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Having worked his way up from the bottom of the ladder, Dutch LD Bas Kemper has established a solid reputation as a creative Lighting Designer specializing in dance festivals. He is responsible for the stage and lighting design at the annual Transmission event that takes place at the O2 Arena in Prague each fall – and has recently expanded to Australia and Thailand – while also working on a variety of other projects of varying sizes. His most recent assignment was designing and programming an epic lighting display for ADJ that stole the show at the recent Prolight + Sound trade show in Frankfurt, Germany.

Having gained 30 years of experience as a mobile DJ, since starting out as a teenager in the late eighties, Joe Bunn is a well-known and well-respected industry leader. He now owns and manages a successful multi-op DJ company, speaks at DJ conventions, writes articles for trade publications, and creates DJ training programs, but on almost every Saturday he can still be found MCing and DJing at a wedding party in his home state of North Carolina.

LA-based Randy Kort’s DJ career has already spanned more than twenty years. During that time, he has traveled around the world to perform in such far-flung places as London, Monte Carlo, South America, and the Bahamas. As well as playing high-profile gigs, including the Super Bowl and A-list celebrity parties, he’s also worked hard to build up a successful DJ and entertainment company, Extravaganza Party Productions, which serves a wide variety of parties and events each year.

Despite having only just celebrated his 25th birthday, English DJ Jack Wilson has already racked up over ten years of experience. Combining his love for music and interest in all forms of technology, Jack’s business Kent Discos not only provides DJ and Emcee services for parties and weddings, but also a wide variety of extras, including lighting, effects, and photography.

Growing up in a musical family, DJing came naturally to Martin Pilon. Having DJed during his school years, he took a break during college, but then started again when friends began to get married and asked him to perform at their weddings. As one booking led to another, Martin soon established MP Entertainment which is now a leading supplier of DJ services in Eastern Ontario, Canada.

At the age of just 26, DJ and business owner Josh Bennett is already a veteran of the industry. Part of the original YouTube DJ scene, Josh’s videos have clocked up hundreds of thousands of views and his account has 1500 subscribers. While contributing from the very start of his DJ career, Josh also soaked up the knowledge shared by other DJs on YouTube and soon became an experienced and successful club and mobile DJ. He now works full-time as a professional DJ, running his own multi-op company: Lake Erie Events.

Most DJs who have been in the game for a while have a rough idea of when they first started to spin, but few know the exact date. New York native Richard Rodriguez, however, clearly remembers his first gig, it was on July 102000. Better known as DJ Formula One, Rodriguez has since built a solid career as an open format DJ playing at clubs, boat parties, parades, wedding venues, pool parties and community events.

Fulltime mobile DJ Chris Loyd of Loyded Productions took an unusual route to get to his current position as a successful DJ in Music City, Nashville, TN. Starting out as a sports announcer and then spending time as a stand-up comedian, Chris discovered DJing by accident a little over a decade ago, but since then has excelled at what is clearly his true calling in life.

Californian DJ Lady Kate is a DJ, turntablist and producer who has spent many years honing her craft and paying her dues as a club and radio DJ. Now enjoying success producing electronic dance music that sits towards the heavier side of the genre, she regularly plays headlining sets at clubs and festivals across the USA and around the world, as well as holding the position of the official DJ of the Sacramento Kings NBA basketball team.

Having been a DJ for almost 20 years, Dallas-based entertainer DJ Magic Juan has built up a respected business serving the area’s Hispanic community. With a love for music that goes back to middle school and a passion for creative lighting that sets him apart from other local DJs, his story is both interesting and inspiring.

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