Following the incredible success of our first LED video panel, the AV6, we are pleased to be able to introduce a new model to the ADJ range. The AV3 offers an increased pixel pitch for high resolution video playback, while retaining the same excellent value, build quality and reliability that have made the AV6 so popular.

By introducing the original AV6 last year, we disrupted the Audio/Visual world. While offering impressive brightness and excellent image, the AV6 also boasted an unprecedented low price, which meant that large-scale LED screens became affordable for a whole range of applications where previously they would have been over budget. The AV6 opened up the world of LED video to smaller production companies, churches, clubs and mobile entertainers, to name just a few.

Now, with the introduction of the AV3, we’re bringing down the price of high resolution LED video. Offering a denser pixel pitch of 3.91mm (0.25”) - compared to 6mm on the AV6 - this new LED video panel inherits many of the popular traits of the original model but allows a shorter effective viewing distance. With impressive brightness of 1000 NITs and a wide viewing angle of 120-degrees, both horizontally and vertically, the AV3 is ideal for fixed installations and as well as one-off events and tours.

Featuring bright 3-in-1 SMD2121 LEDs, each panel has a pixel density of 128 x 128, which is equivalent to 65,536 per square meter. This makes for a minimum viewing distance of 13ft (4m), compared to the original AV6’s 20ft (6m). Therefore, the AV3 is suited to applications where the audience will likely view the panels from a closer distance, for example in a nightclub or bar.

Just like the AV6, each AV3 panel is divided down into four mini modular panels, which allows for easy serviceability. This means that in the unlikely event that a pixel fault should occur only one of the four mini modules needs to be replaced and returned for repair, not the whole panel. The AV3 is also fitted with a useful new feature, a retractable handle, which makes carrying panels easier both for installers and touring road crew.

Any number of AV3 panels can be linked together to provide continuous video displays of any size and shape. As with the AV6, quick locking connectors on the top edge and left side of each panel easily secure to the matching holes on the bottom and right side of adjacent panels, allowing multiple AV3s to be joined together quickly and easily. Mounting points at each corner of the panels then allow for permanent installation, while the separately-sold AV3RB1 Rigging Bar can be easily connected to the top row of panels on a screen to allow it to be hung from event rigging. The AV3RB1 has a maximum load capacity of 15 panels in a single vertical hang, allowing for the creation of huge video screens!

With a maximum power consumption of 170W per panel and an average consumption of 70W per panel, the AV3 is economical to run when compared with other LED video systems. Each panel is fitted with a professional PowerCon input and output socket allowing the power supply for multiple panels to be linked together. Locking EtherCon input and output sockets are also provided for each panel, allowing the signal data to also daisy-chain across each panel that makes up a larger screen.

A Novastar receiving card fitted into each panel handles the processing of the incoming video data. A choice of two Novastar processors are then available, sold separately, which allow a standard video signal to be scaled across any configuration of AV3 panels and transmitted to the screens via Ethernet. The compact Novastar MCRL300 features a DVI video input and offers two RJ45 outputs capable of driving up to 1.3 million pixels (up to 79 AV3 panels). Alternatively, the larger Novastar VX4S features DVI, VGA, HDMI, DisplayPort, CVBS and SDI video inputs, alongside four RJ45 outputs offering the flexibility to drive up to 2.6 million pixels (up to 158 AV3 panels).

Each panel measures 19.75” x 19.75 (500 x 500mm) and is just 4” (100mm) deep. These compact measurements make the AV3 ideal both for permanent installations, with minimal space required behind the LED screen, and for touring applications, with multiple fixtures fitting into a single road case. The panels are also lightweight, each weighing 20lbs. (9kg), which again is beneficial for mounting as well as storage and transportation.

To make it easy to take an AV3 system out on the road, we’re also launching a brand new road case specifically designed to store, transport and protect AV3 panels. The heavy-duty AV3FC road case is constructed from 9mm plywood, reinforced with steel ball corners, and fitted with four carry handles and four swivel castors. Inside, the case is divided up into eight sections, each lined with foam and designed specifically to accommodate an AV3 panel.

As you would expect of a panel offering much higher resolution video, the AV3 is more expensive than the original AV6. However, with a retail price of just $1399.99, it offers incredible value for a screen with such a high pixel density.

The new ADJ AV3 will be available in the US in December and throughout the rest of the world soon after.

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