Filling a room or stage with a mass of glistening bubbles is a classic effect that works well for all kinds of parties, events, concerts, and productions. From kids’ birthdays to teen dances, weddings to family reunions, clubs to live performances, bubbles can add excitement to any event. Let’s face it, who doesn’t love dancing in a room full of bubbles? From children to grown-ups, everyone enjoys popping – or trying to catch – those fun little spheres!

Bubble machines have been a part of the ADJ product range for many years and the original Bubbletron has become well-established as a bestseller. However, if you want to generate a vast amount of bubbles very quickly, you need an extra-large machine and that’s what is on offer from the brand new Bubbletron XL.

Sporting a sleek and durable plastic casing, the Bubbletron XL features twin rear-mounted fans to allow it to blast out hundreds of perfectly formed bubbles every minute. Its design incorporates an angled chute, from which the bubbles are projected, and its fans spin with high velocity causing them to rise quickly into the air. Every aspect of this powerful machine has been carefully designed to allow it to create a huge amount of bubbles and project them high up into the air. Within seconds of switching on, the air above the unit will be thick with bubbles; within minutes, even a large room will be completely filled.

Easy to use, the Bubbletron XL is fitted with a power switch on its rear panel and is also supplied with a simple on/off cabled remote control for activating the bubble effect. This remote is fitted with a 9-foot (3M) cable and attaches to the unit via a socket on the rear panel. However, if you want to be able to control the machine from further away, a wireless remote kit (BUBXL-WR) is also available (sold separately). This includes a wireless receiver, with a short cord that plugs into the socket on the rear of the machine, together with a compact wireless control supplied on a handy key chain.

Measuring 14” x 10.5” x 11” / 359 x 266 x 278mm (L x W x H) and weighing just 9 lbs. / 3.7kgs, the Bubbletron XL is an easily portable machine. It’s integrated handle also makes it easy to carry, while it’s EZ-Access 2 Liter front fluid tank means that it is easy to fill ahead of each show or event. Compatible with most types of bubble liquid, the unit has a fluid consumption rate of 40ml per minute. This means that it can run continuously for approximately 50 minutes from a single tank of fluid; that’s a heck of a lot of bubbles!

If you want a compact bubble machine that creates a great effect, the original Bubbletron is still available. However, if you have a large venue to fill with bubbles, or want to create a large flurry of bubbles very quickly, the Bubbletron XL is the unit for you.

The Bubbletron XL is available now from ADJ USA; mid March from ADJ Europe.

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