Combining extremely powerful COB LED light sources with simple, yet robustly-built, enclosures, the ADJ Cannon Wash Series has proven extremely popular for a wide range of applications from church installations to touring concert productions, mobile light shows to permanent nightclub rigs. However, here at ADJ, we’re always listening to feedback from you – our users and customers – so, when we heard that for certain applications the original COB Cannon Wash fixtures were proving too bulky, we set our product designers the task of creating a solution. This resulted in the creation of our new COB Cannon Wash ST models, which offer the same potent LED engines but enclosed in compact fixtures that are almost half the length of the original COB Cannon Wash units.

Measuring 13” x 10” x 7.5” / 330 x 256 x 190mm (L x W x H, excluding brackets), the COB Cannon Wash ST units are extremely compact and are therefore ideal for use by mobile entertainers, concert tours and production companies. Their small form also makes them perfect for permanent installation in venues with low ceilings as well as for use as stage footlights. Put simply, if you need powerful illumination but have limited space, these are the fixtures for you!

There are two COB Cannon Wash ST fixtures, each featuring the same compact casing design but fitted with a different LED engine. The COB Cannon Wash ST harnesses the power of a potent 150-Watt COB (Chip On Board) LED that incorporates four LED color elements: red, green, blue and amber. The use of a COB LED means that the unit offers significantly enhanced color mixing, compared with fixtures using conventional multi-color LEDs, with no ‘color shadows’ at the edge of its beam. The LED generates an impressive output of up to 1970 LUX measured at 2M and is ideal for flooding a stage or dancefloor with richly-saturated color washes of any shade or hue.

The COB Cannon Wash ST DW utilizes a 150-Watt COB white light LED that is capable of generating an output of up to 891 LUX measured at 3M. It combines Warm White (3200K) and Cool White (6400K) LED elements that can be mixed together at any desired levels of intensity to create white light of exactly the color temperature you require. It is ideal for illuminating performers and scenery on stage, with its color temperature mixing feature allowing you to achieve the perfect balance for a given stage and production.

Both fixtures feature a wide natural beam angle of 80-degrees, making them ideal for filling a large area with bright illumination. However, they are also supplied – as standard – with two lens kits which can be used to reduce the beam angle down to 50-degrees or 40-degrees if required.

Thanks to the use of cutting-edge LED technology, the COB Cannon Wash DT fixtures are capable of generating extremely powerful output while providing all of the advantages that LED light sources offer over conventional halogen lamps. With a life span of approximately 50,000 hours (over five years of continuous use), there is no risk of a bulb blowing during an event. The highly efficient LEDs also mean that far less power is required and very little excess heat is generated, keeping temperatures down and stages more comfortable for performers.

The robust metallic casing of the Cannon Wash ST fixtures has a distinctive barrel shape and a subtle matt black powder-coated finish. It is also fitted with sturdy metal dual hanging brackets that can be used to attach the fixture to a lighting T-bar or rig it to truss using a standard clamp. Adding to the versatility of these powerful fixtures, the bracket can also be split in two to form a floor stand that allows the units to be easily utilized as stage footlights or used for up-lighting duties.

Weighing just 9 lbs. / 4.1 kg, the COB Cannon Wash ST fixtures are easy to carry, lift and rig. The supplied lens kits are simple to attach using a sprung metal retaining ring, while an optional Barn Doors kit (BAR001) is also available if required (sold separately).

A host of advanced features mean that the COB Cannon Wash ST and COB Cannon Wash ST DW are both ideal for any situation where you require professional wash lighting. They offer 0-100% digital dimming as well as a choice of five selectable dimming curves (Standard, Stage, TV, Architectural and Theatre). The fixtures also feature pulse and strobe effect functions and offer flicker-free operation making them ideal for applications that will involve either live-streaming or video recording.

The back panel of each fixture is home to all of the input and output connection sockets as well as a 4-character LED display for mode selection and DMX addressing. Both 3-pin and 5-pin XLR sockets are provided for DMX connection, which means that these fixtures can be easily integrated into any existing lighting system. Professional-caliber locking powerCON input and output sockets are also provided, which allow the power supply for up to five fixtures to be daisy-chained from a single outlet.

The COB Cannon Wash ST features 64 built-in macros which allow for easy selection of popular RGBA colors either directly from the control panel or via DMX. Likewise, the COB Cannon Wash ST DW offers 8 Warm White / Cool White combination macros accessible from the LCD menu or using DMX control. Both fixtures provide the choice of seven DMX channel mode options – 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9 and 10 – making them suitable for a wide range of control options. Further adding to their flexibility, the units are also compatible with the ADJ RFC remote (sold separately), that provides simple wireless color selection.

Offering the power and flexibility of the original COB Cannon Wash fixtures but in a more compact form, the ADJ COB Cannon Wash ST and COB Cannon Wash ST DW offer an unrivalled combination of compactness and potency. Whether you are an installer looking for a wash fixture to fit into a low-ceilinged venue, a mobile entertainer in search of a powerful but compact wash unit, or run a production company in need of short fixtures that pack a serious punch, these two innovative units are the perfect choice.

Both COB Cannon Wash models are available now from ADJ USA.

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