When ADJ first launched the AV Series it disrupted the LED Video panel market by introducing a product that had the brightness and resolution to make a serious impact at a price point that made LED video wall technology accessible for users and applications where it had previously been cost prohibitive. Now, ADJ is ready to push the boundaries of the market once again by introducing an innovative new range of LED video panels, the Design Series, that brings a whole new level of creativity to video and production designers.

Based on the same foundations as the AV Series – quality, reliability and affordability – the Design Series comprises four modular panels of different shapes that can be combined together to create video screens of almost any conceivable size and shape. The DS4 (square), DS4T (triangle), DS4QC (quarter circle) and DS4HC (rectangle) can be easily linked together to create eye-catching video walls that fit perfectly with the shape of any venue, stage set or mobile lighting rig.

Offering a pixel pitch of 4.8mm, the Design Series panels utilize 3-in-1 SMD2020 LEDs to generate a brightness of 1200 NITS. The square panel has a pixel density of 104 x 104, which is equivalent to 43,264 per square meter, and the others have an equivalent density applied to their specific shapes and sizes. The panels have a recommended minimum viewing distance of 12.5ft. (3.8m) as well as a wide viewing angle of 160-degrees (horizontal) and 120-degrees (vertical), making them ideal for a wide variety of applications.

The Design Series panels are designed for both fixed installations and one-off/touring productions and feature a cleverly conceived locking system that makes it easy to join together multiple panels into screens of all shapes and sizes. Each panel is fitted with retractable plastic locking bars on their top and left sides, which slide into matching holes on the bottom and right sides of neighboring panels. A quarter turn on the end of each bar then locks the panels securely in place, while the process is quick and easy to reverse to break apart the screen for transport and storage.

To further speed up setup and pack-down, each panel is fitted with locking powerCON power cords and etherCON signal sockets on one side and matching trailing cables on the other. These are long enough to reach the corresponding sockets on neighboring panels, which has two advantages over systems that feature sockets for both inputs and outputs. First, setting up and dismantling a screen is made quicker, as only half the number of sockets need to be connected/removed and there is no need to coil and pack away loose cords. Second, it is not necessary for owners to purchase power and data cables separately, which will amount to a significant saving for those investing in a sizeable Design Series setup.

The Design Series panels are also extremely lightweight, which further adds to their flexibility and portability. The DS4 (Square) unit is only 12 lbs. (5.5 kgs), while the other smaller panels weigh even less. A full system of accessories – including video processors, rigging bars, cables, connectors and road cases – are also available. This includes a case that allows square panels to be stored and transported while connected together in pairs, further reducing the time required to setup and dismantle a large multi-panel display.

“The response to the ADJ AV Series over the past few years has been truly astounding,” comments ADJ USA’s National Sales Manager, Alfred Gonzales. “Users not only appreciate the brightness, reliability and affordability of our LED video panels but also the straightforward manner in which they fit together. That’s why I’m incredibly excited to introduce our new Design Series of LED panels, which builds on the success of the AV Series but introduces a new creative dimension. Custom-designed LED screens with curves and slants are now incredibly simple to create, both for fixed installations and temporary setups.”

With the introduction of the Design Series, ADJ is opening up a whole new world of possibilities for creative video setups. Perfect for production designers looking to integrate video into a large-scale stage set, this unique collection of LED panels allows for interestingly-shaped screens to be created easily and affordably. Equally, due to its versatility and portability, it is ideal for production/rental companies looking for a flexible LED video system that can be deployed in different shapes and sizes depending on the requirements of each individual event.

The complete ADJ Design Series range of 25 products, including 4 different panel shapes and a collection of supporting road cases and accessories, is available now.

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