ADJ is pleased to release the latest additions to its affordable Startec Series of effect lighting fixtures, the Boom Box FX 1 and Boom Box FX2. Each offering four separate effects from one compact housing, these innovative fixtures have been designed to make life easier for lighting users and installers as just one unit is required to fill a large area with a variety of distinctly-different impactful effects.

The Boom Box FX1 features a party dome moonflower effect that projects countless beams of shimming, swaying, and spinning light from 6 x 3W LEDs (1 red, 1 green, 1 blue, 1 white, 1 amber, and 1 UV). This unique Perspex dome, which protrudes from the front of the unit’s casing, has a myriad of facets which each project a beam of light from the fixture’s collection of potent LEDs in a different direction. The circular arrangement of these facets means that the projected beams are grouped into a collection of concentric circles, which are caused to spin by the movement of the LEDs within the unit. What’s more, as the LEDs are offset inside the fixture, each one creates a separate beam through each facet of the dome. This means that when all the LEDs are illuminated a huge number of beams are generated, creating a mesmerizing effect.

The Boom Box FX2, meanwhile, features a GOBO moonflower in place of the FX1 model’s party dome. Powered by 8 x 3W LEDs (2 red, 2 green, 2 blue, and 2 white) this eye-catching effect is perfect for adding interest to a dancefloor. The light from each LED is projected through a different detailed GOBO pattern which both spin around and sweep in and out to create an impressively dynamic lighting effect.

Both Boom Box fixtures also incorporate eight wash LEDs, a Galaxian-style cluster laser, and an LED-powered derby beam effect. The wash LEDs are each rated at 1W (2 red, 2 green, 2 blue, and 2 amber) and are arranged in a circular pattern around the laser aperture. The laser effect utilizes both red and green diodes which are used to create a variety of pre-programmed shapes. A diffraction grating then splits the laser beams up to create an array of replicated patterns that will fill a large area of wall, floor, or ceiling. Finally, the Mini Dekker-style derby beam effect makes use of 2 x 10W quad (RGBW) LEDs to project countless fast-moving beams of colored light.

This combination of wash, beam, and laser effects – offered by both of the Boom Box FX fixtures – makes for an impressive room-filling lightshow. Ideal for use by mobile entertainers, as well as for installation in bars and smaller clubs, each unit is capable of filling a large area with vibrant color, energetic beams, and mesmerizing laser patterns.

Both of the Box Boom FX models are housed in the same distinctive casing which measures 9” x 25”x 12.5” / 232 x 634 x 319mm (L x W x H) and weighs just 15.5lbs. / 7 kg, meaning the fixtures are easy to store, transport, and rig. The in-built hanging bracket can be used to permanently install each fixture in a bar, club, or other leisure venue, and can also be used to attach them to trussing or tripod stands for mobile applications.

Requiring no duty cycle, the Boom Box FX units can run continuously for as long as required. They feature pre-programmed shows that allow for simple ‘plug-and-play’ operation, while ADJ’s UC IR Remote Control (sold separately) can also be used for basic control. This offers blackout, strobing, pre-programmed show selection, and sound mode activation of one or more Boom Boxes, while the fixtures are also compatible with ADJ’s Airstream IR tablet/smartphone remote control solution.

For more exacting control, or for integration into a larger lighting system, both Boom Boxes are also compatible with DMX. A choice between a basic 3-channel and advanced 21-channel DMX mode is offered on both models, with the latter providing full individual control over all of the colors and features for the unit’s four separate effects.

“Here at ADJ we are committed to making the lives of lighting users and installers easier,” enthused ADJ USA’s National Sales Manager, Alfred Gonzales. “For mobile DJs and entertainers, who must setup and dismantle their lighting rig for every show, any reduction in setup time is a real advantage. The same is true for lighting installers working in leisure venues, who have to run power cords and position rigging points for every fixture. That was the inspiration behind the latest new additions to ADJ’s Startec series, the Boom Box FX1 and Boom Box FX2. These compact fixtures each unite four different lighting effects into one single compact case allowing a varied and impressive lightshow to be created using just a single unit.”

Combining wide-reaching washes, impactful beams, and eye-catching lasers effects, the StarTec Boom Box FX1 and Boom Box FX2 both offer a room-filling lightshow from a single compact fixture. The choice between the energetic beam effect created by the FX1’s party dome or the sweeping GOBO effect offered by the FX2 is down to the user. Of course they could also choose both, linking together a pair of the fixtures in a Master/Slave configuration for an unbeatable party-starting lightshow.

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