Jaunary 2018

Since the very earliest days of theatrical lighting, it has been the accepted standard for fixtures to have black enclosures. In a darkened theatre auditorium, this allowed lights to blend into the gloom and ensure that an audiences’ attention was fully focused on the stage. However, at ADJ we’re not afraid to break from the expected norms and in many modern applications lighting fixtures are now required to take centerstage instead of blending in to the background, which was the inspiration behind our Pearl range.

ADJ’s Pearl fixtures – such as the Focus Spot Three Z Pearl moving head and 5P Hex Pearl LED Par – are alternative versions of our most successful products that are exactly the same as the originals but with their outer cases replaced with a sleek white shell in place of the usual matt black. Instead of fading into the background, Pearl fixtures are designed to stand out and create a bold statement.

Ideal for bars, lounges and clubs, Pearl fixtures not only offer impressive lighting effects but can themselves be integrated into the aesthetics of a venue. Their distinctive white cases stand out in dark spaces, making the units part of the show as well as the lighting effects which they generate. This gives a new creative option to lighting designers and installers working in all sizes of venue, especially those with modern white interior designs.

Pearl fixtures are also ideal for use in churches and other houses of worship. Unlike theatres and nightclubs, church sanctuaries tend to be decorated in white, cream or another light color, which means that traditional black fixtures can stick out like a sore thumb rather than blending in as they do in a dark venue. Pearl fixtures, on the other hand, fit in aesthetically whether mounted to the walls or ceiling of a sanctuary, or integrated into a stage set.

If you are a mobile entertainer, using Pearl fixtures is a great way to make your rig stand out from the competition and also blend in with venue décor, especially if you regularly provide your services for weddings and other up-market events. By combining Pearl lighting fixtures with powder-coated Global Trussing it is possible to create a fully white mobile lighting rig that is sure to appeal to aesthetically-minded brides when planning their big day. What’s more, white fixtures are also ideal for themed events, such as holiday parties, as well as for integrating into concert and festival stage sets.

As the ADJ lighting range continues to expand, we will keep introducing new Pearl models suitable for all sizes of venue. For example, we’ve just launch the Pocket Pro Pearl, a white-cased version of our marketing-leading mini moving head. Powered by a 25-Watt LED light-source and offering advanced features, including replaceable GOBOs, the Pocket Pro Pearl is a small but mighty fixture that is ideal for use by mobile entertainers as well as for installation in smaller entertainment venues and churches.

Our popular Element Series of battery-powered, WiFLY DMX enabled LED up-lighters is also about to be extended with a new Pearl model. The Element HEXIP Pearl is an all-white portable up-lighting fixture powered by four 10W 6-in-1 RGBAW+UV LEDs. It features inbuilt feet as well as a variable angle kickstand to allow quick setup and offers an IP54 outdoor rating. This means that it can be used absolutely anywhere colored up-lighting is required: indoors or out.

There are still plenty of situations where subtle black fixtures are the most appropriate choice, but – thanks to ADJ’s Pearl models – you now have the option of eye-catching white-cased lights if required. Whether you need LED pars or fully-featured moving heads, the ADJ range has an all-white Pearl fixture to meet your specific needs.

Alfred Gonzales is the National Sales Manager for ADJ USA


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