The ADJ Focus Series has proved extremely popular since it was launched two years, offering lighting users a range of featured-packed moving head spot fixtures with extremely affordable price tags. That’s why we’re extremely excited to be able to introduce a new addition to the series – the Focus Spot 4Z – which inherits the affordability and flexibility of the other units in the range but with an increased output making it suitable for use in larger venues.

If you need a powerful, feature-rich moving head spot that offers fantastic value for money, the Focus Spot 4Z fits the bill perfectly. It harnesses the power of a potent 200W cool white LED engine that allows it to generate an impressive mid-air beam as well as create sharp and impactful GOBO projections. It is ideal for installation in medium-to-large nightclubs and other leisure venues as well as for portable use in event production. 

The Focus Spot 4Z is equipped with eight vibrant colors (plus white) loaded on one wheel alongside a separate GOBO wheel that features six rotating slots (plus open). These come pre-loaded with a varied selection of patterns, however these are interchangeable which means that custom GOBOs can easily be loaded for a particular installation or event.

As with all of the fixtures in the Focus Series, the 4Z model offers DMX-controlled motorized focus. This means that you can ensure that GOBO projections remain sharp regardless of the projection distance. In addition, the 4Z also offers a motorized zoom function that can be used to remotely alter the beam angle between 11 and 22-degrees. This means that you can use the fixture in rooms with low ceilings as well as in large spaces with plenty of clearance and still achieve perfectly-sized GOBO projections.

Adding to the creative potential of the Focus Spot 4Z, the fixture also boasts a pair of rotating multi-faceted prisms. The 5-facet Linear and 6-facet Circular options can be interchangeably applied with any of the GOBO patterns to create exciting mid-air effects and wide pattern projections that are ideal for adding interest to stage sets or the walls, ceiling and dancefloor of a venue.

Despite its powerful output and impressive feature set, the Focus Spot 4Z is a relatively compact fixture that measures 18” x 11” x 7.15” / 457 x 279 x 182mm (LxWxH). This means that it is ideal for use in venues with a low ceiling height or by mobile entertainers with limited transportation space. At 23 lbs. / 10 kg, it is also lightweight, making it easy and convenient to carry, lift and rig.

Thanks to its LED light-source, the Focus Spot 4Z requires far less power than a comparable fixture using a traditional lamp. This means that the power supply to multiple units can be connected together using the locking powerCON input and output sockets located on the rear panel, reducing cable runs and making for quicker and neater rig setups. The use of LED also significantly reduces the amount of excess heat generated by the fixture – helping to keep temperatures more comfortable for performers on stage – and means that lamp replacement is a thing of the past thanks to the LED’s 50,000 hour lifespan.

The fixture is supplied pre-programmed with a variety of exciting lightshows that can be set to run in a standalone mode across one or more fixtures (connected via XLR cable in a master/slave configuration). This makes them ideal for use in venues with no lighting operator or by mobile entertainers who want a simple to setup lightshow they can ‘set and forget’. However, full control of every aspect of the fixture’s operation is also possible using DMX, with a choice of channel modes available for selection.
A large backlit control panel on the front of the unit, sitting alongside six selection push buttons, provides an intuitive interface for mode selection and DMX addressing. A USB port is also included, which can be used to easily update the fixture’s firmware. Inside the box, the fixture includes an omega bracket to hang on truss with a clamp (sold separately), a 6 ft/3M powerCON power cable and a safety cable.

The new 4Z now sits at the top of the Focus Series, which also features three other models each offering advanced features including replaceable rotating GOBOs and motorized focus. The Focus Spot One is an extremely small, lightweight and affordable fixture powered by a 35W LED that is ideal for use by mobile entertainers and for small venue installations. The Focus Spot Two utilizes a 75W LED and offers extremely impressive output from a fixture that is also very compact. The Focus Spot One and Two models both also feature a built-in 3W UV LED and offer a unique EZ GOBO replacement design that allows the case to be opened with the removal of only a single screw. Finally, the Focus Spot Three Z incorporates a 100W LED light source and the added flexibility of motorized zoom that allows for a variable beam angle of between 12 and 18-degrees.

Taking the Focus Series to a new level in brightness, the Focus Spot 4Z offers a powerful output, exhaustive collection of professional features and an extremely competitive price point. Suitable for a wide range of applications – from concerts and dance clubs to houses of worship and corporate events – we’re sure you’ll love this flexible fixture if you’re looking for brightness, flexibility and unrivalled ‘bang for your buck’!

This fixture is avaialble in a black exterior housing (Focus Spot 4Z) and a white exterior housing (Focus Spot 4Z Pearl).

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