ADJ announce a new road case to protect three of its higher-end Moving Heads. These best seller movers are going out on the road with event companies and into stock of rental houses supplying concert tours. At ADJ we are committed not only to product innovation, but also to supporting customers in their use of our equipment, therefore we are proud to announce the launch of the DRC16RX road case.

Fits two of the following Moving Heads:

• Vizi BSW 300

• Vizi Hybrid 16RX

• Vizi Beam 5RX

• Inno Spot Elite

Engineered specifically for the ADJ Vizi BSW 300, Vizi Hybrid 16RX, Vizi Beam 5RX or the Inno Spot Elite, the DRC16RX accommodates a pair of fixtures and also incorporates a central divider section to holds clamps, cables and other essentials. The case has a top-loading design where fixtures are dropped in head first and hang from their base, which ensures maximum protection.

This is a professional-grade touring case that has been designed with the rigors of the road in mind at every step of the way. Built on a strong 3/4-inch plywood base plate, the whole case has a robust wooden construction finished with aluminium edging to every side. The corners are then reinforced by high-impact aluminium ball-fittings ensuring that the case is ready to face everything a life on the road may bring its way.

The lid is hinged at the back with two heavy-duty recessed hinges and then secured at the front by a pair of high-impact recessed spring latches. The case is fitted with four 300-pound-rated high-impact castors to allow easy movement, while two of the casters are fitted with locking brakes – so the case will stay put when you need it to. Finally, four spring-loaded handles, two fitted on each side, make lifting and loading the case a straight-forward task.

Extruded tongue and groove edging extends all around the top of the main case and the underside of the lid to ensure that when the case is closed, and the butterfly catches are secured, the precious cargo inside will be kept clean. While making fixtures easier to transport and keeping them safe in transit is the key role of a road case, ensuring lights remain clean and dust-free is also important and the DRC16RX can be relied upon to do just that.

This is a professional-level case, but one that is very manageable. What’s more, as all of the fixtures and fitting are recessed, the risk of damage and snagging on clothes is significantly reduced. Multiple cases can also be loaded side-by-side packed in a truck or warehouse. To further aid with packing, the top of the case is fitted with four stacking cups to accommodate the wheels of another case of the same size loaded on top.

Inside the case, every side is lined with 2-inch thick foam, while further high-density foam inserts envelop each of the Moving Heads to restrict movement and offer extra protection. When safely entombed inside the DRC16RX your Moving Head fixtures will be kept safe from the inevitable bangs, bumps and bashes that touring equipment is subjected to on the road. This means that you can rest assured when they come out at your next gig they’ll be in pristine condition and ready to produce another dose of pure lighting excitement.

If you’ve invested in one of these top end ADJ Moving Heads – or are planning to add them to you inventory – and are using them out on the road, you’ll want to keep them safe. The purpose-designed DRC16RX will keep your lights clean and safe while also making them easy to transport and store. It really is a no-brainer!

The DRC16RX is only available from ADJ USA and is available now!

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