Glance:

• 1500W mobile DMX Faze Machine

• Output: 15,000 cubic ft. per min.

• 3 DMX Channel Modes; 1/2/4       

• Blue LCD Function Display with 6-button built-in remote

• Control: Fog Timer, Volume Control, Continuous Fogging, & Manual Fogging       

• Warm-up time: 45 Seconds       

• 3-pin & 5-pin DMX In/Out

The Entour Venue is ADJ’s new high-output professional faze machine which builds on the success of our Entourage touring faze machine that was launched last year and proved incredibly popular. Where the Entourage was built-in to a road case, for ease of use on tours, the Entour Venue is fitted with an adjustable hanging bracket, as well as rubber feet, making it equally suited to sitting on the floor as it is for hanging from a truss or lighting rig. This new model is also more compact and comes in at a lower price point, making it more affordable if you’re on a tight budget.

Just like the Entourage, the Entour Venue offers a hybrid between a conventional fog machine and a haze machine. It uses economical water-based fog fluid, but disperses it thinly over a much wider area to create the perfect atmosphere for vibrant mid-air beam effects. It also features variable output volume, adjustable speed fan, and a multi-angle output vent, which means that it is capable of generating just the right amount of faze – in exactly the right place – for any given application.

Offering easy setup and operation, as well as an exceptionally quick warm-up time of just 45 seconds, the Entour Venue can be ready for action in no time at all. It is also capable of continuous operation and incorporates a large built-in fluid tank, with a capacity of 5.6 liters, which means that it is ideal for use in big venues and on large-scale productions when a significant amount of atmospheric faze is required over a prolonged period of time. The machine’s maximum fluid consumption is 9ml/min, which equates to over 10 hours of continuous output at full power. Meanwhile, set to its lowest output, the machine’s fluid consumption drops to 0.45ml/min, allowing it to run continuously for over 200 hours on a single tank.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a mobile entertainer looking for a portable haze solution for taking out on the road or an installer fitting out a nightclub, the Entour Venue is the perfect solution. Similarly, if you look after the AV for a church and want to create the right atmosphere to get the most from your lighting system, this compact, reliable, and affordable unit is ideal. It’s also a perfect choice if you run a production company providing sound and lighting services to a range of different events, as the machine can fill the biggest of spaces with lightshow-enhancing haze, but can also be dialed down for use in smaller rooms.

The Entour Venue is a flexible machine that is easy to get going but also offers advanced features for use in every conceivable situation that you might want to create a hazy atmosphere. It offers four different operating modes, which are easily accessible using the controls located on the front panel. A blue back-lit LCD screen is also situated on the front of the unit, displaying information relating to the various options offered within each mode. For quick and easy operation, the Manual mode has its own dedicated button. Simply pressing this will start the machine outputting faze at maximum capacity, while releasing the button de-activates the mode.

Using a menu-driven interface facilitated by the LCD screen, the Entour Venue can also be set up for standalone operation. Continuous mode allows the fog Output Volume to be set between 5% and 100%, while the Fan Speed can be independently configured to between 5% and 100%. The machine will then continue to output faze constantly, using the selected settings, for as long as required. Alternatively, the Timer mode can be used to set a Duration (between 3 and 250 seconds) as well as an Interval (also between 3 and 250 seconds), offering an alternative method for continuous standalone operation.

A professional fixture, the Entour Venue is fitted with both 3-pin and 5-pin XLR DMX input and output sockets, for maximum flexibility. It can also be integrated into a fully-controlled lighting and effects system using a choice of three different DMX modes, requiring 1, 2 or 4 channels respectively, depending on the level of control you require. The basic 1-channel option offers combined variable control of the fog Output Volume and Fan Speed, while the 2-channel mode separates out control of these two functions. The full 4-channel option, meanwhile, not only offers variable independent control of Output Volume and Fan Speed but also remote control of the unit’s timer Interval and Duration settings.

Measuring 21” x 15.25” x 9.75” / 533 x 387 x 249mm (LxWxH) and weighing 47 lbs. / 21.3 kg, the Entour Venue is a relatively compact and light-weight fixture. This makes it equally suited to large mobile lightshows as it is for permanent installation in venues such as nightclubs, theatres, and churches.

The Entour Venue is available now and offers an unbeatable combination of high output, compact size, and versatile control features, making it the perfect professional atmosphere enhancer for any large venue installation or mobile lightshow. If you’re looking for a powerful, flexible, and affordable atmosphere generator, look no further than the ADJ Entour Venue!

The Entour Venue is available now from ADJ USA (March 2017 from ADJ Europe). To learn more, visit:

Check out the Entour Venue product demo video: