Don’t Let Daddy Know is an international touring dance music event which started in Ibiza five years ago and now visits cities across the world to host huge parties that combine headline DJ sets with jaw-dropping production values. The brand recently visited the UK to host a sellout 10,000-capacity event which featured an epic video and lighting rig comprised solely of ADJ and Elation Professional fixtures.

Organized by Dutch-based company EA Events, Don’t Let Daddy Know has enjoyed a meteoric rise to prominence over the past five years following its launch on the White Isle of Ibiza. Having hosted parties across the world – in countries including The Netherlands, Germany, Turkey, Thailand, Chile, India and Scotland – DLDK has a reputation for creating a unique feeling of togetherness, even in the most massive venues.

Having previously visited the UK in 2015 and 2016, for DLDK’s fall 2017 party they raised the game by taking over a huge sports center in Greater Manchester. This cavernous space allowed 10,000 people to dance all night to music provided by headliners Steve Angello and Don Diablo supported by Blasterjaxx, Laidback Luke, R3hab, Sem Vox and Third Party.

To create their signature mind-blowing production at the event, the DLDK team partnered with local production company UK Events Group. Based in nearby Liverpool, the company has a large inventory of ADJ and Elation Professional lighting and video equipment, as well as Duratruss trussing, which they used to put together a large-scale rig that met all the requirements of DLDK as well as the featured DJs and their touring lighting and video crews.

A well-established production company with experience supporting events of all types and sizes, the DLDK party was on the big side even for UK Events Group. The logistics were also complicated, as one of the two Production Managers for the event, Tory Harper, explains, “It was a challenge as the venue was a sports hall to be transformed into a event space for 8 hours and then back in time for tennis to be played 12 hours later!”

Fortunately the company’s experienced team had no problems installing the huge 45M (150ft.) wide set ready for doors to open at 10pm, the impressive lighting and video system ran flawlessly right through until 5am, and then the venue was fully cleared on time – ready for the arrival of the tennis players the next day! “The show was faultless,” enthuses Tory, “we had no fixture errors or swap outs across the whole rig which included almost 500 ADJ and Elation Professional fixtures.”

The main rig, which filled one end of the venue’s cavernous sports hall, was dominated by 224 ADJ AV6X LED video panels. These were arranged into 40 separate square screens that filled the back wall of the venue as well as an additional long rectangular screen that was positioned in front of the central DJ riser. This provided a huge canvas onto which DLDK, as well as the headline DJs’ touring VJs, could fill with video content and animated logos.

“At UK Events Group, we’ve invested heavily in ADJ’s AV Series video panels,” explains the other Production Manager for the event, James McMahon. “This show demonstrated perfectly how that investment is paying off. The flexibility of the AV Series means that we can split up our inventory over multiple smaller shows, but it is also bright enough to deploy all at one – across a large area – to create a truly epic video wall like this. Despite using so many panels, we had no issues at all and the video content was sharp and vibrant viewed right from the back of the hall.”

ADJ equipment was also at the heart of the show’s impressive lighting rig, which included Inno Color Beam Z19 and Vizi Beam 5RX moving heads as well as COB Cannon Wash and 12P Hex wash fixtures. However, the powerhouse of the show was definitely ADJ’s flagship Vizi Hybrid 16RX, with a total of 70 of these flexible fixtures deployed across the stage set. Chosen for their hybrid wash, beam and spot functionality, the 16RX units were used to flood the huge venue with wide-spread washes of color one moment and fill the air above the crowd with tight fast-moving beams the next. The same fixtures could then also be used to project razor-sharp GOBO patterns onto the hall’s walls and ceiling and also through the haze-filled atmosphere.

“We’d already used the 16RX fixtures on a variety of different events,” explains James, “so we knew they are reliable, but this show really demonstrated just how much power they have to offer. This was a huge space and the beams punched right through to the very back, really holding their own alongside the video content as well as the pyrotechnic and laser effects. The 16RX has really put ADJ on the map in terms of moving heads for large-scale shows and we’re now looking forward to taking delivery of the new Vizi CMY300 when it’s released, as its full CMY color mixing is a feature that I know will prove really useful for a lot of our events.”

The lighting operator for the DLDK party – working alongside the headline DJs’ touring LDs – was Greg Jones, who works regularly with the UK Events Group team. He too was impressed by the Vizi 16RX fixtures, “They are really responsive and have a great zoom range,” he comments, “and the glass GOBOs are fantastic!”

Strobes and blinders were needed to complete the lightshow and the UK Events Group team supplied fixtures from the range of ADJ’s sister company Elation Professional. A total of 80 Proton 3K LED Strobe units were spread across the main set, with one positioned at each side of every video wall segment. This allowed for a truly stunning strobe effect when all of the fixtures were fired in unison.

In addition, Proton 3K Color LED Strobe fixtures were attached to each side of two large triangle truss structures which were hung over the crowd further back in the hall and also featured ADJ Inno Color Beam Z19 fixtures on each corner. These triangular trusses supported large DLDK branded banners, which were illuminated by ADJ COB Cannon Washes, flanked on each side by four of Elation Professional’s CUEPIX Battens. This had the effect of bringing the lightshow out into the hall, increasing the sense of total immersion in music, light and effects for the crowd.

For blinders, Elations Professional’s CUEPIX Blinder WW4 units were deployed in pairs across the top of the main rig, with additional units positioned behind the DJ riser. These impressive fixtures each utilize four 100W warm white COB LEDs to maximise output while reducing power draw, something that Greg particularly valued for this event. “We invested first in the WW2 model and then extended our range to include the WW4,” he explains. “They are very bright fixtures that pack a good punch, but their LED light-source helps to reduce power consumption, which was particularly important on this show which called for a very large rig in a venue that is usually used for sporting events.”

When all of these lighting and video elements were drawn together they created a truly mind-blowing show that more than lived up to the high expectations of DLDK and the 10,000 strong crowd who attended the party. DLDK are already planning to return to the UK for another event in 2018, and in the meantime UK Events Group are busy putting their vast inventory of ADJ and Elation Professional equipment to use at events of all shapes and sizes across the country.


Don’t Let Daddy Know

USN Bolton Arena, Greater Manchester, UK

Production Company

UK Events Group

Lighting Design
Don’t Let Daddy Know

Lighting Operators
Greg Jones & Touring LDs

Video Design
Don’t Let Daddy Know & Touring VJs

Production Managers
UK Events Group: James McMahon & Tory Harper

Kyle G. McLoughlin

Gear List
224 x ADJ AV6X LED Video Panels

70 x ADJ Vizi Hybrid 16RX
80 x Elation Proton 3K LED Strobe
6 x Elation Proton 3K Color LED Strobe
26 x Elation CUEPIX Blinder WW4
12 x ADJ Inno Color Beam Z19
12 x ADJ COB Cannon Wash
12 x ADJ Vizi Beam 5RX
8 x ADJ 12P HEX
DuraTruss Trussing

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