When it comes to truss, innovation is hard to find, right? Well, no! The guys at DuraTruss keep coming up with fresh ideas that allow trussing to be used in new and creative ways. The latest of these new products is the DT-FXMT Truss Topper which is designed to fit into the end of a length of truss to provide an extra mounting point for equipment.

The simple, yet at the same time ingenious, DT-FXMT fits into the end of any length of DuraTruss or Global Truss America F34 truss to provide an extra 2” mounting bar. It means a more aesthetically pleasing finish, while also providing the flexibility of an extra rigging point for par cans, moving heads or other lighting fixtures.

Perfect for use in fixed installations, the DT-FXMT is the ideal way to finish a run of truss. This could be positioned in front of a stage in a theatre or above the dancefloor in a club or bar. It also adds more creative flexibility for the design of rigs; as an example, various lengths of truss could be installed dropping vertically straight-down from the roof of a venue with lighting fixtures hung below them from DT-FXMTs fitted into the end of each piece.

The DT-FXMT also has lots of potential uses for touring applications. It can be fitted to the top of a truss podium to provide a useful horizontal bar onto which a variety of different lighting or effects equipment fixtures could be attached.

Weighing in at just 7 Lbs. and with a sleek black powder-coated finish, the DT-FXMT looks good and is easy to transport. It comes supplied with four conical connectors that bolt into each corner, which can then slot straight into a piece of truss, secured in place with truss pins.

In addition to its use attached to truss, the DT-FXMT can also be used as a standalone floor mounting bracket. By removing its four conical connectors, the unit can stand directly on the ground allowing fixtures with single hanging brackets to be positioned low down on a stage pointing upwards.

Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best, and that is definitely the case with the new Duratruss DT-FXMT. It allows new ways to rig lighting and effects equipment from trussing, either for permanent installations or touring shows, providing lighting designers with new creative options when it comes to designing rigs.

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Arnoldo Offermann looks at the DuraTruss DT-FXMT: