LA’s famous club discovers the advantages of 360-degree technology as Richie Worboys picks ADJ.

LA’s historic Avalon Hollywood club has taken delivery of the first batch of ADJ’s ground-breaking new 3 Sixty 2R dual moving head fixtures, pushing the club’s already sterling reputation for quality lighting to dizzy new heights and kicking off the 3 Sixty revolution that is set to explode across the world’s best clubs.

After Richie Worboys, house lighting designer of Avalon Hollywood, saw our 3 Sixty 2R in action at LDI 2013 in Las Vegas he envisioned the fixture as a key element of a new lighting set-up for Avalon Hollywood. “I wanted an exciting fixture with dynamic strength, and with its continuous pan/tilt feature and two beams from one source, the 3 Sixty 2R provided an exciting new way of programming,” Richie says. “I like to use two fixtures in close-proximity in my designs, so having two beams from one source solved lots of problems for me!”

Using the 3 Sixty 2R met many of Richie’s general lighting needs, but it also solved a very specific problem he was facing with the lighting set-up at Avalon Hollywood. “I’ve struggled in the past to install beam fixtures in the middle of the room, but the 3 Sixty 2R works well in that position; it’s a big venue with massively high ceilings, but the 3 Sixty 2R really fills the ‘hole’ in the center of the club, acting as a moving head and a centerpiece at the same time,” Richie elaborates. “It’s like ADJ designed the light specifically to solve that problem for me, it fits into the set-up perfectly.”

Of course, we love to pack our fixtures with loads of great features and the 3 Sixty 2R is no different. Each of the unit’s dual heads offers 13 colors + white, 14 rotating gobos + spot, an 8-facet prism and a frost filter for wash effects. Continuous 360-degree rotation for panning and independent 360-degree rotation for tilting of each head allow for incredible effects to be programmed. “When they were first delivered I went on a 30 minute journey just trying different things – half an hour with just those lights,” Richie explains. “I found that because I could use the indexing feature to set the tilt for each head independently and then spin the base unit I could create invigorating, even perplexing, effects. By positioning the two beams 45-degrees apart and spinning the base I can shoot beams all over the room – which looks awesome with white strobing. However, setting the beams 90-degrees apart creates a totally different, but equally impressive, effect – people get vertigo just watching them!”

After install, Richie also discovered an extra cool surprise effect. “What I like most – and I didn’t find this out until install – is the two beams, set 180-degrees apart, create a super-impressive lightsaber effect,” Richie enthuses. “The programming possibilities are endless; I can create loads of mesmerizing effects, taking things into a whole new dimension.”

With its 6,000 hour lamp life and low 135W power consumption, the 3 Sixty 2R fits in perfectly with Avalon Hollywood’s long opening hours – 9.30pm to 7.30am. However, thanks to its innovative Philips Platinum 2R lamp (which was co-engineered by ADJ) the fixture boasts a powerful output comparable to a 250W discharge fixture. The unit’s independently moving heads, continuous 360-degree rotation and host of features satisfied Richie’s need to keep customers energized with a fresh and exciting lightshow. “The unique effects have really given a fresh new look to our world-class nightclub,” Richie explains. “The 3 Sixty 2R compliments the other lights in the club but also works well as a solo feature – people are fixated!”

For these reasons, both the management at Avalon Hollywood and the club goers who visit the venue have shown positive reactions to this revolutionary new set-up. “The management are thrilled with them; they keep asking me when we’ll be getting more!” says Richie. The reaction from clubbers has been excitable too and the 3 Sixty 2R has certainly made an impact on the dance-floor atmosphere. “Club-goers are in a trance,” Richie tells us. “It’s taken the club into a new stratosphere – everyone involved just marvels at them.”

Where the 3 Sixty 2R’s unique movement is concerned, Richie is enthusiastic about the future of 360-degree rotation and believes there is the potential for an entirely new genre of lighting. “In the future I’d like to see more lights with the 360-degree movement,” says Richie. “Everyone went beams, now I think there is 360-degree revolution coming; the future is certainly exciting.”

Hoping to remain at the forefront of affordable, but cutting-edge, lighting solutions, we’re incredibly proud that the 3 Sixty 2R was chosen to transform such a prestigious venue – and that Richie and Avalon are overjoyed with the new set-up. “Because of our brand name and the acts that perform at the venue, club goers expect something outstanding,” Richie says, “and the 3 Sixty 2R delivers a world-class lightshow.”

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