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ADJ will once again be exhibiting at this year’s Nightclub & Bar trade show that will take place at the Las Vegas Convention Center, March 26 thru 28.

With the annual Nightclub & Bar trade show in Las Vegas coming up in March, I’ve been thinking a lot recently about lighting for nightclubs and lounges. In particular, how moving heads can be used to create a wide variety of effects in venues of all shapes and sizes. Moving heads really are the powerhouse of the modern lighting rig, but choosing the right fixture for a particular size of space, type of venue and desired look is immensely important. So, for this month’s Ask Alfred, I thought I’d take you on a tour through some of the key models in the ADJ moving head range pointing out their key features as well as discussing which types of venue they are most likely to be best-suited.

Aerial Nightclub, installing 60+ ADJ fixtures, is one of the newest additions to the Los Angeles late night scene. It has a capacity of 500 with an outdoor patio that provides spectacular views of the Downtown LA skyline.

The children’s ministry at Bayside Community Church has its own dedicated space on the church campus. Crown Design Group installed a host of ADJ fixtures to give the kids a fun, friendly environment to worship.

Christien Methot of Design One Lighting Design provided the lighting for the MONSE fashion show using 36 ADJ Inno Color Beam Z19 moving head wash fixtures.

Don’t Let Daddy Know, an international touring dance music event, hosted a sellout 10,000-capacity event in the UK featuring an epic video and lighting rig comprised solely of ADJ and Elation Professional fixtures.

Since the very earliest days of theatrical lighting, it has been the accepted standard for fixtures to have black enclosures. In a darkened theatre auditorium, this allowed lights to blend into the gloom and ensure that an audiences’ attention was fully focused on the stage. However, at ADJ we’re not afraid to break from the expected norms and in many modern applications lighting fixtures are now required to take centerstage instead of blending in to the background, which was the inspiration behind our Pearl range.

UK Events Group used 184 of ADJ’s new AV4IP LED video panels to create an incredible display that completely transformed Union 22's façade and became a major talking point for city shoppers throughout the holiday season.

Bringing together professional bowlers from across the world, the 9th annual PBA World Series of Bowling recently took place at the National Bowling Stadium in Reno, NV. The 13-day event culminated in finals taped by ESPN that played out in front of impressive video walls constructed from ADJ AV Series LED panels.

At trade shows, when I speak with audio professionals from equipment rental houses and production companies, as well as DJs and musicians, they are often surprised by the diversity of the American Audio speaker range. So, I thought that I’d dedicate this month’s ‘Tom’s Talking’ to breaking down our product line-up to show how American Audio has your speaker needs covered, no matter the application.

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