ADJ is pleased to announce the immediate availability of its new Hydro Wash X7 IP-rated moving head wash luminaire. This incredibly versatile 280W LED fixture packs a host of useful features into a shell that is both compact and extremely robust, making it ideal for one-off events and concert touring as well as permanent installation in large nightclubs and other entertainment venues.

The latest addition to ADJ’s ground-breaking Hydro Series of IP65-rated professional moving head fixtures, the Hydro Wash X7, harnesses the power of seven 40W Osram 4-in-1 (RGBW) LEDs. Each LED can be controlled independently, which allows for the creation of dazzling ‘eye candy’ visuals through full pixel-mapping. The unit also offers motorized zoom with a wide range of between 6 and 40-degrees. This makes the fixture equally suited to generating large washes of punchy saturated colors as it is to creating narrow solid beams ideal for impactful aerial effects.

ADJ Hydro Wash X7

With its IP65-rated casing, the fixture is designed for safe use outdoors in all weather conditions. Protected from rain, dust and dirt, it can be used reliably for events, concerts and productions anywhere from dusty deserts to rainy fields. However, it’s not only outdoors that the Hydro Wash X7 has the potential to shine. Used indoors its IP65-rated shell protects the fixture from dirt, dust, drinks and haze residue to prevent build-up on internal components and therefore offer a prolonged operational life and reduced maintenance requirement.

“The Hydro Series is really making waves in the industry,” explains ADJ USA’s National Sales Manager, Alfred Gonzales, “opening up the possibility of IP-rated moving head fixtures to a wide variety of production companies and installers. Not only are they ideal for festivals and other outdoor events, where the possibility of adverse weather is always a concern, but they also offer reduced maintenance requirements and increased reliability because their internal components are protected from dust, dirt and moisture. The new Hydro X7 wash unit is the perfect companion for our existing Hydro X1 and Hydro X2 beam fixtures, meaning that the series now offers a complete IP-rated moving head solution for concerts, festivals, events and nightclubs.”

ADJ Hydro Wash X7

With 16-bit fine motor control, the Hydro Beam X7 is capable of both extremely rapid motion and also impressively smooth slow movement. It features a tilt range of 255-degrees and pan range of 540-degrees, while also offering 16-bit fine dimming for precision control of output and slow fades in and out.

Fitted with an ADJ WiFLY receiver built-in, the fixture can be controlled via wireless DMX from a distance of up to 2,500ft / 700M (line of sight) as well as using a conventional 5-pin cabled connection. It offers three control modes: 15 and 17-channel options, that provide basic control over all the fixture’s functions, as well as a 41-channel mode, which offers full individual color mixing control of each LED pixel. It is also compatible with the RDM protocol, which allows remote addressing of the fixture from a RDM-compliant lighting control system.

On the front of the unit’s base is a large backlit display screen together with four corresponding touch control buttons. This interface allows easy and intuitive DMX addressing and mode selection, as well as configuration of the fixture’s various customizable operating parameters. These include a choice between six different dimming curves as well as variable LED refresh rate and adjustable Gamma settings to allow the fixture’s use in studio and other filming applications. The screen also displays useful operating information, including current running temperature, DMX address and DMX mode.

ADJ Hydro Wash X7

The rear of the unit’s base is home to locking power input and output connections as well as the 5-pin DMX sockets and a USB port for easy future firmware updates. All five are IP65-rated and fitted with protective rubber covers for when the socket is not in use. It is fitted with large rubber feet, which allow it to stand directly on a stage or riser, and is also supplied with an Omega bracket and safety chain attachment point to allow safe and secure rigging.

Despite its extremely powerful output, the Hydro Wash X7 has been designed to be as compact as possible. It has measurements of 11.89” x 10.17” x 18” / 302.5 x 258.3 x 457mm and is fitted with convenient handles on either side of its base unit, which make it easy to carry, lift and rig. Although it has an easily manageable weight of just 35 lbs. / 16kg, it also has an extremely robust all-metal construction that makes it ideal for rigorous touring and production rental environments.

ADJ Hydro Wash X7

“The Hydro Wash X7 is a truly versatile fixture,” enthuses ADJ Product Specialist, Jake Rhodes. “You could use it for everything from an outdoor event in the park for washing a stage to a professional-level concert tour for creating color washes and pixel-mapped eye candy effects. It is also equally suited to large club and event installs where you need a low maintenance fixture that can withstand the rigors of eight hours’ continuous usage a night, seven nights a week. The Hydro Wash X7 is a truly powerful IP65-rated compact workhorse wash light that is sure to exceed your expectations.”

The Hydro Wash X7 joins two additional IP65-rated moving heads that are already available as part of the Hydro Series. The Hydro Beam X1 is a compact beam fixture harnessing the power of a 100W Osram Sirius HRI discharge lamp, while the Hydro Beam X2 is a large beam unit that generates an incredibly intense shaft of light thanks to a combination of precision-engineered optics and a potent Osram Sirius HRI 370W LL discharge lamp. The Hydro Series is ground-breaking because it brings IP65-rated moving head fixtures within the reach of a huge number of lighting designers, production companies and installers working on projects with budgets that up until now would not have allowed for IP-rated fixtures.

The new Hydro Wash X7 is available now from ADJ subsidiaries, distributors and dealers worldwide.

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