Chosen by the world-renowned Avalon Hollywood venue for its last two reinstallations, ADJ once again teamed up with resident LD Richie Worboys, this time to add intensity to the venue’s popular EDM performances!

LA’s world famous Avalon Hollywood venue has lived through an unbelievable number of musical eras and cultural shifts, having seen countless legendary pop acts take to its stage. It was there for the musical revolution of the 1960s. It gave grunge and alternative rock a platform in the nineties. And, most recently, it began hosting top DJs at EDM nights embraced by its current youth clientele. 

But as the music played at the Avalon has changed (along with its name), so too has its lightshow. Lighting designer Richie Worboys loves to keep things fresh and his most recent renovation involves a number of exciting new ADJ and Elation products...

Richie’s original ADJ lightshow made the most of sixteen Vizi Beam 5Rs, which he used due to their extreme reliability, high octane performance and low maintenance. Wanting to add visual excitement to the club, this install helped make the Avalon Hollywood an appealing venue for EDM performances. Last year, accompanying 8 Vizi Beam Hybrid 2R and 28 Event Bar DMXs, he added three new 3 Sixty 2Rs to the mix, impressed by the unit’s versatile 360-degree movement and unique ‘lightsaber’ beam effects.

For his most recent update to the Avalon Hollywood lightshow, Richie chose to use a game-changing combination of Vizi Beam 5RXs, Inno Color Beam Z7s and Crazy 8s, as well as two Elation Protron 3K strobes, enabling him to create a range of new looks and ensure that each experience at the Avalon is a unique one, even for returning customers. It was this ability to create different looks each time that made Richie choose ADJ fixtures once again, as well as the fact that they’re compatible with the Avalon’s power limitations.

Describing ADJ’s previous Vizi Beam products as some of the most reliable lights he’d ever come across, Richie was hoping that the Vizi Beam 5RX would take everything he loved about the Vizi Beam 5R and build on it! After getting a heads up about the new fixture, Richie checked out the 5RX and was happy with the results, and needless to say it proved to be a key addition to the new lighting rig.

“I wanted to add to my arsenal, you know? Get some more horsepower in the space. And I think the timing just happened to be perfect,” Richie tells us. “When a fixture that you already love gets better and costs less, you can’t really go wrong. We put eight Vizi Beam 5RXs in the club and the only issue I had was that they made everything else look a little dull! They’re the brightest beam I think I’ve ever seen in this range of fixtures– very intense.”

This intensity is no doubt down to the improved optics, motorized focus and glass lens, which helps to offer a sharper, brighter output – as Richie also noted: “We compared the new one to the old one and even without atmospherics you could see how strong the beam was. The glass optics made it look way more intense, with a higher contrast.”

“I just can’t wait to get back to work and in front of my lighting board to create new shows with the new ADJ products installed into Avalon. I’m like a kid with new toys at Christmas!” - Richie Worboys

Richie was also pleased with the effects produced by the 5RX’s frost filter, which apparently he was nervous about turning on because he was “praying it would be as good as the other Vizi Beam – and it was!”

As well as the new Vizi Beam 5RX fixtures, Richie also added four Crazy 8s to his new collection! Fitted with two independently tilting bars, each housing four 8W white LEDs, the Crazy 8 offers manic movement and intense pulse and strobe effects, which Richie uses to bring the Avalon to life from the middle of the room.

“I wasn’t expecting to enjoy them as much as I do,” Richie laughs. “I didn’t know if four would be enough because of the massive ceiling in the middle of the room. But yeah, those things are great. I’m a big fan of the white beam fixture and the Crazy 8 is perfect for the middle of the room. The 3 Sixtys are still in, but I’ve added the Crazy 8s too and I get a lot of creativity out of them.”

Richie’s final addition to the new rig was the Inno Color Beam Z7s, which, despite their bright 10W quad-LED source and flexible movement, he doesn’t use in quite the way you’d imagine. Nonetheless, they’re a vital element of the new, highly energetic Avalon Hollywood show.

“These mostly get used to spot everything because their beams are so good! Because of their power you can put them over the dance-floor; they’re great because they replaced the par cans but you can then bring them down to a tight beam and they’re super-fast. I’ve been using them alongside the other beam fixtures.”

The final piece of the puzzle was the Elation Protron 3Ks, which Richie brought in to supply powerful strobe effects that really help up the intensity in the venue during EDM events and other performances. 

Luckily, while DJ and producer Morgan Page – whose last single featured singer-songwriter Lissie – was on stage, ADJ were on-site shooting and therefore got the chance to see the stunning new lightshow in action. During this incredible performance, Richie’s latest ADJ additions worked with the video screens behind the stage, along the walls and on the DJ booth, to offer a hypnotic and high energy lightshow that was perfectly suited to the DJ’s driving electro sound.

So, it seems Richie’s combination of ADJ moving heads, wash effects and strobes, managed to give the Avalon Hollywood lightshow the revamp it needed in order to keep audiences coming back time and time again during the busy summer season. We were undoubtedly sold by the whole project and, as we saw, the audience were impressed too! But what did Richie think of the end results?

“I just can’t wait to get back to work and in front of my lighting board to create new shows with the new ADJ products installed into Avalon. I’m like a kid with new toys at Christmas,” he says, eagerly.

Kitted out with a range of ‘new toys’, the famous Avalon Hollywood venue looks set to continue hosting incredible acts, nurturing musical movements and providing an intense, high-energy atmosphere for its legions of returning guests! Once again, the creative vision of Richie Worboys and the innovation and flexibility of ADJ’s products come colliding together with unbeatable results!

Club: Avalon Hollywood

Lighting Designer: Richie Worboys

ADJ Dealer: Moonlight, Inc. Los Angeles, CA

Photography & Video: Edgar Gonzalez

New ADJ/Elation Gear List:
8x ADJ Vizi Beam 5RX 
12x ADJ Inno Color Beam Z7
4x ADJ Crazy 8 
2x Elation Professional Protron 3K Strobes

Existing Product in Avalon Hollywood:
3x ADJ 3 Sixty 2R
8x ADJ Vivi Beam Hybrid 2R
16x ADJ Vizi Beam 5R
28x ADJ Event Bar DMX

Check out the new ADJ Lighting in action at Avalon Hollywood: