Here at ADJ, we’re always looking to come up with original ideas for helping you to create pure lighting excitement, and that’s certainly what we’ve achieved with the new 3D Vision. This distinctive hexagonal-shaped LED panel is divided into three separate sections in a way that gives it a unique three-dimensional appearance. When linked together in multiples, these panels can be used to create impressive eye candy effects perfect for DJ façades, stage sets, leisure venue installations and many other applications.

Measuring 15.8” x 15.8” (400mm x 400mm), the face of each 3D Vision panel is covered with a frosted white acrylic panel which diffuses the light from the 72 3-in-1 RGB LEDs beneath. This creates an even spread of light within each of the three sections and gives the 3D vision a wide 180-degree viewing angle.

Thanks to the 3D Vision’s modular design, panels can be used in isolation or linked together at any of their six sides. This means that large 3D-effect LED surfaces can be created in unlimited shapes and configurations. For example, you could use a single line of panels attached to the front of a truss pillar to spice up a stage set, while a matrix of panels could be used to create an impressive backdrop.

Individual panels fix together simply, thanks to an easy to use quick-release panel locking system. 3D Vision PL panel locks are sold separately and each one allows two panels to lock together on any of their sides. For rigging, individual panels – or multiples connected together – can also be attached to truss or 2-inch pipe using Pro Clamps attached to the M10 screw thread pre-drilled in the back of each unit. Alternatively, a dedicated 3D Vision Rigging Bar is also available (again, sold separately) which attaches to the top of a line of 3D Vision panels, allowing them to hang vertically from a truss. Each panel is also supplied with an eyelet for use with a safety wire for added security when the fixtures are rigged overhead.

Due to their relatively low price, the 3D Vision panels are an ideal way to cover a large area with pixel-mappable LED-lit sections. This makes them ideal if you’re looking for distinctive effects to liven up a wall, bar, DJ booth, or any other area, when carrying out a nightclub, lounge, bar or entertainment center install. Likewise, thanks to their quick-locking mechanism, the 3D Vision panels are also ideal for adding interest to stage sets for festivals, concert tours, conferences or church productions, as they can easily be separated back to individual panels for storage and transportation.

Each section of the 3D Vision can be independently controlled, with full RGB color mixing, which means that impressive chase and animation effects can be created on a single panel or running across multiple fixtures. The unit is compatible with EZ Kling for Artnet or KlingNet low-res video playback across multiple panels. It can also be controlled via standard DMX, using the ACRJ453PFM RJ45 to 3-pin XLR DMX adaptor (sold separately). A 3D Vision Encoder is also necessary to set the DMX address of each 3D Vision panel. The Encoder too is sold separately, although only one of these devices is required in order to address any number of 3D Vision panels.

With a depth of just 2.7” (68mm) the 3D Vision can be installed into tight spaces and is also easy to transport as part of a mobile light show. Setup is made easy by the location of the input connections – locking Ethercon for data and PowerCon for mains supply – on one side of the unit and corresponding output sockets on the other side. This means that multiple panels can easily be linked together to run from a single power supply and control signal.

Thanks to the use of energy-efficient LEDs, the unit also has a low power draw of just 13W. This means that a large system, comprising multiple panels, can run from a single standard power outlet. The 3D Vision’s LEDs have a working lifespan of approximately 50,000 hours, meaning that if you invest in this cutting-edge effect you can be assured that it will keep on wowing audiences for many years to come.

Whether you are a mobile entertainer looking to create an awe-inspiring DJ façade, a lighting designer working on touring productions with wow-factor or an installer in search of cutting-edge products to make a bar or club stand out from its competitors, the 3D Vision is an affordable but effective eye candy creator!

The 3D Vision is available now from ADJ USA and available in October from ADJ Europe.

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