Ideal for illuminating stage sets, performers, speakers or architectural features, the ADJ COB Cannon Wash DW is a potent wash fixture that features a unique ‘Dynamic White’ COB – Chip On Board – LED light-source. Building on the success of the original quad color COB Cannon Wash, this new version combines Warm White and Cool White LED sources on a single LED chip to allow smooth and shadow-free blending between the two color temperatures (3000K: Warm White and 6500K: Cool White).

Thanks to this unique technology, any color temperature can easily be achieved allowing users to ensure whatever they are lighting always looks at its best. It also means that the color temperature can easily be changed, instantly, at any time, to allow multiple different looks to be created for a single show or performance.

The light-source is rated at an impressive 150-watts, making it perfect for washing sizable stages in clubs, theatres and churches as well as for use at one-off events such as conferences. Located at the center of a concaved reflector dish, the COB DW LED generates an even beam that is equally suited to illuminating performers on stage as it is to generating ‘blinder’ effects pointing out towards a crowd. The LED has a lifespan of approximately 50,000 hours and generates far less heat than incandescent light-sources of comparable output, saving power as well as making stages more comfortable for performers.

“Packed with useful features, the new fixture offers both rich warm white light and stark cool white light as well as allowing users to blend the two to create any desired white light look.” Alfred Gonzales, ADJ USA National Sales Manager

As standard, the COB Cannon Wash DW has an incredibly wide beam angle of 80-degrees, which means that it can illuminate very large areas. However, for applications where a narrower beam is required, the fixture is also supplied with 50-degree and 40-degree lens kits. These are easy to fit on the fixture to create the right beam for any given event or installation.

The flexible COB Cannon Wash DW is fitted with a dual yoke that can be locked in place from both sides by plastic thumb screws. With the two parts folded together, this can be used to hang the fixture from a T-bar stand, truss system or lighting gantry and locked in place pointing in any angle. However, when the two parts are pulled apart, they can be used to create a floor stand allowing the fixture to serve as a foot light or up light.

Offering a host of advanced features, the COB Cannon Wash DW is ideal for any situation requiring professional wash lighting. It allows 0-100% digital dimming as well as a choice of five selectable dimming curves (Standard, Stage, TV, Architectural and Theatre). It also offers pulse and strobe effect functions and offers flicker-free operation making it ideal for applications that will involve either live-streaming or video recording.

The COB Cannon Wash DW is a professional fixture designed for use in permanent installations, on touring productions and for one-off events. To make life easier on the road, it features both 3-pin and 5-pin DMX input and output connections, for integration into any existing system. It also boasts pro-grade powerCon power input and output sockets, which lock into place to ensure the power supply is never accidentally disconnected. Using the power output socket, up to five fixtures can be linked together to reduce the amount of cable required for a multi-unit installation or temporary setup.

Offering a host of different operating modes, the COB Cannon Wash DW is suitable for all kinds of applications, either as a simple stand alone light or as part of a complex DMX-controlled system. For quick setup, the Static Color Mode allows easy selection of 8 different pre-programmed color macros that run the spectrum from Warm White to Cool White. However, for users looking to achieve a specific color temperature that isn’t covered by a macro, the WW & CW Dimmer Mode allows any blend of Warm White and Cool White to be selected without the need for an external controller.

Of course, for many applications, DMX control will be required, and for this a choice of channel modes is offered – 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6. The most basic offers simple control of the Warm White to Cool White mix, while the most complex offers independent control of Color Temperature (across three channels), Strobe, Master Dimmer and Dimmer Curve.

Measuring 16.25” x 9.75” x 7.5” / 415mm x 245mm x 192mm (LxWxH) and weighing 9 lbs. / 4.1 Kg, the COB Cannon Wash DW is a significantly-sized fixture, but also one that is easy to carry, store and transport. With its sleek, black, curved casing it is also an aesthetically-pleasing unit that will look at home as part of any modern lighting system.

“Taking the popular format of the original COB Cannon Wash, fitted with an innovative Dynamic White COB LED, the ADJ COB Cannon Wash DW is a powerful and versatile white-light-source,” enthuses ADJ USA’s National Sales Manager, Alfred Gonzales. “Packed with useful features, the new fixture offers both rich warm white light and stark cool white light as well as allowing users to blend the two to create any desired white light look”.

The COB Cannon Wash DW is a compact and easily-transportable fixture that generates an impressive amount of evenly distributed white light. The combination of shadowless COB light-source, variable color temperature, lens kits, multifunction bracket and a variety of control modes make it a flexible unit ideal for illuminating any stage, performance, event or venue.

The COB Cannon Wash DW is available from from ADJ USA and ADJ Europe.

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