If you’re a DJ or audio engineer, a reliable pair of headphones is one of the essential tools of your trade. Accurate audio reproduction is a given, but you’ll also want headphones that are loud enough to overcome the music playing from your main PA and that are comfortable to wear for prolonged periods of time. American Audio’s new BL-40 and BL-60 headphones have been carefully designed to tick all these boxes, while also offering strikingly-stylish designs.

The BL-40 model features a sleek fixed cup, closed back design that makes for a comfortable fit, even across long periods of use. It incorporates an adjustable headband that also folds for easy storage in the supplied carrying bag. It is fitted with plush on-ear cushions that help to block out ambient noise while further adding to the comfort of the fit.

With a distinctive smooth black and grey design, together with precision-engineered audio components, the BL-40 headphones look as good as they sound. They are also flexible, supplied with a choice of two detachable cables – a 9ft. (3M) coiled variety as well as a 3ft. (1M) straight option fitted with an in-line mic and volume control – as well as a ¼” jack plug adaptor.

The premium BL-60 model, meanwhile, sports a stylish all-black design with a textured fabric headband. It too features padded ear cups but, in this case, they are attached to articulated swivel mechanisms that allow for flexible positioning including quick single-ear ‘on the shoulder’ monitoring. Loud and punchy sound reproduction is what make these headphones ideal for live audio monitoring and DJ cuing, although they can also be used in any situation where you need the extra volume but still want clean clear highs and tight bass response.

The BL-60’s headband is also adjustable, meaning that it is easy to achieve a comfortable fit, while it can fold down for easy transportation in the supplied carry pouch. It is supplied, as standard, with three separate detachable cables – 3ft. (1M) straight as well as both coiled and straight 9ft. (3M) options – together with a 1/4” jack plug adaptor.

Both sets of headphones feature 40mm drivers with an impedance of 32 ohms and a 10Hz – 22KHz frequency response for full, rich, and detailed sound reproduction. The BL-60s have a sensitivity rating of 102dB, while the BL-40s are rated at 104dB. Both models are also lightweight, approximately 195g, further enhancing their comfort when used for prolonged periods of listening.

Offering crystal-clear audio reproduction and two strikingly-different, but equally comfortable, designs, the BL series offers great value for money. If you’re looking for a new pair of headphones for DJing, audio engineering, or simply to give you a premium listening experience when playing your favourite music at home or while travelling, look no further than the American Audio BL-40s or BL-60s.

To learn more about the BL-40 Headphones, visit: http://www.adj.com/bl-40
To learn more about the BL-60 Headphones, visit: http://www.adj.com/bl-60

The BL-60 and BL-40 are available now from American Audio USA; late March from American Audio Europe.