At the 2019 LDI tradeshow in Las Vegas PLSN magazine presented ADJ with their prestigious Gold Star Product Award for ‘Best Range of Waterproof Fixtures’. PLSN’s publisher, Terry Lowe, visited the ADJ booth at the show to present the award, which acknowledges the ground-breaking nature of this exciting line-up of moving head luminaires, to ADJ’s National Sales Manager, Alfred Gonzales.

The Hydro Series is ADJ’s flagship IP65-rated moving head range, offering lighting professionals high quality, yet affordable, fixtures that are sealed from liquid, humidity, dust and dirt. The Hydro Series currently consists of four models, including the brand new Hydro Wash X19 that saw its official debut at LDI 2019.

Hydro Wash X19

A potent and punchy wash fixture, the Hydro Wash X19 is powered by 19 x Osram 40W 4-in-1 (RGBW) LEDs. It offers a wealth of features including motorized focus (6 ~ 40-degrees), 6 dimmer curve modes and gamma correction as well as fine pan, tilt and dimming control. Each LED can be controlled independently, which allows for the creation of dazzling ‘eye candy’ visuals through full pixel-mapping.

The flagship fixture of the series is the Hydro Beam X2, a large-scale and extremely powerful beam fixture designed for large outdoor applications. Thanks to a combination of precision-engineered optics and a potent Osram Sirius HRI 370W LL discharge lamp, the fixture generates an extremely powerful and razor-sharp beam that can be customized using a wide variety of beam manipulation tools to provide Lighting Designers with a high level of creative freedom. These include a wheel loaded with 10 vibrant colors plus two CTO filters, UV and a four-way split color; a separate wheel featuring 10 replaceable, rotating GOBOs; a frost filter; and two multi-faceted rotating prisms (one 6-facet and one 8-facet circular).

For applications where a smaller fixture that still packs a serious punch is required, the Hydro Beam X1 houses a 100W Osram Sirius HRI discharge lamp and a whole host of beam shaping tools in an extremely compact and agile enclosure. It has a dedicated color wheel that features twelve vibrant options as well as a CTB color correction filter and UV option. In addition, the unit has a separate GOBO wheel loaded with 11 metal patterns – all specifically designed for creating aerial effects – as well as 4 GOBO reducers allowing for extremely tight pinpoint beams. The fixture’s feature set is rounded out by a 16-facet rotating prism that allows the splitting of the beam into a circular pattern of multiple shafts of light for the creation of wider mid-air effects.

The final member of the series to date is the compact Hydro Wash X7. This incredibly versatile 280W LED fixture packs a host of useful features into a shell that is both compact and extremely robust, making it ideal for one-off events and concert touring as well as permanent installation in large nightclubs and other entertainment venues. Harnessing the power of seven independently controllable 40W Osram 4-in-1 (RGBW) LEDs and boasting a motorized zoom range of between 6 and 40-degrees as well as independent LED control, the unit is capable of generating tight beams, wide washes and eye-catching pixel-mapped effects.

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