When lighting designer Edson Rivera teamed up with Mexican venue Club República to bring their French Republic-themed club to life, he used a range of ADJ products to create a ‘revolutionary’ lightshow that compliments the unique neo-vintage décor and provides movement and color for the dance-floor.

Drawn to the project due to the venue’s French Republican-style décor and unique architecture, lighting designer Edson Rivera was hired to install lighting in Club República – a new club in Monterrey, Mexico, run by owners Javier Díaz and Juan Cueto.

Designed by architect Filipao Nunes, the brand new 800-capacity club uses various French colonial and republic-era themes. Of course, Edson needed versatile lighting solutions in order to emphasize this décor and design. And also to bring the dance-floor to life! So, we were delighted that he went for a successful blend of ADJ and Elation Professional products; bringing color and movement to the club to ensure pure lighting excitement for the customers.

Edison’s company Adimsa was responsible both for the equipment installation and designing the lightshow. A well-considered concept that was a joint effort between Edson and Javier (CEO for club owner Fortuna Lab), the installation took just one month to complete.

“The club was inspired by the old houses of the French Republican age,” says Edson. “It reminds us of an explorer or literature-lover’s library. It holds a special passion for misshapen things; the antiques are charged with symbolism and are the elements of the décor that stand out most. But while these grand styles produce an explosion of different colors and sensations, the club is also chic and delicate.”

This unique combination of French Republican and colonial styles – checkered black and white marble dance-floor, pedestal tables and plush sofas – gives the whole venue a grandiose feel, while the LED-lit ‘REPUBLICA’ sign above the bar and the room’s minimal gray walls ensure that the stylish club retains a sense of modernism. Also keeping the venue up-to-date and appealing to young clubbers are the ADJ and Elation Professional lights that Edson installed throughout the venue. “These innovative products guarantee quality, great variety and good optics,” he explains. “But we also went with ADJ/Elation for their services and the availability of the equipment.”

This concoction of ADJ and Elation lighting consisted of 30 Inno Color Beam Quad 7s, which Edson positioned surrounding the dance-floor, allowing the super-bright 70W moving heads to inject color and movement by way of hard-edged beams, quad-color LEDs and flexible pan/tilt. Further out, he positioned 12 Event Bar Q4s, which are ideal for projecting beams into the crowd and can also be used to pinspot the pedestal tables and sofas that surround the dance-floor. Utilizing bright 10W quad-color CREE LEDs, the Event Bar Q4s generate bold beams in smoothly-mixed colors, allowing Edson to create unique hues, without RGB shadowing, that can be tailored to the club.

Complementing the ADJ fixtures, Edson placed two Elation Rayzor Beam 2Rs in each corner, and, elsewhere, used ten Elation CUEPIX Panels, two Proton LED Strobes, two Opto Branch 4 DMX splitters, a MIDIcon DMX controller, and COMPU CUE (DMX control software).

So, by combining the distinctive architecture and décor of Club República with Edson’s skill as a lighting designer and our versatile lighting solutions, we helped a cool new club get off the ground and ensured pure lighting excitement for all of its future guests. Whether they’re getting into the groove on the dance-floor or sitting at the surrounding tables enjoying drinks, customers can enjoy an unbeatable atmosphere as our moving heads and spots provide enticing mid-air effects and bring colored lighting to seated areas.

The project at Club República was all about fostering new ideas, bringing them to life and discovering what can be achieved when unique architecture and the latest lighting technology work together… Viva la Revolution!


Lighting Designer – Edson Rivera (Adimsa)
Owners – Juan Cueto and Javier Díaz (CEO Fortuna Lab)
Venue Design – Filipao Nunes

ADJ/Elation Products:

30x ADJ Inno Color Beam Quad 7
12x ADJ Event Bar 
10x Elation CUEPIX Panel
8x Elation Rayzor Beam 2R 
2x Elation Proton LED Strobe 
1x Elation MIDIcon (DMX Controller)
2x Elation Opto Branch 4 (DMX Splitter) 
1x Elation COMPU CUE (DMX control software)

Club República Install Video #1:


Club República Install Video #2: