Even the smallest of stages need effective illumination to ensure that performances can be seen clearly by everyone in the audience. That’s why we have recently expanded the ADJ Encore stage lighting range to include an extremely compact Fresnel fixture. The new Encore FR20 DTW is ideal for washing small stages as well as shop windows, art galleries and other displays.

Equipped with a 2-inch Fresnel lens, the Encore FR20 DTW creates a soft-edged beam that is ideal for stage, theatre and commercial use, wherever professional wash lighting is required but space is limited. It is powered by a 17W warm white LED engine with a color temperature of 3000K, which generates a light output of 600LUX (measured at 3M) and offers an operating life of 50,000 hours, effectively eradicating the need for lamp replacements.

In addition, this compact fixture boasts the latest DTW – dim-to-warm – LED technology. It’s LED light-source also features a secondary LED element which is less bright than the primary LED and has a lower color temperature of 1900K (amber). This warmer LED element is mixed with the primary LED at lower dimmer settings to create the illusion of the incandescent glow associated with halogen lamps as they are turned on or off using a dimmer. This means that the fixture offers an authentic filament-lamp-style dimming profile but with all of the power-saving, reduced heat and long lamp life benefits of LED.

A rotary dimming control is located on the back panel of the fixture, which allows for simple standalone operation. However, unlike most LED-powered wash lights, the Encore FR20 DTW is also Triac-dimmable. This means that the fixture can be connected to a standard DMX dimmer pack – for example ADJ’s 2-channel Uni Pak II and 4-channel DP 415R or DP-DMX20L – and can therefore easily replace halogen-lamp-based fixtures in an existing traditional stage lighting system. The unit is also compatible with Lutron and Leviton wall dimmers and can therefore be integrated directly into a fixed commercial lighting installation.

The fixture offers a concise beam angle of 19-degrees, but is supplied with a Frost Filter than can be used to widen the beam angle to 45-degrees if required. Removable barn doors are supplied with the unit, which can be used to adjust the beam dispersion. A gel frame is also included that can be used to position a colored gel (sold separately) in front of the Fresnel lens.

Despite its compact dimensions of 10.25” x 5.25” x 8.25” / 259mm x 133mm x 210mm (LxWxH) and low weight of 5 lbs. / 2 kg., the Encore FR20 DTW is a professional-caliber fixture that is extremely robust. It has a strong metallic construction (including its heavy-duty hanging bracket) and a high-quality matt black powder coated finish that would look at home as part of a permanent installation in luxurious surroundings and is also tough enough for touring and event production duties.

The new FR20 DTW joins two existing wash fixtures in the ADJ Encore range. The FR50Z features a 6-inch Fresnel lens and is powered by a 50W LED engine, while the FR150Z is equipped with an 8-inch lens and harnesses the power of a potent 130W LED light source. In addition, the Encore Series also includes two profile fixtures – the  Profile 1000 Color, which utilizes a 120W RGBW LED, and the Profile 1000 WW, which features a 120W warm white LED – as well as the Burst 200, an LED-powered high intensity twin blinder/strobe fixture.

The Encore FR20 DTW is a unique fixture that is perfect for a wide range of situations that require a professional-caliber, but extremely small, Fresnel wash. As well as small theatre and stage productions, it is ideal for shop window displays, art galleries, coffee shops with performance areas and church youth rooms. If you need an impactful and flexible wash, but are limited on space, this could be just the fixture you’re looking for!

To learn more about the ADJ Encore FR20 DTW, visit: http://www.adj.com/encore-fr20-dtw

Watch the Encore FR20 DTW Demo Video: