Blood Manor is New York’s premier haunted attraction, which opens its doors each Halloween season to offer locals and tourist alike a frighteningly-good night out. In addition to their flagship Manhattan location, for 2017 the brand expanded to also host Blood Manor Presents Crypts of the Coliseum at the Nassau Coliseum on Long Island using over 100 ADJ lighting fixtures to create a truly hair-raising atmosphere.

Designed to be the tri-state area’s most intense, creepy and ‘scream-inducing’ haunted house attraction, the original Blood Manor runs each October at 163 Varick Street in the heart of NYC’s Hudson Square district. It features 5,000 square feet of themed rooms, corridors and a labyrinth of passageways designed to maximize one’s fear. Having proved so successful in past years, for 2017 Blood Manor’s creators decided to build a duplicate of the attraction that could be transported to an external venue and quickly setup to provide the same blood-curdling experience.

Based in Lower Manhattan, Canal Sound & Light has provided lighting and effects equipment to Blood Manor for a number of years. Therefore, it was natural for the team to reach out to Canal’s Jeffrey Kwan when they were putting together the portable version of their scare-filled attraction. On his advice they went ahead and purchased over 100 ADJ lighting fixtures that were used to bring the attraction to life with atmospheric colors and eerie effects.

“They needed a fixture that was flexible,” explained Jeffrey Kwan, owner of Canal Sound & Light. “Each room is different, and had different lighting requirements. For some areas they wanted a red light, or a blue, and for some areas they wanted UV. So rather than specifying different lights for different purposes, we recommended the 5P HEX which could be used in all of the different situations. It’s a very versatile fixture.”

Featuring five powerful 10-Watt 6-in-1 LEDs, the 5P HEX was able to generate all of the different looks required by the Blood Manor team. Stark red washes to highlight fake blood, subtle blue swathes of light to create a sense of foreboding and UV glows to bring fluorescent signs to life were all delivered from this versatile fixture. The units’ flexible mounting brackets and intelligent sit-flat design also meant that they could easily be mounted onto scenery for down-lighting or positioned below props for up-lighting as required.

For the attraction’s large entrance and line area, a more powerful wash fixture was required. Canal Sound & Light provided ten of ADJ’s potent 12P HEX LED Pars which were able to fill the space with ominous red light to set the tone as guests arrived for their Blood Manor experience. Intense strobe effects were also called for and it was ADJ’s Lightning COB Cannon fixtures that Jeffrey recommended for this purpose. With a potent 100-Watt Chip On Board LED light-source, this unique fixture allowed blood manor to create impressive lightning effects but also minimize the required power supply.

In addition to wash lighting effects in various colors, for certain scenes within the Blood Manor attraction tighter beams of light were required. For this Jeffrey specified ADJ’s compact Saber Spot RGBW fixture, which combines a 15-Watt 4-in-1 LED light-source with a razor-sharp beam angle of 4-degrees to allow light to be directed exactly where it is needed to highlight specific props and scenic elements.

Because the Crypts of the Coliseum attraction had to be setup quickly, the Blood Manor team pre-wired the lighting equipment for each scene in advance. Then, to ensure a fast and easy installation on site – and also to minimize the number of cables needed – each scene was fitted with an ADJ WiFLY EXR Battery wireless DMX transceiver unit, which meant that control signals could be sent to each room within the attraction without the need for connecting cables.

Finally, no haunted house would be complete without spooky sound effects, and for the Crypts of the Coliseum attraction audio was required in certain areas where running power cords would be impractical. The solution offered by Canal Sound & Light was American Audio’s compact and battery-powered ELS-GO-8BT speakers. Each featuring a in-built media player with USB / Memory Card slot, these truly portable speakers allowed playback of sound effects without the need for any additional equipment or the connection of a single cable.

Thanks to the technical advice of Jeffrey and the team at Canal Sound & Light, together with the latest lighting and audio technology from ADJ and American Audio, Blood Manor were able to effectively re-create their scary attraction in a portable modular form. This meant more New Yorkers were able to enjoy a scream-filled night out this Halloween and that Blood Manor’s organizers now have a template that can potentially be rolled out to other venues in future years.


Blood Manor Presents Crypts of the Coliseum

Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum, 1255 Hempstead Turnpike, Uniondale, NY 11553


Equipment Supplier:

Canal Sound & Light
319 Canal St, New York, NY 10013

Gear List:
65 x ADJ 5P HEX

10 x ADJ 12P HEX

15 x ADJ Saber Spot RGBW

4 x ADJ Lightning COB Cannon

12 x ADJ WiFLY EXR Battery

100 x Accu-Cable AC3PDMX15

3 x American Audio ELS-GO-8BT