Located at 1735 Vine Street, Avalon Hollywood is one of Hollywood’s most historic landmarks. It is in a building that traces its musical heritage all the way back to the 1920s. It is where the Beatles made their West Coast performance debut and, more recently, where Sasha held his first West Coast DJ Residency. Today Avalon Hollywood remains at the center of LA’s music scene, as a beacon for electronic music, and regularly welcomes the biggest DJs from around the world.

In order to maintain this high profile, an awe-inspiring lightshow is a given. The club therefore recently decided to invest in eight of ADJ’s new Vizi Beam RXONE moving heads, despite already owning a host of ADJ fixtures - including the Event Bar DMX, 3 Sixty 2R, Vizi Hybrid 16RX and Vizi Beam 5RX units, in order to keep its lightshow fresh and at the cutting edge of technology.

Launched earlier in 2016, the Vizi Beam RXONE is a moving head beam fixture that is incredibly powerful, unbelievably compact, impressively agile and surprisingly affordable. It is powered by a potent Osram® Sirius HRI 1R discharge lamp, with a 6,000-hour life rating, and produces a sharp 3-degree beam that travels up to 100 meters. Its small size means that it is capable of extremely fast movements and it offers a host of features – including 14 colors, 16 GOBOs on a separate wheel and a 16-facet prism – making it ideal for creating jaw-dropping mid-air effects and awesome lightshows.

Avalon Hollywood’s in-house lighting designer, Richie Worboys, explained why he was keen to add RXONEs to his rig, “I like the size of them and, obviously, the price. From what I’d seen on paper, the output was extremely impressive. We used to have Vizi Hybrid 2Rs and, on paper, they were double the output and I just had to see it to believe it. And they really are that bright, they hold up very well in our space, even alongside the 5RXs and 16RXs.”

Richie is clearly impressed by the RXONE and was enthusiast about both the fixture’s output and features, however when pressed to choose what he likes most about the unit he was quite clear. “It would have to be the size. They’re lightweight, so they’re quick. The pan and tilt is super-fast, the output is amazing, but they’re tiny!”

The Vizi Beam RXONE is the latest addition to ADJ’s well-established and extremely popular Vizi series and its close ties to other fixtures in the range is something else Richie values. “It’s nice that the RXONE is very similar to the 5RX, they have the same colors and GOBOs, which means they work well together. But they have slightly different prisms, which I also like, as that allows me to mix up the show a little.”

At Avalon Hollywood the eight new Vizi Beam RXONE units have been deployed on the stage to complement the existing move head units that are rigged above the stage and over the dancefloor. The fixtures are used to shoot out beams into the crowd and also to generate moving mid-air effects in the large open space above the dancefloor.

Using the latest Osram® discharge light-source, combined with a meticulously designed optical system, the RXONE was built from the ground up to generate impressive output and so we asked Richie how the new fixtures hold up in terms of brightness alongside the larger movers on his rig. “Well, when we got the 5RXs, they blew away everything that we had. Then we got the 16RXs, which really are monsters. But these, from where I am up in the balcony, look even brighter than all the rest – which I found very hard to believe. Obviously, it’s different down on the dancefloor, but the RXONEs definitely hold their own. They are incredible, for the price, you just can’t go wrong!””

The inclusion of ADJ Vizi Beam RXONEs has taken AVALON’s already incredibly impressive lightshow up a notch further. The fixtures’ powerful beams, fast movement and varied effects are perfect for complimenting the club’s electronic music soundtrack ensuring that AVALON is equipped to continue its musical legacy for many more years to come. 


Avalon Hollywood (Los Angeles, CA)

ADJ Dealer: 

Moonlight, Inc. Los Angeles, CA

Lighting Designer:

Richie Worboys


Edgar Gonzalez


Video Producer:

Candice Cardenas

ADJ Gear List in Avalon Hollywood:

8 x ADJ Vizi Beam RXONE

8x ADJ Vizi Hybrid 16RX

16x ADJ Vizi Beam 5R

28x ADJ Event Bar DMX

3x ADJ 3 Sixty 2R

8x ADJ Vivi Beam Hybrid 2R

8x ADJ Vizi Beam 5RX 

12x ADJ Inno Color Beam Z7

4x ADJ Crazy 8 

2x Elation Professional Protron 3K Strobes

Check out the new Avalon Hollywood lightshow with the Vizi Beam RXONE: