The Can Can Room has been part of the Las Vegas nightlife scene for over 30 years, but recently came under new management who invested in bringing the club up to date. As part of the complete remodeling of the venue, a new lighting system was installed, exclusively featuring ADJ fixtures, giving the historic club a new lease of life.

When the new management took over Las Vegas’ historic Can Can Room, they knew that to maintain the venue’s position in the city’s competitive late-night scene a complete renovation of the interior was required. During a 100-day period, the inside of the club was completely gutted and replaced with a sleek new interior design, fresh furniture and an up-to-date sound and lighting system.

For the latter, TKO Sound & Lighting were brought in, who in turn reached out to Vegas-based designer and programmer Neil Kull for the lighting part of the installation. Having talked to the clients and carried out a site visit to view the space, Neil soon formulated a vision for the project. “The aim was to make it look nice and silky and sexy,” he explains. “But we also wanted to achieve a more sculpted and high-tech feel than other similar venues in town, which just have a bunch of lights blinking everywhere.”

As the venue is relatively small, and the budget was fairly modest, Neil had to think carefully about the most appropriate fixtures to use in order to achieve the right look. His starting point was the ADJ catalog, and it wasn’t long before ADJ’s Dotz Pars were chosen to provide illumination for the club’s large stage. A total of 15 of the 36-Watt RGB COB (Chip On Board) Dotz Pars were installed to light the stage and add rich color chasing effects into the room.

“There’s a really neat curved stage,” enthused Neil, “with a matching lip running around the ceiling, which reminded me of an old vaudeville theater. As soon as I saw it, I thought it’d be great to put a load of Dotz Pars evenly-spaced, sweeping around it. I love the Dotz Pars because of the single chip LED, they are also nice and compact and have a lovely wide beam and really even coverage, which was perfect for this project.”
Initially the intention for the venue’s lighting system was only to install the Dotz Pars, but then the client asked about adding a little more, mentioning mirror balls to achieve beam effects in the room itself. Neil instantly thought of ADJ’s Quad Phase HP - and its powerful six lens, quad color, multi-beam moonflower effect – as a way of catching his client’s vision but then taking it to another level.

“I’d used ADJ Quad Phase HPs before and love them,” explained Neil, “I thought that they’d give the Can Can Room a futuristic mirrorball effect, with them spread around the room, and it really worked very well. Instead of needing to install spotlights and mirrorballs, each Quad Phase is essentially a multi-colored beam and mirrorball all in one!”

On a night-to-night basis the lighting system in the Can Can Room is operated by the DJ, so Neil setup a touch screen lighting controller to make its operation as simple as possible. The DJ can select between slow, medium and fast programs as well as a variety of color options. These colors are predominately generated from the Quad Phase HPs, with colored beams shooting out from above the stage. Neil then setup the Dotz Pars to compliment these colors, while always maintain lush warm color tones to highlight the performers on stage.

A combination of the sleek new interior, quality sound system and elegant furniture has completely transformed the Can Can Room, but it’s the lighting that really lifts it up to a new level. The discreet, yet effective, system that Neil specified not only enhances the on-stage performances but also creates real atmosphere in the room, much to the satisfaction of both the venue’s management and regular patrons. Summing up the project, and his decision to use all ADJ fixtures, Neil said, “They’re reliable, they work great and they look great… I love them!”

Following the refurbishment and thanks, in part, to the atmospheric new ADJ lighting system, the Can Can Room is now ready for its next 30 years in business!

Venue: Can Can Room, 3155 S Industrial Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89109

Lighting Designer, Programmer & Photographer: Neil Kull

Sound & Lighting Installer: TKO Sound & Lighting

ADJ Dealers: Guitar Center and Musician’s Friend

ADJ Gear List: 15 x ADJ Dotz Pars; 8 x ADJ Quad Phase HP