Boasting powerful COB LEDs, manual zoom and four GOBOs, the new Encore Profile 1000 WW and 1000 Color are versatile ellipsoidal units that let you bring professional pure lighting excitement to venues, churches, events and productions without breaking the bank!

Whether you’re the lighting designer for a church or theater, or an event organizer wanting to bring professional-quality lighting to the venues and space you work, ellipsoidal units are an effective way of doing so. But getting the quality you require without paying bloated prices can be tricky. Thanks to ADJ’s commitment to offering affordable but forward-thinking products, you may just find what you’re looking for with the new Encore Profile 1000 WW and Encore Profile 1000 Color.

The new Encore Profile 1000 WW is a professional ellipsoidal fixture that utilizes a 100W warm-white COB LED to offer you a high-power beam that can be used for everything from lighting performers on stage to projecting vivid GOBO patterns onto the walls, ceilings and floors of a venue.

Perfectly suited to a wide range of applications, including theater install, church service and event production, the Encore Profile 1000 WW boasts more than just a super-charged LED source, however. You’ll find that with four GOBOs, five dimmer modes and new levels of flexibility when it comes to controlling focus and beam angle, you can adapt the fixture to suit your needs, no matter what they are.

Whether you’re bringing spellbinding GOBO effects to your events or want to cast theater performers in luscious warm-white light, the manual focus and framing shutters give you a variety of options to work with. A key feature, the manually adjustable framing shutter lets you meld the beam into any four-sided shape you want, so you can match the light to fit specific areas – whether it’s a stage or dance-floor – for a sleeker, well-produced look.

Meanwhile, the variable beam angle means you can open the beam up, from 12-degrees to much wider 30-degrees, using the manual focus to ensure that any GOBO projections remain vivid and effective. Combined with the framing shutter, this provides you with new levels of versatility when it comes to creating pure lighting excitement for the venues, houses of worship, stages and dance-floors that you’re working with.

The features don’t stop there, though. Equipped with four GOBOs, you can produce different patterns and effects for your audiences, while strobing and 0-100% dimming mean that you can intensify the warm-white beams produced by the Encore Profile 1000 WW for maximum impact, and strobe them to create a high-energy atmosphere when required during performances, parties and events. Also, with five dimmer modes, the options for where and how you use the fixture really are endless.

Of course, while the swathes of warm-white light generated by the Encore Profile 1000 WW will work wonders for your lightshow, you may want to create similar effects but with the addition of color. Luckily, ADJ also offers you the Encore Profile 1000 Color, which is fitted with a powerful quad-color COB LED source and gives you 64 static colors to select from. This means you can create the same show-stopping displays but in a series of crisp, smoothly mixed colors, including hard-to-reach hues like amber, hot pink and purple.

Both the Encore Profile 1000 WW and Color also provide you with plenty of options when it comes to control. With four operating modes – Dimmer, Color Fade, Sound Active and DMX-Controlled – you can be as simple or complex with your programing as you want, whether it’s using the Color Fade mode to create mood lighting or using the 1-, 2- and 3-channel DMX settings to do something more creative. (For DMX-linking, ADJ has fitted the units with 3- and 5-pin connections.)

You can even operate the fixtures wirelessly using the separately UC IR remote or free to download Airstream IR app, the latter of which gives you the freedom and convenience to adjust settings and control effects from the screen of your iOS device! For event organizers and lighting designers, this means never being more than a click away from your lighting effects, but not having to be stuck on-stage or behind the lighting desk.

As always, the design of both Encore Profile 1000 models is such that you can conveniently incorporate them into your venue install or mobile setup, no matter how limited the space. Weighing in at 19 lbs. (8.5 kg.) and measuring 22 x 9.75 x 12.25in (560x250x385), you can transport, lift and position the Encore Profile 1000s with ease; while the included hanging bracket makes it easy to mount the units up high above the stage for when you want to create stunning performance lighting.

When you are using multiple Encore Profile 1000s, IEC in/out connections mean you can daisy-chain the power for as many as five units, while the PowerCon in/outs ensure a reliable connection that won’t let you down in the heat of the moment!

Adaptable, compact but most all forward-thinking, the new Encore Profile 1000 WW and Encore Profile 1000 Color are the perfect professional ellipsoidals for bringing spellbinding lighting to your events and productions, without blowing your budget.

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